Reiryuu Academy SC Chapter 5

Teaser chapter. If you missed the note from the other chapter, I’m translating 01 and 05 because they’re directly related to the lyrics previously translated. In other words, I’m skipping chapters. (EDIT: I’m gonna fill in the blanks now.) Kamishiro Hayate’s lyrics.

If there’s any interested translators, do feel free to pick this up. (EDIT: It’s been picked up!)


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Reiryuu Gakuen Seitokai

Encounter Arc
05    Umbrella and Othello

Kamishiro Hayate stood alone by the window in the student council room. The executives who used to gather here during lunch break even though there weren’t any order to assemble, stopped showing up one by one recently.

Letting out a sigh, Hayate looked out the window.

What reflected in Hayate’s red-tinged eyes was, in a corner of the high school 2nd-year section――the figure of a girl carrying print-outs with her lips tapered.


Several meters behind that girl was the possessor of familiar light brown hair, Fuuga. When Fuuga tried to hug the the girl from the back, she bent her body to the front. The girl somehow managed to maintain her posture and turned to glare at Fuuga. Though the Fuuga in question grinned like he was happy from the bottom of his heart. Thereupon, while pushing up his glasses, another familiar figure of a tall boy came over.

“Rengetsu. What are you doing. Can’t you see Kusuhara’s troubled?”

Shoutarou grabbed Fuuga by the scruff of his neck, pulling him off the girl. The scene of the misogynistic Shoutarou being concerned about a girl is a peerlessly precious.

“Thank you, Katsuragi-kun.”
“Hmph… it’s not really something to be thanked for.”
“Wa, Shoutarou-kun! You’re intruding between Meru and I…!”
“Looks like you have to learn a lesson at least once, huh.”
“Nooo! With Meru-chan, Iー!”
“Bye bye~”

Shoutarou who had a bothered look and Fuuga who had teary eyes. As the two’s figures vanished, the girl waved one of her hand lackadaisically while another familiar short-built boy appeared.

“Kusuhara-san, I’ll lend a hand.”
“Sorry for the trouble every time~.”

The girl shared the print-outs with Yuuri in an accustomed manner.

Sound of the door opening entered the ears of Hayate who was watching the duo.


Probing with a sidelong glance, Raira’s figure entered his eyes.

“Raira, huh.”
“Un. What are you looking at?”

Raira’s long hair swayed as he went to stand beside Hayate.

“Ah, isn’t that Ru-chan and Yuu-chan. That Yuu-chan, helping Ru-chan out, what a side benefit.”

Fufufu, Raira placed his hand above his mouth and laughed. His gestures that were more feminine than females always impressed Hayate.

“Kusuhara Meru, huh.”

Looking out the window, Hayate spoke that name. It wasn’t possible to read his emotions from the tone of that voice.



That day, like mountain weather, the fine cloudless sky suddenly changed to a heavy downpour as though a bucket was flipped over. And unfortunately, Meru forgot her umbrella.

“If it’s just an umbrella, the student council will lend you one if you let them know.”

Meru’s eyebrows grew closer at Maiko’s words. Maiko gave her usual wry smile as she looked at Meru.

“Even though anyone else would want a reason to go to the student council room.”
“Because, I won’t be able to come back if I go to the student council room, probably.”

Meru let out a sigh as she recalled Fuuga who came to hug her through and through today too.

“But you’ll catch a cold if you don’t use an umbrella when it rains this heavily, you know.”
“I might as well catch a cold…”
“… Yes.”

Similar to the exchange on a certain day, having lost to Maiko’s pressure, Meru lifted her sluggish hips.



Meru took a deep breath in front of the student council room door.

“Please excuse my intrusion.”

Knock knock, having knocked the door, Meru opened the light brown door.

Opening the door, she found that it was a place more quiet than predicted. As expected, the room was properly arranged and orderly. Meru decided not to delve into the excessive existence of complex machineries there.

A dignified voice resounded through the room as Meru surveyed the area.

“Is something the matter?”

Meru turned around to find the smiling figure of Hayate there. It seems that he, too, was proceeding to the student council room at the moment.

“I came to borrow an umbrella.”
“Aah. Can you wait a while?”

Hayate passed by Meru and made his way to the locker inside.

That single movement was very atmospheric, and for a moment Meru was captivated by Hayate’s back view. Come to think of it, this is the first time I spoke to him. As she was thinking this, Meru’s shoulder shook with a start. Flustered, Meru shifted to a blind spot-like location from the door, and sat down there.

“Kusuhara-san? What are you doing?”

Hayate’s face looked slightly shocked at the sudden action as he asked. At the same time, the room’s door opened with vigour.


That voice belonged to Fuuga. Both Meru and Fuuga are unable to see each other because of the open door.

Hayate made an astounded face at Fuuga who entered with a cheery voice.

“Fuuga… What are you doing?”
“Ha-Hayate-kun!? S-sorry…”

Fuuga shouted Meru’s name the instant he opened the door because he had a feeling Meru was here. But the person in the room was completely out of his expectations. Fuuga hurriedly smoothed it over with words when Hayate entered his eyes. But in response, a terrifying smile floated up on Hayate’s face.

“Ah, you want to work so much? Fuuga sure is an odd one.”
“No, Hayate-kun! Stop, stop! I’ll apologise for not calling Hayate-kun’s name first when I came in!”

Fuuga apologised like that seriously, not jokingly. If one has to say, then yes, this way of thinking is just like Fuuga, but Hayate held his head and let out a voice as though he’s troubled.

“I was just mad that you opened the door without knocking. How did you come to that interpretation?”
“Eh! In any case, sorry! … Wait, now’s not the time for that! Did Meru-chan come here?”

