A Messed-Up Wuxia World Volume 1 Chapter 2

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Literal meaning of names… Dongfang (东方) – East/East Direction. Mengdie (梦蝶) – Dream Butterfly. Ziqing (紫晴) – Purple Clear.


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Luan Qi Ba Zao De Wu Xia Shi Jie

Volume 1 Chapter 2: Sure Enough, I’m Not Really Used to Being a Genius

  “What’s wrong? Big Brother Chenyi?”

  “Ahaha, nothing much, nothing much.”

  “Big Brother Chenyi, I keep feeling that you’re strange today ah? Did you run into any trouble?”

  Dongfang Chenyi hastily shook his head, “No no no, nothing happened, I’m absolutely normal today.”

  It’d be more strange if he’s normal. Don’t tell me I’ve to say that I crossed over from the heavens and took over your Big Brother Chenyi’s body?

  “Oh right, give me some martial arts pointers, Big Brother Chenyi. My martial arts hasn’t made any progress recently. Master will give me a harsh scolding.”

  Pointers? How do I give pointers? Must we exchange blows? It should be fine, right? I’m a genius ah, any random move will be like the 18 Dragon-Subduing Palms and so on, right?

  “Alright, what do you want me to give you pointers on?” Dongfang Chenyi isn’t afraid of anything.

  “Give pointers on my barehanded techniques since you didn’t bring a weapon, Big Brother Chenyi.” Dongfang Mengdie took a stance as she spoke, having a seemingly impeccable form.

  Dongfang Chenyi followed up, taking a stance he thought was very cool, “Be careful, I’m going to attack.”

  Alright, what move will I use later? Will it be 18 Dragon-Subduing Palms or Buddha’s Palm, no no, Six-Pulse Divine Sword[1] is stronger, but he can’t be too ruthless towards Little Sister.

  Dongfang Mengdie noticed that Dongfang Chenyi remained motionless, so she took the initiative to make the first move.

  Before Dongfang Chenyi could react, he already suffered a blow on his chest.


  Dongfang Chenyi vomited out a mouthful of blood. Boy, the ruthlessness of this little miss’ attack sure is abnormal ah.

  “Big Brother Chenyi, are you alright? I… I did not do it on purpose.” Dongfang Mengdie immediately rushed over, asking worriedly.

  Dongfang Chenyi held his wound, forcefully fighting the pain, and said: “I… I’m… fine, Mengdie… that’s a good… palm strike.” Once he finished speaking, his vision turned black and he fainted.

  “Big Brother Chenyi!!!!!”


  “So painful… this girl, really didn’t hold anything back ah…” The second day, Dongfang Chenyi endured the pain from the wound and wolfed down breakfast with much difficulty.

  When Dongfang Mengdie came to apologise, Dongfang Chenyi used the “I was intentionally acting as your human target” excuse to cover up the truth that he was actually distracted at that time.

  “But if I’m really a genius, doesn’t it mean I can’t imitate the method in fanciful stories: levelling up and flirting with girls?” with nothing better to do, Dongfang Chenyi wandered around the residence. “However, there are also some who begun with max level and then pretended to be a pig to eat the tiger[2], yep, that’s not a bad idea.”

  As Dongfang Chenyi pondered, a strange smile crept across his face again.

  Wait a minute!

  Dongfang Chenyi realised some things.

  Come to think of it, someone who crossed worlds possesses both his memories of Earth and memories of this world. However, why… don’t I have memories of this world…

  Moreover… I’m not even aware of what martial arts I know…

  This… my goodness ah…



  “You don’t have much to do today, so why don’t you go teach your cousin Ziqing homework.”


  I didn’t think I would still need to study ah, I’ve never heard that a protagonist needs to study. Protagonists only go to school to trample baddies, flirt with girls and so on… who would seriously study ah…

  Nonetheless, come to think of it…

  Could this be an opportunity to enter a girl’s room?

  Dongfang Chenyi had a grin on his face as he lightly pushed open the door of his cousin’s room.

  The moment the room door was pushed open, someone charged over and hugged Dongfang Chenyi, “Big Brother, you are finally willing to teach me!”

