Reiryuu Academy SC Character Setting Data

Illustrations if you need help picturing the characters.


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Reiryuu Gakuen Seitokai

Character Setting Data

Kusuhara Meru  楠原 芽榴

Straight black hair that’s about shoulder length. Fringe is cut above the eyes but it’s not completely straight. If the fringe is spread, it’s parted at about 6:4.

Ordinary appearance but eyes are huge and she has light complexion.

School uniform worn as per regulations. Her casual clothes tend to be based on functionality.

158cm tall.


Kamishiro Hayate  神代  颯

Black hair with a tinge of red in a tidy hairstyle. It’s the universally accepted refreshing short hair.

Red-tinged slit eyes peeps out from the fringe that comes in contact with his eyes a little.

School uniform properly worn as per regulations. Casual clothes are the impeccable type. He tends to wear a dark grey trench coat in winter season.

175cm tall.


Rengetsu Fuuga  蓮月 風雅 

Hair dyed light brown with a loose perm. Length of fringe is above the eyes, and the hair near his nape is also short.

Clean-cut nose bridge and his lachrymal sacs are slightly large.

Basically, the possessor of sweet mask[1] that can be summed up in one word: ‘ikemen’.

School uniform is worn carelessly. Not putting on a blazer from autumn to spring, he tends to wear only a shirt with its sleeves laxly rolled up along with a navy open-front vest in school. He tends to have more loose casual clothing, a fashionable person up-to-date with the trends.

178cm tall.


Katsuragi Shoutarou  葛城 翔太郎

Hair is the same deep blue colour as his eyes. Fringe is long, and because it extends till below the eyes, when he puts on glasses he parts it offhandedly. Slightly messy, it’s a hairstyle that suits glasses.

Tsurime, and his eyebrows are actually long.

Only the first button in his school uniform is unfastened. Same as Meru, his casual clothes are based on functionality.

183cm tall.


Aidou Yuuri  藍堂 有利

The colour pigment throughout his body is light. Natural brown eyes and hair inherited from his father. Silky hair in a natural hairstyle that wasn’t particularly tampered with. You can see his ears and there’s a clean feel. With his slender build, a clean and neat docile feel emanates from his features. The so-called shouta ikemen.

School uniform is equally worn as per regulations like Hayate, as for casual clothes he has more Japanese clothing and many of the Western-style clothes he has are basics.

168cm tall.


Hiiragi Raira  柊 来羅 

Chestnut-coloured hairstyle that’s close to blonde (caramel brown). Fringe is short and cutely forms a curve. Primarily they’re tied into twin tails on the side but there are many occasions when they’re arranged in other ways.

Tarame and has a lachrymal sac at his right eye.

School uniform is same as Fuuga, he doesn’t put on a blazer in school from autumn to spring and wears a caramel cardigan instead. He uses knee-length socks when it gets cold, but when it’s warm he wears high socks.

Casual clothes are white frilly one-piece type.

170cm tall.


Reiryuu Academy・School Uniform

Ladies……Black top and red necktie fixed in a ribbon shape. White blazer and skirt, with a little black line on it. In the regulation the skirt should be 10cm above the knee. As it is a school which originally prioritises studies, rules regarding school uniform and hairstyle is not that strict.

Men……Black top and red necktie. White blazer and trousers, like the ladies’, with a bit of black line on it.



[1] Sweet mask: Good-looking face that’s eye-candy worthy.

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