A Messed-Up Wuxia World Volume 1 Chapter 1

Teaser chapter. Synopsis here. Shout-out to translators~ Pick this up? *sparkly eyes* Btw apologies for any mistakes; I’m still brushing up on my Chinese.


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Luan Qi Ba Zao De Wu Xia Shi Jie

Volume 1 
Chapter 1: This is How I Crossed Into a Wuxia World

  Chu Junnan opened his eyes suddenly.

  “Sleepy like hell. Sure enough, it’s not really a good idea to pull 3 continuous all-nighters in order to finish the assignments for summer break.”

  Chu Junnan rubbed his sleepy eyes. He’s hungry. What time is it now? It’s about time he called ol’ sis to cook.

  “Ol’ sis, I’m hungry!”

  No one answered huh, don’t tell me ol’ sis is indulging in Korean soap operas again? Chu Junnan is helpless to do anything about his anthomaniac[1] ol’ sis.

  “Fierce woman, it’s time to cook!”

  Strange, why didn’t anyone respond?

  ‘Fierce woman’ is a taboo phrase for ol’ sis. Normally, if Chu Junnan calls her this at home, ol’ sis would have long flew over in her Super Sai**n 7th form and gave him a round of Spi*** Bomb[2].

  However, what Easygoing Chu should take note of the most currently is…

  “What the heck place is this? Also, the heck’s with these clothes I’m wearing?”

  Chu Junnan realised he wasn’t even sleeping in his room filled with posters of cute 2D girls, but a room filled with the atmosphere of ancient dynasty era, and he wasn’t wearing his sleepwear that screams of a homebody, but a…

  Chu Junnan covered his face, almost unable to stop himself from venting.

  “I understand now. I’ve seen many plots like this in web novels. This must be the legendary ‘crossing of worlds’? What, it’s the same plot as novels on Qi****[3].”

  Chu Junnan got off the bed as he comforted himself.

  “Yup yup, according to the experiences in my memory, I must have come to a certain world where strength is everything and only those who are strong have the capital to speak.”

  “Furthermore, I must be the trash of a certain large clan, without half a trace of genius, being bullied by others. Eventually undergoing some adventure, obtaining a cheat, beginning my *** counterattack, and finally living a blissful life with members of the harem, yup yup.  

  It’s a little exciting to think of it….

  I didn’t expect that the fantastical dream of ten million homebodies, was fulfilled by me like this.

  Chu Junnan grew more and more gleeful, throwing things like his summer break homework to the back of his mind. Let’s first take a look at what kind of world this is.

  Chu Junnan nodded in satisfaction when he stepped out.

  “Yup, a large residence and a large courtyard. Sure enough, it’s a big clan.”

  Chu Junnan walked on, coming across a few attendants who were chatting merrily.

  Here it comes! In accordance to the plot of web novels, these servants should be full of disdain towards me. Easygoing Chu stared at the 3 attendants, bracing himself to deal with the upcoming ridicule.

  “Greetings, Young Master Dongfang!”


  “Young Master Dongfang, what’s wrong?”

  “No… it’s nothing, go ahead and continue with your business.”

  “Yes, Young Master,” the attendants took their leave respectfully.

  Author, it’s not the same as you promised. Weren’t I supposed to be disdained by the attendants?

  No no, calm down a little. Chu Junnan comforted himself. It’s possible that he also has attendants whom he has good relations with in the clan, that’s why it’s not strange. Moreover, no matter what, he’s still a young master of the house. It’s natural for attendants to be respectful to him.

  Chu Junnan regained his optimistic outlook.

  Regardless, he should still head out. He’ll definitely trigger a “tyrants from the other clans bully me” incident.

  Yes, there will definitely be a development like this.

  Chu Junnan left the compound and arrived at the streets.

  Chu Junnan looked at the surrounding scenery while thinking: he truly returned to the ancient kingdoms. Which dynasty would this be… the usual ‘crossing of worlds’ fantasy tales tend to use the alternate history trope; perhaps I’m in a continent with such a setting.

