Takamura-kun is Cursed.

Takamura-kun is Cursed. Chapter 2

Last teaser chapter for TiC.

Random tidbit: this author seems to like having the ‘真’ character in the names of her protagonists: Makoto 真琴, Mahiro 真宏, Maki 真希.


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Takamura-kun wa Norowarete Iru.

Chapter 2 – Takamura Mahiro Becomes Male (2)

With that incident in the library as the impetus, Sena and I have come to chat a lot. She’s just like my first impression of her, a cute girl who’s kind and bright without prejudice.

Love did not sprout and I don’t think of indecent things since I’m a girl at heart, but it triggers suspicion in the people around us who sees me as a guy.

Hence the sight of Sena and I who suddenly got along well became somewhat of a rumour.

“Hey, Takamura, honestly, are you dating Sena-san?”

“We’re not dating. I don’t look at Sena-san that way.”

“But, Sena-san is cute~”

Sena is indeed very cute. She may be cute but I’m a girl, and must obtain the ouji-sama’s kiss (lol). It might be possible to turn back into a girl from Sena’s kiss, but I’m not into homosexuality, and I think the chances of Sena liking my female self is low.

“She is cute.”

“Ahー, Takamura is an ikemen after all. You can choose whoever you want, huhー.”

“I’m not really ikemen.”

As someone who doesn’t like to stand out or be lauded, these few days were first-rate troublesome.

Even today I was called out by members of the Sena Tsugumi Fanclub. There weren’t any lynching, but I was persistently asked things like whether I’m going out with Sena or whether I like her.

“Takamura-kun, that is, can I have some of your time?”

Just as I was thinking of her, Sena came.

Sena’s cheeks are dyed pink and she was fidgeting restlessly. Her lowered long eyelashes cast shadows on her white skin. There’s a sly contrast between her sailor uniform and high socks.

“Sure, what’s up?”

“You knowー, I made some sweets in home econ. If you’re fine with it, I’d like Takamura-kun and the rest to eat them.”

“Ah… thank you.”

Naturally I’m very happy to receive the cutely-wrapped cookies, but at the same time I feel it’s troublesome.

Not much time had passed since the SHL before school release ended. The classroom itself still has quite a number of people, and in particular the male students are staring at us. These cookies will probably stoke the flames. This time I really might get punched or kicked.

However, receiving good will from someone is definitely not a bother, rather it’s a joyous occurrence.

Just as I thought it’s been put to an end, as Kousaka looked over like he’s earnestly envious, I read the atmosphere and opened the wrapping. Picking one of the cookies from within, I threw it into my mouth.

“It’s delicious. So Sena-san’s also good at cooking.”

“Thank goodness….. my heart was pounding like crazy.”

Perhaps she’s relieved, Sena smiled like a flower in full bloom.

Although I’ve completely no idea what drove her to show me good will, it’s really a thankful thing to receive it from such a cute girl. But receiving good will from the school’s idol while stared at by so many people, I’ve nothing but worry for my school life after this.

“What are you eatingー?”

The one who suddenly appeared behind Sena was Sunohara Chiharu.

Glaring like a child, large light brown eyes, straight nose bridge and light lips. His dark brown hair seems soft. Even though he’s slender, he properly has muscles, and his tight waist might be the result of Karate club activities.

As expected of one who’s admired by girls going “kyah kyah”, he has a very well-chiselled face. But he leaves a peculiar impression for some reason, because the corner of his eyes isn’t laughing

“I’m eating Sena-san’s cookie.”

Sunohara probably, likes Sena. He can’t forgive that Sena is showing me good will.

I understand his feelings, but I feel troubled too if he directs his spite at me. If you like Sena, just hurry up and confess to her or whatever instead of being hostile to me. Despite having the outer appearance of a manly ouji-sama, Sunohara’s unexpectedly effeminate, causing me to give him a cold look.

Sunohara seemed to have noticed my feelings, for a moment he appeared cold, making a face like he was forcefully trying to calm down his anger. Even then, he immediately grinned, producing a shady-looking smile and inclining his head unnaturally.

