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Escape Galge Protag Chapter 4

Kii usually ‘speaks’ quite casually in her head, but tends to use polite speech when she talks, even to Aoi.


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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de! (Chūhen)

Chapter 4 – Game and Reality

 I retired to bed early so that my skin won’t get wrinkles from the stress. The next day, I woke up in a good mood.
 The unpleasant figure who crushed my efforts is standing on the other side of the door at the entranceway, just like the day before.

“Kii, good morning.”

 It’s scary that nothing seems to get to him even though I rejected him that strongly. Gross.

“This, I bought it yesterday. I thought it’d suit you. This gem has the same colour as your eyes. Will you accept it?”

 Perhaps he’s confident; what he holds out with a happy-looking smile is a necklace.
 A key-shaped charm with a blue gem inserted in it is attached to a silver chain. It’s cute.
 Certainly, it’s to my liking.
 And that’s scary.

“No, thank you.”

 『To think I can receive such a wonderful thing from senpai, it feels like a dream』I reflexively jumped at it, but then I came to my senses and let go, apologising with a reddened face. Was he expecting such a development?
 He’s paying attention to his smartphone, so is he trying to check the favourability rating?
 … My mood sure turned sour right from the morning. Ignore. Ignore!

“Ah, Kii! Wait, this.”
“I don’t need it! …… ah.”

 The necklace drops on the floor from the impact when I shook off his hand that was persistently trying to pass it to me.
 The silver chain tangles up, and the key-shaped charm lands in a mess.


 Silently picking up the necklace, he looks towards me with an extremely lonely appearance, like an abandoned puppy.
 I’d never been looked at with such eyes before.
 What I’d seen had been nothing but serene smiles.

 … What should I do?

 Prick, pain ran through my heart.
 Is it simply guilt, or…
 No good, these eyes are no good, don’t look at them.

“… I see you won’t accept it.”
“I will not. However… I am sorry.”

 … I must escape.
 Although I don’t know why I must do so, I’ve an inkling it’ll be bad if I remain here like this.
 As for what will be bad, I can’t express it well.
 I break off into a run to shake him off.

 Even though I know that he’s the most despicable scum.
 That there’s no meaning in the things he do.
 That the likes of『a gift for a girl』is nothing special.
 That there’s nothing to be concerned about.
 Things more horrible were done to me, so the likes of that extent…

 … Even though I think so.

 I turn back, but he isn’t there.
 Even though it’s something to cheer over… for some reason I’m not happy.

 My heart still hurts.
 The pain will not fade.
 On the contrary, the thing stabbing into my heart sinks deeper whenever I recall his sad-looking face.

“Why do I have to feel this way…”

 I give a small sigh to the asphalt at the end of my gaze as I hang my head down.



 Breaktime in the interval between lessons.
 The chances of bumping into that guy at this time is comparatively lower.
 It’s terrifying how I used to think『It’s lonely when we can’t meet』around this timing.
 I’m really glad that my eyes are opened now.

 I haven’t recovered from the damage this morning, but I decide to pay it no mind.
 It’s my loss if I do.
 I warn myself that it was『that type of tactics』and I can’t be moved by them.

 Being on class duty that day, I was requested by the homeroom teacher to move the notes and print-outs from the staff room to the classroom.
 There’s no problem weight-wise, but the piled-up print-outs seem like they may slip off anytime, making walking difficult. Just as I’m troubled…


 … It’s him.
 I’d let down my guard thinking he wouldn’t appear. And because of that, I gave a response of rejection as though a certain scurrying black pest[1] had appeared.
 I almost dropped the things I was holding as a result. Close shave!
 When I adjusted my posture, that guy stretched his hand out towards what I was holding.

“I’ll lend a hand.”
“No, thank you!”

The heck?
 He doesn’t appear concerned about what happened in the morning.
 Even though I’m suffering so much… I’m like an idiot.
 I can only let out dry laughter, haha.

 For now, I must escape from gross-man who’s saying terrifying things as he approach…!
 Ah sheesh, I want to punch him!
 What should I do? Any ideas? I look around while thinking so, and find a boy who’s from my class nearby.
 His name… what is it again?
 He’s terribly ‘average Joe’, and is much like the exemplar of background characters.
 Short black hair, neither ikemen nor unsightly, not too flashy, not too plain…
 A true『Classmate A』.

“The A-kun there!”

 When I call out to him, Classmate A-kun is so surprised that he seems like he’ll spring up.
 Come to think of it, this may be the first time we converse?

“Sorry. Hold half of this, and come with me to the classroom!”