  Walking on the streets, the wayfarers all shot me strange gazes. As expected, it should be that gaze used to look at the “despised trash of the clan”! Especially the gazes of the females, they are particularly…

  Come, bring it on! When the time comes for me to “rise from the ashes”, heh heh heh…

  Immersed in my fantasies, I accidentally bumped into a passerby’s shoulder.

  “Oi, lad, watch where you’re going.”

  “I’m sorry.” Chu Junnan reflexively apologised, turning around in a haste to leave.

  That person stretched his hand and grabbed Chu Junnan’s shoulder, pulling Chu Junnan towards him in one tug. “You thought a single apology is… eh? I was wondering who you were. Isn’t it…”

  Oh? It’s here! Chu Junnan raised his head and looked at that person closely. He’s pretty handsome. He appears like a good-for-nothing from some big clan. Furthermore, he has an entourage with him. There’s definitely no way for me to escape!

  Come, give me a ruthless beating. After I struggle for a bit, a lass from my clan will definitely come and save me.

  Come, I’ve already braced myself to be beaten! Chu Junnan thought as he closed his eyes.



  Huh? Why hasn’t he hit me yet? Chu Junnan opened his eyes, only to see a few people kneeling on the ground. They seemed to be… trembling.

  Don’t tell me they’re afraid of me?

  “Young Master Dongfang, little one did not know it was you? I unintentionally offended you just now, I beg for your leniency…”

  “You guys… won’t beat me up?”

  “Who… who dares to beat you ah? Little one was in a hurry and did not watch the road, accidentally bumping into you. This… this is a bit of little one’s apology…” the good-for-nothing pulled out some silvers, and respectfully presented them before Chu Junnan.

  “Little one truly is in a hurry, please allow little one to leave!” the young master before him spoke pleadingly towards Chu Junnan.

  “Al… alright, you can go.”

  “Thank you very much, Young Master Dongfang, thank you very much, Young Master Dongfang,” the young master led his attendants and ran off like the wind.

  What the heck… Chu Junnan was stunned. This development isn’t right, shouldn’t I be beaten into a pulp?

  Easygoing Chu walked one round around the streets. He realised that there weren’t really any events which would cause him to be ridiculed, and could only obediently head back home.

  However, how do I get home ah…

  Chu Junnan crossed to this world not long ago, and is completely unfamiliar with the environment here. Hence, Chu Junnan got lost…..

  “Er, I came here before, right?” The sky was getting dark and the people have already begun eating dinner, yet Chu Junnan still has not found his way back.

  “Ah? To think that someone who crossed worlds would get lost… there wasn’t such an event in the web novels!”

  “Big Brother Chenyi?”

  “If other people find out!? How shameful would that be ah!!!”

  “Big Brother Chenyi!!!”

  “Ah? Are you calling me?” Chu Junnan was not aware of his name in this world, so he thought that she was calling someone else all along.

  Chu Junnan turned around and saw a delicate and pretty girl standing behind him. She was clad in a green garment and even had a precious sword on her back.

  “Yo…. yo!” Chu Junnan has absolutely no idea who this girl is, but he’s very sure that she’s someone who’s on very good terms with him, or else she will not call him ‘Big Brother’!

  Furthermore, Chu Junnan also found out that his name in this world is ‘Dongfang Chenyi’. Yup, it sounds quite nice, even though it’s not as handsome[4] as his own name.

  “What’s wrong, Big Brother Chenyi, to be pacing around here? It should be about time to head back for dinner?”

  “Ah, yeah.”

  Hence, Dongfang Chenyi followed by the girl’s side, making it back to his own home.

  “Phew, I almost couldn’t make it back.”

  “Chenyi!” a dignified-sounding voice came from behind Dongfang Chenyi.