“Good for you, huh, Takamura-chan’s so popularー .”

“That’s not true.”

Sunohara was looking into my eyes. Thinking that our eyes won’t meet again if I avert my gaze here, I fixedly stared back at Sunohara’s eyes. Perhaps the pigment is light, he had eyes like light brown marbles. His eyes were glistening like the hero of a shoujo manga.

When asked what kind of person a ouji-sama is, 8 out of 10 will likely say it’s someone like Sunohara. However, those who are on the receiving end of his hostility would quickly realise. They’ll realise that’s an underside to his ouji-sama exterior.

“Hey, Takamura-chan, let’s talk for awhile, two of us.”

Even before I could reply, Sunohara grabbed my arm and pulled.

Kousaka and Sena quietly listened and never spoke a word till the end. As I left, Kousaka exchanged a look with me, sending an apologetic gaze and gesture. If you feel bad, please say something so I don’t get kidnapped by Sunohara.

With my arm still held by Sunohara, we walked through the corridor and passed the gate, I was being abducted all the way to the rear garden.

I wonder what he’s going to do to me in the rear garden. Though I don’t want to be beatened or kicked, being a victim to violence, the time will come if it comes. Sunohara is apparently rather strong in the Karate Club, but even so I doubt he’ll give a serious blow.

Absentmindedly following him while thinking such things, I didn’t realise we arrived. I ended up colliding into Sunohara’s back from the momentum of walking.

“Ah, sorry.”

“Hey, what does Takamura-chan think of Sena-san? You realised I’ve been aiming for her, right?”

“So it’s like that. I didn’t know.”

More importantly, thinking of wanting my arms released from Sunohara’s hold, I lightly shook them but whether he noticed or not, there’s no sign of him letting go.

“Hey, what do you think?”

“That Sunohara doesn’t harbor any suspicious feelings.”

“About Sena, you don’t like her, right?”

I replied Sunohara with a deep nod.

“Then, cooperate with me. Support my love.”

“Eh, I don’t want to, though.”

“Whyー! Since you don’t like her, cooperate with me.”

This guy, on top of being effeminate, he’s a bothersome fellow. In a normal situation, he’s the type I’ll never want to have as a friend.

He’s the type of guy who thinks everything’s good because he has good looks. He’ll definitely not be favoured by women if he’s ugly. I can affirm that. At the very least, I won’t fall in love just because of outer appearances, or even want to be friends.

Sunohara strengthened his grip on my arm. He pulled me with a jerk and my feet staggered.

“Because, it’s troublesome.”

“Even if it’s troublesome, cooperate with me.”

Sunohara’s encroaching-like order irritated me.

Good face, good manners, even the way he carries himself is skilled. Laughing cutely and speaking a little stronger, people listened to him no matter what he said, that’s likely how this attitude came about.

Living this way, his life up until now must have been on easy mode. Even for me it definitely wasn’t hard mode, but it can’t be helped that I feel envious.

That’s why I don’t mind if he thought that my words bore some thorns of jealousy.

“If you can’t do something about it yourself, then don’t start a relationship. It’s a bother.”

I shook my arm with all my strength, glaring.

He probably never had his request rejected before. I moved pass Sunohara who’s feeling shaken after being cut off by me in one go, returning to the classroom.

Just as I was thinking in a corner of my mind that I might have said too much, something charged at me from behind. I thought it was a wild boar, but it turned out to be Sunohara. Squeeze, clinging to my abdomen, I grew discomposed from the situation that made no sense.


I called his name but there’s no reply. It’s like he’s just a corpse.

“Don’tーwannaー, cooperate with meー! Takamura-chan!”

“Hah? No way. Didn’t I say it’s a bother?”

“For consultations! It’s okay if you help me with just consultations!”

I tried to move but he held on so firmly he didn’t even budge.

He likely has no intention of letting go unless I give him a positive reply. I gave a very deep sigh.

“I understand. I understand so can you let me go? It’s just for consultations, okay. I definitely won’t accompany you to your date or other troublesome things like that, got it?”

