A Messed-Up Wuxia World Volume 1 Chapter 3

Note: ‘Big Brother’, ‘Little Sister’, etc. terms are not always used for people who are actual siblings (ie. Mengdie is Chenyi’s cousin, not younger sister).


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Luan Qi Ba Zao De Wu Xia Shi Jie

Volume 1 Chapter 3: I’m the One Who’s the Protagonist, So Why Isn’t It Happening to Me

  “… What time is it now…” Dongfang Chenyi got up from the bed, “That’s right, there’s no watches and the like in ancient times, how troublesome ah.”

  Dongfang Chenyi looked out the window. The sun has yet to set. It should be about 3 to 4 in the afternoon.

  “Strange, why is it so quiet ah, don’t tell me there’s an inspection?”

  Dongfang Chenyi wandered around the residence, “Where did everyone go, how strange.”

  After walking for a while, Dongfang Chenyi spied an attendant passing by. Dongfang Chenyi hurriedly stopped that attendant.

  “Hey, you there, why is it so quiet today?”

  “So you were here, eldest Young Master. Master and the rest are receiving guests in the Great Hall. Second Young Mistress asked me to notify you. It seems like someone came to cause trouble for us; the atmosphere in the Great Hall isn’t looking up.”

  “So that’s how it is, I understand now.”

  Dongfang Chenyi ran towards the Great Hall hastily, pushing open the door. In an instant, every eye focused their gaze on Dongfang Chenyi.

  “Chenyi, what took you so long?”

  Dongfang Chenyi was too embarrassed to admit that he overslept, and hence he said: “This child was training just now and thus ran late.”

  “Forget it, take a seat,” the Dongfang Clan Head pointed at the seat beside him.”

  After Dongfang Chenyi took his seat, he carefully observed the surrounding people.

  Besides his own father, the old fellows of the clan are present. They should be the Elders or some similar position. There’s also a few juniors of the clan. For example, young people like Dongfang Mengdie and Dongfang Ziqing. Finally, there’s a few senior attendants of the clan.

  However, a youth sitting in the corner attracted Dongfang Cheny’s attention. He seemed to have seen him during meal time before. He should be the child of some Elder in the clan, right? Why is he sitting in the corner?

  Moreover, Dongfang Mengdie is sitting next to him…

  Giving the guests a look-over, they are all wearing white garments. The one sitting at the very front is a senior. One could tell he’s well-versed in the ways of martial arts from his appearance alone.

  There are a male and a female behind him. The male is handsome and elegant. He should be slightly older than Dongfang Chenyi, about 20 this year. On the other hand, the female is a moving beauty, probably about the same age as Dongfang Chenyi.

  “Is this young hero Dongfang?” the senior stared at Dongfang Chenyi. Honestly speaking, this gaze made Dongfang Chenyi extremely queasy.

  ”Recently, old me has heard of young hero Dongfang Chenyi capturing famed thieves of the Jianghu. Truly a young hero ah.”

  “Mister Xiao, I’m flattered.” Dongfang Chenyi thought inwardly: So this Dongfang Chenyi is actually so formidable?

  “These two are two of our Patriarch’s Conclave disciples.”

  After the senior has spoken, the two disciples behind him rose, “Humble one is Xu Xuan, I have heard much of Brother Dongfang’s famed name, pleased to meet you.”

  “Brother Xu, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

  “This is my martial junior sister.”

  The female stood up, “Chu Xianxian. Well-met, gentleman Dongfang.”

It’s the same as my previous life; we’re both surnamed ‘Chu’. She might even be my ancestor…

“Miss Chu.”

  The senior nodded, “Well, we have finished our greetings. Shall we get down to business, Dongfang Clan Head?”

  “Do speak. If our Dongfang Clan is able to help, we will definitely do our utmost.” Although Dongfang Clan Head still had a smile on his face, he held the teacup in his hand with increased force. Looks like he’s already aware of the other party’s intention.

“Then I shall not beat around the bush. Actually, this old man’s request is related to Xianxian. In addition, this matter is something our Patriarch personally consented to.” Senior Xiao emphasized on the word ‘Patriarch’ in particular.

The numerous people present naturally understood Senior Xiao’s reason for emphasizing that word. This Dongfang Clan is only notable in Royal Dragon City. However, the ‘Patriarch’ senior mentioned definitely holds a high position in the martial art circles.

  The corners of Dongfang Clan Head’s mouth gave a twitch as he said: “Please speak.”

  “Dongfang Clan Head, you are also aware. The Xuanzhen Divine Sword Arts is harsh, and our Patriarch holds high expectations towards Xianxian, basically already nurturing her as our next Patriarch. The sect has a regulation: before becoming the Patriarch, one cannot have excessive entanglements with men…”

  Oh oh oh oh! It’s here it’s here. This classical scene in xuanhuan novels, breaking off the engagement because he’s too weak!