  Dongfang Chenyi turned around. A majestic middle-aged person was standing behind him, “Weren’t you supposed to coach your cousin with her homework? Where did you run off to?”

  “Ah, this…”

  “Uncle, Big Brother Chenyi accompanied me to practice outside, that’s why he did not coach Little Sister Ziqing,” the girl beside Dongfang Chenyi actually helped him to cover up.

  “So that’s how it is, I understand. Mengdie, you can go and get changed. Chenyi, just go and get some food first.”

  “Yes yes, okay.”

  Dongfang Chenyi could only obediently go and eat. As he ate, Dongfang Chenyi understood. The middle-aged person who spoke to him just now was his father, in other words, Dongfang Clan’s head. And the girl who spoke up for him just now was his cousin, Dongfang Mengdie.

  Yup yup, it still very much feels like a web novel. According to the contents of the first 3 chapters of web novels, it should be about time he discovered his cheat… but why isn’t anything happening?

  Dongfang Chenyi heaved a sigh, looking at the moon outside as he laid on the bed, “This development isn’t right ah, why isn’t anyone humiliating me? I won’t be able to ‘rise from the ashes’ this way ah….”

  “No, if it’s not like this, then what meaning is there in me crossing worlds? How will I start my harem? I might as well go back and write my supplementary summer break assignments. Or perhaps I could stroll around; I might even meet some mysterious old man.”

  Dongfang Chenyi stood up and walked out the door.

  “Yup yup, there should be something like a… back mountain here, right?”

  Dongfang Chenyi wandered throughout the residence and finally found the path towards the back mountain.

  Yup, it’s very quiet. There are even fireflies flying around the underbrush. A kid who grew up in the city like Chu Junnan has never seen fireflies before.

  “Eh? Big Brother Chenyi?”

  “Mengdie.” Dongfang Chenyi saw Mengdie among the shrubs, holding a sword in her hand, appearing like she’s doing sword training.

  “What are you doing here, Big Brother Chenyi?”

  “Well, I wandered around because I couldn’t sleep.” He could not possibly say he was looking for a mysterious old man outside, right….

  “Nn, then I’ll rest for a bit too.” Dongfang Mengdie restored the sword to her back, and sat by Dongfang Chenyi.

  “Big Brother Chenyi, why don’t you sit down too.”

  “O…. Okay.”

  “Hehe.” Dongfang Mengdie leaned on Dongfang Chenyi’s shoulders, causing Dongfang Chenyi to feel very uncomfortable.

  So… so close…. Dongfang Chenyi tensed up. After all, he had not made contact with any girls in school besides ol’ sis. Moreover, he’s through and through a homebody, so no girls had approached him.

  So close…. I can feel her breath right next to me….

  Moreover, she’s so fragrant. Why doesn’t ol’ sis have such a smell on her?

  “Big Brother Chenyi.”

  “Here! What’s the matter?!”

  “Hurhur, Big Brother Chenyi, are you nervous?”

  “I’m… I’m… I’m not! Speaking of which, you really are diligent in your martial arts training ah, Mengdie.”

  “But of course, because I’ve always set Big Brother Chenyi as my goal. After all, Big Brother Chenyi is the genius of the entire Royal Dragon City. If I don’t put in some effort, I can’t possibly catch up to Big Brother Chenyi.”

  “Wh… what did you say?”

  “Ah, I said I wanted to catch up to Big Brother Chenyi ah.”

  “No, the previous line.”

  “Nn? Big Brother Chenyi is the genius of the entire Royal Dragon City?”

  What… Dongfang Chenyi was shocked, I… am a genius?

[1] Someone who’s super passionate about flowers. And these ‘flowers’ are referring to ‘flower boys’.
[2] Dragon Ball reference. Super Saiyan and Spirit Bomb.
[3] Qidian. Website for Chinese novels.
[4] The ‘Jun’ (俊) from ‘Chu Junnan’ can mean ‘handsome’.

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