“Un! Thank you, Hii-chan.”


I looked at Sunohara with an eye that says, “who’s that?”

“Mahiro so Hii-chan. Or do you prefer Maa-kun?”

“No, why are you suddenly calling me by a nickname.”

“If I get along well with Hii-chan, I can get along better with Sena-chan. Hii-chan, too, call me ‘Chiha’, okay?”

The person called Sunohara Chiharu was the type 10 times, 100 times more irritating than I thought.

And I’m extremely bad with people like this.

“No, Sunohara, I’m not close enough to call you by your nickname.”

“Aーaー! I can’t hear a thing! If you don’t call me ‘Chiha’, I can’t hear a thing!”

It’s tiresome to retort, I’ll silently return to the classroom.

However, Sunohara who’s stronger than expected pulled my arm and hindered my movement.

“Hii-chan, don’t ignore me.”

“It’s your fault for saying things that make others want to ignore you. Speak normally. All your talk progressed too quickly, I can’t catch up.”

“Un, …… I understand.”

Making a despondent expression with the ends of his eyebrows lowered, Sunohara continued to pull at my sleeve.

Seeing him look so downhearted, I felt that I did something extremely bad. As expected I might have went too far, while putting on an apologetic smile I gave a perfunctory apology.

“It’s okay as long as you understand. I also went too far.”

“Then, from now one we’re close friends okay! Let’s go and play this coming Sundayー!”

“……. Eh?”

I became dumbfounded at Sunohara who smiled broadly, as though his downhearted look just now was a lie.

Is the relationship of close friends something you can obtain with just a declaration? If I’m not wrong, a person only has a number of close friends in his life, it shouldn’t be so easy to become one.

“Then we’ll meet at the East exit of Umibukuro[1] Station on Sunday at 11, okay.”


“You know the East exit? It’s where Sunshine and stuff are. Let’s go to the aquarium.”

I don’t know anyone who’s this pushy, so I really have no idea how to deal with him.

Ignoring me as I remained silent from uneasiness, Sunohara rapidly carried on with his arrangements. While I was still taken aback, the plan set up and pushed onto me was to meet at Umibukuro station at 11 this Sunday, and go to the Sunshine Aquarium after having lunch.

Not understanding what Sunohara wants, I stiffened after staring at him for several seconds.

“Hii-chan? In the first place, do you know Umibukuro station?”

“Of course I know, but…… Forget it, I understand.”

I must find a ouji so that I can return to being female. It’s not the time to support someone else’s love. And yet, the point I reached after being swept by the current, was a friendship that made no sense. Moreover, supporting his love.

Still confused, I returned to where Kousaka was and he gave me an inquisitive look.

“Takamura, did he issue a declaration of war that he won’t hand Sena overー? Or perhaps you got beaten up?”

Kousaka half-ran to my side and shot questions like a machine gun.

“He invited me to play.”

“Eeh, Takamura and Sunohara? Why?”

“I’m the one who wants to ask……”

As I thought, I really am cursed.

[1] 海袋: Lit. sea sack. Parody of Ikebukuro (池袋: lit. pond sack). There’s a Sunshine Aquarium in Higashi-Ikeburo, Toshima, Japan.

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  1. What is this convenient development??? Chiharu switched targets really fast… Though they just met so that’s unlikely, right? Or is he aiming to get Sena on a date with him by dragging MC along? Either way, the aquarium is definitely gonna gonna be a good opportunity for some shounen ai~ ehehehehe
    Thanks for the chapter! Reading this after work today really made my day :))

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  2. Maybe he liked the female mahiro.
    Consultation is just an excuse to get close without appearing gay.
    ….and now he forced a date on Hii-chan, lol.



  3. Sunohara…wats up with that dude?? It’s puzzling and I don’t like him at all just like the MC…he’s one of thoses really annoying ppl!!!
    Thank you for updating this teaser!! 😀 please add more chapters….better yet could this be made into a side project when you don’t feel like translating the main project??? 😀

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