 For me to suddenly hand him what I’m holding, he appears bewildered.
 It may be incredibly pushy, but I’m about to get caught by gross-man who’s distracted!

“Let’s go! Right now!”

 We advance with me urging him on, and somehow evade contact.
 There’s no sign of pursuit. Just as I pat my chest, the classmate who’s walking beside me while holding the papers, speaks up.
 Ah, sorry.
 I forgot about your existence for a moment.

“I was surprised that Torida-san called me『Ei-kun』.”
“I apologise for the abruptness?”

 I felt apologetic that his name doesn’t come to mind even though he’s my classmate.
 A little more and I think I can recall…!

“It-it’s fine. Really! Rather, I’m happy, actually… Can I also call you『Kii-chan』?”

The moment I wonder how it came to this, I remember.
 That’s right, his name is Itou Eita.
 I said『A-kun』, but he heard it as『Ei-kun』.
 It’s so coincidental that I wonder whether it’s a good or bad thing?

“C-can’t I?”
“Sure thing. Ei-kun.”
“Thank you! Ki-kii-chan!”

 Maybe he’s shy. His bashful look is cute.
 Besides, I’m happy to be getting along well with a classmate.
 It may have started with my discourtesy, but I’m glad it sorted out well.

“Is that okay?”
“Is what?”

“Kagurazaka-senpai. He seemed like he had business with you.”
“It’s okay. Because I don’t.”
“I-is that so.”

 Perhaps the curt way I spoke stunned him; he’s giving a slightly-strained courtesy smile.
 I couldn’t stop that from coming out of my mouth, but he’s probably being strangely considerate because he knows that we[2] were on good terms until recently.

“Did you guys have a fight? You weren’t getting along well recently, right?”

 The question that was asked meekly, was one that gave me a bad premonition.
 Has the people around us noticed the change between us?
 … I don’t want to attract too much attention.

“S-sorry! Sounding like I’m prying. It’s just that, it’s becoming a rumour.”

 Rumours and the like, please give me a break.
 Rumours don’t circulate with accurate details, and it’s perturbing that they say whatever they want for the fun of it.

“That Kii-chan wasn’t on good terms with Kagurazaka-senpai anymore. To tell the truth, the guys were rejoicing.”
“Ah, because Kii-chan is popular! For some reason, all the popular girls in this school likes Kagurazaka-senpai. It’s dull for the other guys, or so to speak…”

 It’s my first time hearing I’m popular.
 Ohh… I’m a little… Nah, I’m quite happy.
 I feel like I’m about to grin while laughing『Dehehe』.
 I’m also technically a capturable target with a storyline, so it might not be strange to be more or less popular?
 It doesn’t ring a bell because it’s about myself though…

 At any rate… it’s also the first time I find out that the male students are envious of that guy.
 Come to think of it, I don’t have a close male friend other than that guy.
 Perhaps that’s why it’s news to me.
 I do chat with some, but it’s only that guy whose relationship I had was one whereby we would meet up during holidays.

 … It’s upsetting somehow.
 I feel like I’m finished in some way.
 I don’t need a『boyfriend』, but I do want male friends I can chat with.

“Also, there’s compliments on how your atmosphere changed and how you became prettier, Kii-chan.”

 That’s delightful, really delightful.
 This means that I’ve rid myself of the cunning imouto label right!?!
 I wonder if I can take it that they do acknowledge things outside of twin tails!

“Un! I-I… think so too.”
“Really? … I’m happy to hear that.”

 I can’t repress my happiness, nor the grin that creeps up my face.
 Ehehe, how embarrassing.
 I’m getting all shy.

 It’d be perfect if only the memory of『that guy and I being on good terms』disappears too though.

“What’s wrong?”

 For some reason, Ei-kun’s face is completely red.
 Can it be, he has never spoken much to girls?
 I’m the same.
 I’m not considering that guy as someone of『the opposite gender』anymore; he’s a creature known as scum.
 The number of boys I’m on good terms with is zero.
 It seems like I’ll become good friends with Ei-kun.


 The corridor of another building that can be seen from the window.
 I catch sight of a person with cream-colored hair who halted his movements.

 It’s that guy.

 He has a crease between his brows, and is glaring in this direction.
 What’s he looking at, this person.
 Gross as expected.



 It’s Tuesday.
 Hmph, I bet gross-man is working hard at upping the favourability ratings today, too.

 The one whose favourability rating can be raised easily today is the older sister type upperclassman, Tatsumino Shiori.
 She has a mature look with her long, wavy violet hair and golden eyes.
 She’s a character I like a lot.
 Beautiful even when I look at her in person, how admirable!
 I must saveth her from the demon’s clutches at all costs!