  Dongfang Chenyi is suddenly excited again.

“Our Patriarch discovered that Xianxian appears to have a marriage proceeding with your family, so… our Patriarch wants to request Dongfang Clan Head to break off this engagement.”

  The teacup in Dongfang Clan Head’s hand immediately shattered as he glared at the senior. However, as the Head of the clan, it was not convenient for Dongfang Clan Head to unleash his anger.

  “Hurhur, to think that Chu Yutian has a good daughter like you.”

  “I’m flattered, Uncle Dongfang.”

  “Do not call me Uncle Dongfang, call me Dongfang Clan Head. You are the future Patriarch of Xuanzhen Divine Sword Sect, I dare not accept.”

  Chu Xianxian only gave a smile and did not reply.

  The atmosphere is currently extremely serious. There’s only one person who’s on cloud nine, and he’s Dongfang Chenyi

  Oh oh! This standard Battle Through *** *******[2] déjà vu, it’s too awesome! Come come, insult me to your heart’s content.

  At the same time, Dongfang Chenyi heard the youths from the Dongfang Clan sitting on the opposite side snickering.

  Yup yup, that’s how the development goes.

  Dongfang Chenyi is very satisfied with the proceedings before him.

  “Of course, we won’t treat your Dongfang Clan badly.” Xu Xuan who’s behind him stood up and took out a box. There’s a small bottle inside.

  “This is our Xuanzhen Divine Sword Sect’s medicinal pill—-the Enlightenment Pill.”

  “Enlightenment Pill?!” With the exception of Dongfang Chenyi, everyone present got a shock.

  Five Dollar Pill[2]? What the heck? It sounded like the snacks he ate when he was a child…

  “This…” Even Dongfang Clan Head felt a bit tempted. All the members of the Dongfang Clan cast their eyes on the Enlightenment Pill.

  Could this medicinal pill be very valuable? So that’s how it is. When the time comes, they’ll put pressure on father and spout some nonsense. If that’s the case!

  Dongfang Chenyi stood up and took a deep breath.

  “Mister Xiao, we cannot accept this medicinal pill. Please take it back.”

  “Mister Xiao, we cannot accept this medicinal pill. Please take it back.”

  Wasn’t that cool? It’s cool, right? However, why was there an echo ah…

  “Dongfang Yan, is there a place for you to speak here? Also, Young Master Chenyi, why are you poking your nose in!” a senior spoke out.

  Ah? Dongfang Yan? Who’s that? Dongfang Chenyi turned around and saw that the boy who sat in the corner has stood up, giving the same bewildered look to Dongfang Chenyi.

  “Older Brother, you…”

  Older Brother… what’s happening, I am a dopey Older Brother.

  “Older Brother, this is all caused by me, so let me shoulder it alone.”


  What do you mean… don’t tell me this special event that’s limited to the protagonist… isn’t happening to me?

  That’s not right? I’m the one who’s the protagonist, so why isn’t it happening to me… how do I enjoy life then…

  “Dongfang Yan, how about you back down. I know it’s hard for you, but we call the shots here!” another aged senior also spoke indifferently.

  “Elders, will you say the same if the engagement they’re breaking off today is your son’s or grandson’s?” Dongfang Yan is actually very daring.

  What, isn’t that my line! Dongfang Chenyi isn’t satisfied anymore. It’s as though I’m the supporting character and this dope is the protagonist!

  Also, Dongfang Yan, why don’t you change your surname to Xiao[3]…

  “You…” Hearing Dongfang Yan’s words, an Elder turned rigid, his entire body grew taut, as though he would pounce on him any moment.

  “Elders, what Big Brother Dongfang Yan said isn’t actually wrong. He’s the party involved, why don’t you all stay your hand from this matter,” Dongfang Mengdie’s ethereal voice sounded aloofly in the hall.

  Goodness, it’s resembling that more and more. Can I only watch the show from the side? Dongfang Chenyi is not pleased.

  No way no way! I can’t let this fellow go on!

  Dongfang Chenyi cleared his throat and spoke loudly: “Miss Chu, has Grandfather Chu consented to this matter of turning down the engagement today?”


[1] Dou Po Cang Qiong or Battle Through the Heavens. The breaking off of engagement scene is also present in BTTH.
[2] Chenyi misunderstood Enlightenment Pill for Five Dollar Pill because they’re both pronounced as ‘Wu Yuan Dan’. Chinese Yuan is much ‘smaller’ than USD, so 5 Yuan is less than a dollar USD, the price of cheap snacks that children can afford.
[3] BBTH’s protagonist is called 萧炎 (Xiao Yan).

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