Sighing at Fuuga who didn’t seem to have reflected, Hayate shot a quick glance at Meru. When Meru placed her index finger straight up against her mouth, Hayate’s cheek loosened a little, and he returned his gaze to Fuuga.

“If it’s her, she borrowed an umbrella and left. Just now.”
“Really!? Thanks! Hayate-kun!”

Saying so happily, Fuuga was about to set off on a journey to chase Meru, but Hayate’s voice stopped that briefly.

“Threefolds of work is fine as thanks.”
“Eh… Hayate-kun, wait, hang on.”
“Ah, my bad. You wanted fivefolds?”

Having an inkling that the multiplication will increase the more he opposes, “Stop stop!”, Fuuga raised his voice.

“Please let me have threefolds! If I don’t hurry, Meru-chan willー!”

Leaving these words, Fuuga left like a storm. Witnessing the door close with a bang, Meru let out a breath.

“Thanks, Kamishiro-kun.”
“I didn’t do much.”

Meru approached Hayate, but when she tried to collect the umbrella from Hayate, what was handed to her wasn’t an umbrella.

“Eh? What?”
“If you go out now, you’ll be caught by Fuuga you know?”

With a smile on his face, Hayate spoke in that manner.

Right, Meru came to know recently that Fuuga had a special skill for finding her.

“Ahh, that’s true.”
“So why don’t you play this with me to kill time?”

To Hayate who held othello in one hand, Meru’s face clearly showed that she felt it bothersome.

“I’ll immediately call Fuuga here if you refuse.”

Hayate held a handphone with his other hand that wasn’t carrying othello. Perceiving that she didn’t have the right to reject, Meru gave an acknowledgment with a sigh mixed in.

“That’s right, an ordinary game isn’t fun so why don’t we have a bet?”

Sitting at the two-seater at the end of the student council room, Hayate made such a proposal.

“How about this, the loser has to listen to what the winner says?”
“Go ahead, it’s up to you.”

Giving up on objecting, Meru set the second black piece. Smiling with satisfaction, Hayate similarly placed two white pieces. And as the game began, snap snap, inanimate sounds echoed out within the room.

“Even though this is the first time I speak to you, it doesn’t feel like that.”
“That’s right, isn’t it.”

While Hayate is famous, Meru is the girl known as Miss Average. In other words it’s not an exaggeration that this was roughly the first time Hayate met Meru. She can understand how Hayate felt that way when he suddenly proposed to play a game with no concern that this is their first meeting.

“Those guys seemed to have taken quite a liking to you.”

‘Those guys’ probably refers to the executives. Meru opened her mouth after thinking for a bit.

“Well, I’ve been in their care. Excluding one portion.”
“Fuuga huh. He’d never been this attached to another person before.”

Meru replied with her eyes on the the board.

“It’s not just Fuuga. Even Raira and Yuuri, and that severely misogynistic Shoutarou.”
“Ahh, I see.”

Taking into account Shoutarou’s usual behaviour, Meru is somehow convinced. Past occasions that convinced her of Shoutarou’s misogyny came to mind. Recalling those, Meru set a black piece on the board.

“But it seems you are able to interact with them normally. No, perhaps beyond normal.”
“Is that so?”

Meru smiled wryly at Hayate’s words. Meru had personally never felt that way but Hayate seemed to feel so.


Hayate placed a white piece, changing the black pieces into white pieces.

“I’m curious about you. How did you manage to get those guys in the palm of your hand, I wonder.”

Meru raised her face. Thereupon, Hayate’s and Meru’s gazes intertwined.

“Palm of my hand, is it?”

Meru turned her gaze away from Hayate and changed the white pieces on the board to black pieces.

“I wouldn’t have such a hard time if I could do that.”

Meru pointed at the board. Prompted by that, Hayate also looked towards the board. Then, his eyes widened greatly.

What reflected in his eyes were an equal number of black and white pieces. It was an othello game that came to end with a perfect tie.

“It’s a tie so the bet is off, right?”
“… Ah.”

When Hayate nodded, Meru stood up.

“Besides, it’s probably about time Rengetsu-kun returns here.”

Saying so, Meru took the umbrella leaning on the president chair, signed the loan register left there and handed it to Hayate.

“I’ll come and return it tomorrow.”

Meru headed to the door holding the umbrella in one hand.

“…. Eh.”

Her name was called by Hayate. She turned around wondering if it was her imagination, but it seems like it wasn’t.

“It was fun.”
“Aah. I’m glad. Un.”
“Be my opponent again next time.”

Not giving a reply to that, “I’ll be taking my leave”, with a bow she left the room this time for sure.



Hayate gazed at the othello board for a while after Meru’s departure. The more he looked, the more shock he felt. That he was so immersed in the conversation he didn’t realise the game ended, and that it ended in a draw.

He had never yielded the throne of being first to anyone. That was to him, an unshakable fact with no exception, and the reason why he unprecedentedly became student council president right after enrollment into the high school sector.

Hayate didn’t lose to Meru. But, neither did he win.

“I see.”

Looking at the loan register, Hayate chuckled. The words《Kusuhara Meru》were exceedingly precious.



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  1. Si i’m guessing that her special talent is that she is good at anything or something like that but won’t let other know? I might be wrong but it’s probably something like that.

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  2. She’s so cool~ She’s somehow stoic yet able to enchant all of the student council. Too bad there isn’t any more translations, but ah well, thanks for the chapter!


  3. This kind of reminds me of an anime I watched called Saki. The MC is really good at something but always makes her score average to the point that you would think she’s intentionally doing it…


  4. I see many people suggesting Meru is good at anything but is just hiding it, but I wonder if it’s actually just a matter of being able to see the future? That’s how it has felt many times before. And well, maybe she’s stronger than normal, but yeah.


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