 Shiori leaves for school very early in the morning.
 Even though she’s not a Horticulture committee member, she waters the flowers planted in the courtyard.
 Flowers and Shiori, together they create the best combination.
 One can only call this the ultimate beauty.
 The flowers are probably also delighted to be watered by Shiori.

 … Come to think of it, gross-man said something similar in the game.
 He likely said it in reality too, gross.

 In any case, it’s my chance when Shiori is busy watering the plants.
 Sneaking into the classroom that was empty except for Shiori’s bag, akin to what I did for Akari, I sneak in a letter with photographs into her bag.
 I place it where she will see it the moment she opens her bag, so she should be able to notice it immediately.

 She’s the daughter of a conglomerate’s president.
 After graduation she plans to support the company while attending university, and her dream is to contribute to her family.
 Rather than a dream, it’s already a fast-approaching fact.
 This should be the time she enriches both mind and body in lieu of the coming changes to her environment, but her head is as full of gross-man as Akari’s is.
 To her who, in particular, has a strong sense of monopolization, simply seeing gross-man talk to other girls is aggravating.
 Having gross-man take up her entire field of vision, she does not give a hoot about this situation where her other matters had taken the backseat and how her close ones are worried about her.
 I also wrote,『Please hold dear the people who truly cherish you』in the letter, but I wonder if those words will reach her?




Having hid my figure from the scum, class ends safely today too.
 Ever since I recalled the memories from my previous life, I’ve been living my days oddly tensely.
 I tidy up as my shoulders droop from fatigue, and leave the classroom.
 My friends invited me to hang out, but it’s dangerous to let my guard down in school.
 I regretfully reject the much-appreciated invitation and head to the entrance alone.

 My head’s full of Shiori.
 Perhaps only a letter and photographs aren’t enough.
 It may be better if I make full use of my knowledge of the game and deal another hand.

“You over there!”

 Surprised, I turn towards the voice that suddenly came from behind.
 A truly timely person, a violet-haired goddess with her arms folded, stood there.


 Ahh… sure enough, how beautiful!
 She’s shining!
 A goddess hath descended before me!

“It’s you, isn’t it? The one troubling Aoi!”
“Pretending to withdraw yourself in order to attract his attention, I have seen through you.”
“N-no way…!”

 It can’t be, there’s no visible signs at all that the letter is effective.
 Rather… to think that the goddess had been tarnished by evil this much!
 I’d predicted this to some extent, but witnessing it right before my eyes, the damage is huge.
 I beg you, don’t become a disappointing beauty…!

“I don’t have such an intention! Please believe me!”
“I can’t possibly believe that. You’ve been hanging so much around Aoi until recently. It’s strange that you’d change your mind all of a sudden.”

 Certainly, it’s just as she says.
 I don’t have the confidence that I can give an explanation that will convince her.
 『I regained my memories from a previous life』it’s unlikely she’d believe something like that.
 Unable to find the words to say, I couldn’t open my mouth.
 Ahh… but, I want to somehow make her understand!

“I wonder if you can say『I don’t love you』in front of him?”
“I can!”
“That’s right, you canno… eh?”

 I gave an immediate reply.
 I’d no hesitance with regards to that; it was an immediate reply at the speed of light.
 It’s Shiori-senpai’s turn to be quiet now.
 There’s a frown on her beautiful face, and she appear doubtful.

“Shiori!? Kii!? Glaring at each other so intensely… stop it, both of you…!”

 When I gaze at Shiori-senpai, hoping she’ll believe me, gross-man makes his appearance while spouting absurd words.
 Perhaps it’s dangerous to be near Shiori whose favourability rating increases easily today.

 He has an expression that says『Please don’t fight over me』, but it really is kind of cold.
 It’s cold enough that one can almost see a snowstorm brewing.


 Ahh, how can this be…!
 The beautiful goddess, Shiori-sama, also joined in the cold theatrics.
 She gazed at gross-man with desolate eyes that seemed to say,『You saw something embarrassing… however. I don’t want you snatched away from me!』

 Ummー… I don’t have to join in, right?

“You arrived at the right time for me to unravel Shiori-senpai’s misunderstanding.”

 In order to stop the snowstorm, I open my mouth and step in.
 I speak while approaching Shiori-senpai step by step.
 I halt right before Shiori-senpai, who’s on her guard as she wonder『what will I say to her』.