  Dongfang Chenyi lowered his head to take a look. Yep, it’s a girl who’s slightly shorter compared to Mengdie. She has a brilliant smile on her face, appearing to be like those energetic girls from novels.

  “Yup yup, I had time today so I came to teach you.”

  “That’s great, you always ignored me before, sheesh.”

  “Hahahaha… well then, what do you want me to teach you?”

  “Nn, it’s this.” After the two sat down facing each other, Dongfang Ziqing fished out a book. The words written on the cover were all ones that Dongfang Chenyi couldn’t read.

  Strange… what words are these… tadpoles? Dongfang Chenyi panicked. Why can’t I read this, didn’t I cross worlds into the body of a genius?

  Could God be playing with me…

  “Big Brother, what happened to you?” Dongfang Ziqing tilted her head, staring at Dongfang Chenyi.

  What should I do? I even can’t read it, how can I teach others ah…

  “Ziqing!” Dongfang Chenyi spoke, grasping Dongfang Ziqing’s shoulders tightly.

  “What… what’s wrong?” Dongfang Ziqing looked at Dongfang Chenyi, her face turning slightly red and she bashfully turned her head to the side.

  “That… um… you can actually understand all these, right?”


  “No, what I mean is, you should be able to understand such simple information, right? You don’t actually need me to come and teach you, isn’t it?”


  As expected, this excuse is too far-fetched ah… Dongfang Chenyi smiled wryly as he looked at Dongfang Ziqing.

  Only to see Dongfang Ziqing’s face redden as she looked away, saying shyly: “I really can’t hide anything from Big Brother… actually, even children can comprehend such simple information…”

  Oh? I only spoke randomly. To think that it’s really like this… but what does she mean by saying even children can comprehend this? Can it be I am worse than even children?

  “Actually, I only wanted to ask questions so that Big Brother Chenyi will stay a while longer. Because Big Brother Chenyi used to always ignore someone… can’t I?” Dongfang Ziqing’s lovely appearance moved Dongfang Chenyi’s heart.

  “No… no problem, if you wish it, I can accompany you anytime…” Of course, as long as you don’t show me tadpole text like this.

  “Ok! However ah, I keep having this feeling… that Big Brother Chenyi is slightly different from before…”

  “Re… really? How am I different?”

  “Nn, Big Brother is always ice cold in the past; I’ve never seen you smile before. You were always cold no matter who the other party was…”

  “Re… really? This… people will always change, right? Hahahaha…”

  Sheesh, don’t tell me this Dongfang Chenyi is someone who’s cold outwardly but hot on the inside, or his face muscles were paralysed… unless, could this be a strange affliction geniuses have?

  Nevertheless, the tadpole text was finally gotten rid of. Looks like I have to find an opportunity in the future to study this world’s language properly.

  After parting with Dongfang Ziqing, Dongfang Chenyi returned to his own room. Come to think of it, Dongfang Chenyi still had not properly admired his own room after coming to this world.

  The interior is still pretty neat, and even has a faint fragrance. Don’t tell me this Dongfang Chenyi is gay[3]? There isn’t even a trace of a man’s smell.

  “As expected of a top scholar!” Dongfang Chenyi stared at a large cabinet of books. He then randomly pulled one out. It was ‘tadpole text’, alright.

  My goodness ah… you guys speak normal words, so why don’t you write normal words?

  Dongfang Chenyi already grew sleepy from casually flipping through several books. He couldn’t make head or tails of it ah. If this continues, how can he use his genius ah, won’t he become trash?

  Sure enough, I’m not really used to being a genius ah…

  “Sigh? I kind of miss that fierce ol’ sis of mine…” As expected, the abrupt crossing of worlds made Dongfang Chenyi kind of uneasy, “What is ol’ sis doing now? Watching soap operas?”

  Dongfang Chenyi fell into a deep sleep this way…


[1] All these are famous techniques.
[2] Basically, pretended to be a (weak) prey to hunt the (strong) predator.
[3] Author wrote ‘gay’ in English.

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