“I think nothing of this person. That is why I can say this.『I do not love someone like this!』I’m not doing this because I want to attract his attention. Actually, rather than this person… I prefer Shiori-senpai!”
“Ehh.” “Eh?”

 The voices of the two overlap.
 Even the stunned expressions on their faces are the same.
 Damn you lowly scum, I won’t forgive you for being『the same』as Shiori-senpai!

“I… want to be a woman as elegant and dignified as senpai!”

 Even while knowing it’s disrespectful, I take Shiori-senpai’s hands in mine and lock eyes with her.
 I admire you a lot!

“I want senpai to remain as the lovely Shiori-senpai! Yet, recently…”

 Thereupon, I directed my gaze towards the scum.
 With the meaning of『Wasn’t it this guy’s fault that things went wrong?』.

“What is『truly precious』to senpai?”
“… Eh?”
“Senpai. Right now, does senpai… have anything you are proud of about yourself? Have you cherished the people who truly cherish you?”

 It’s the wise Shiori-senpai we’re talking about. Somewhere in her mind, she should be aware of her situation that worries her closed ones.
 Even though I, who almost confessed to him, have no right to say this so self-importantly, I sincerely hope that you’ll open your eyes.

“That’s a lovely pendant, isn’t it.”

 I look at the pendant around Shiori’s neck as I gently let her hands, that I had been holding, go.
 From the knowledge of my past life, I know what this pendant is.
 She inherited this pendant with a violet[3] crystal from her mother.
 Its first owner was Shiori’s grandmother, the founder of the conglomerate.
 Her grandmother gave it to Shiori’s mother, who married into the family, with the words『Do support my son who will be succeeding me』. After which, her mother gave it to Shiori, telling her『It’s up to you to support your father』.
 It’s a pendant filled with the feelings of people Shiori holds dear.


Even though gross-man called out to Shiori, she did not move.
 She hangs her head as she holds the pendant tightly.
 She’d most likely seen the letter this morning.
 Please, remember and realise that the people around you are worried about you.

 After looking down in rumination for a while, senpai lets out a small sigh and turns her back towards us.

“Aoi… I am sorry. I will take my leave for today…”

 Shiori-senpai departs with an apologetic smile.

 While this might not have completely opened her eyes, it should’ve impacted her somehow.
 At the very least, she probably won’t be spending today with the scum any more.
 It’ll be fine if it’s Shiori. I want to believe so.
 It’s already a huge success to be able to thwart his upping of her favourability rating this week.

“Kii, why… about me… Can you tell me the reason…”

 Beside me who’s seeing Shiori-senpai off pleasantly, the scum stands unmovingly with a downcast look.
 Fufu… the goddess hath left, it’s my victory!
 Since I’m in a good mood now, I shall talk to you just a little.

“It is because I realised that there is no『heart』in your words.”

 Truth be told,『I know you tried to capture me! Damn scum!』I wanted to rebuke him.
 However, I won’t do that.
 I don’t want to know the likes of his circumstances.
 Although I don’t know whether he’d reincarnated or not, it’s a fact that he used his smartphone to capture us.
 If I pursue in that direction, I’ll end up having to hear his explanation for it.
 I don’t want to hear something like that.

“Have you really been looking at me?”
“Of course!”

 That’s a lie.
 What you had been looking at is『data』.
 That isn’t『me』.

“Then… pray tell, are you aware of what I do on days other than Fridays?”
“… Eh?”

 Answer without looking at your smartphone if you’d really been looking at me.
 … It’s useless even if you refer to it though.
 Tell me about the me who isn’t there in the data, the me you’d been looking at.

“… T-that’s…”

 His gaze was swimming around the tiny screen.

“… Enough already.”

 As expected, I’m an idiot.
 A part of me had been slightly hopeful.
 Something like tears will not surface.
 Only a faint laugh did.

“W-wait, Kii!”
“Please don’t touch me!”

 I strongly shake off his hand that tries to hold me back.

“Is it not about time you stopped?”
“… No one will be able to see ‘you’ at this rate, you know?”

 Go ahead and enjoy your『game』in school now.
 But, after graduation… what will you do in the future thereupon?
 If you look at nothing but data and refuse to face people properly, no one will remain by your side.
 Perhaps you’ll be alone by the time you notice.
 Who’ll think of becoming family with a person who won’t face them?

 He forgets to even blink, and is stupefied.
 Even his mouth remains shut.

 I’ve no obligation to pay him any heed.
 I leave him as he is and take my leave.



[1] Pretty sure she’s referring to a cockroach.
[2] Aoi and herself.
[3] By the way, Shiori (紫織) has the character violet (紫) in it.

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