A Messed-Up Wuxia World Volume 1 Chapter 4

By the way, I’m rushing for school assignment submissions so I’ll probably not be translating for a period of time (couple of weeks at most).


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Luan Qi Ba Zao De Wu Xia Shi Jie

Volume 1 Chapter 4: I’m the Protagonist, but the Cheat was Snatched Away by the Supporting Character

  “Grandfather did not consent… it was Master who consented.” Chu Xianxian said.

  Unexpectedly, it really was a marriage decided between the grandpas. To think my random words actually hit the mark….

  “Since your grandfather has yet to opine,  then I beg your pardon but my father will also not agree to your request. The marriage talks were originally initiated by the two households’ grandfathers personally. They have not said to call it off as of yet. As such, who dares to abolish this marriage unless they wish to desecrate the deceased ancestors! I believe there should not be anyone in our clans who dares to do such an unruly thing, right?”

  Thankfully, Dongfang Chenyi still remembered the lines, and was hence able to smoothly imitate the lines from ****[1].

  “Young hero Dongfang Chenyi, what’s the meaning of this? This matter clearly has no relation to you.”

  “How is it unrelated to me? I am also counted as a member of the Dongfang Clan, and is Dongfang Yan’s Older Brother. I have made my decision regarding this matter.”

  “You!” Chu Xianxian was clearly anxious. She didn’t expect someone would suddenly meddle in this matter, much less the culprit being that Dongfang Chenyi.

  “Say it then, what advantage does your Dongfang Clan have?” Xu Xuan who was beside Chu Xianxian stood up, looking at Dongfang Chenyi. “I can ask Teacher to give you 3 more Enlightenment Pills. Moreover, if you agree, I can also allow youngsters of your Dongfang Clan to enter Xuanzhen and train in profound martial techniques. This should be enough, right?”

  Hearing one attractive term after another popping out from Xu Xuan’s mouth, the Elders felt their breaths quickening. The youths in the Great Hall were even more roused, gulping down mouthfuls of saliva. Entering Xuanzhen Divine Sword Sect to train? My God, that’s something countless people can only dream of ah…

  “Hmph, such generosity indeed. This Dongfang Yan dares not accept.” This time it’s Dongfang Yan who spoke. His face was filled with fury as he glared fiercely at Chu Xianxian and Xu Xuan, as though he’d pounce on them at any moment and shred them to pieces.

  “Dongfang Yan, don’t take a mile when we give you an inch. We’ve already offered such good terms in respect of the past good relationship between your Dongfang Clan and the Chu Clan. This trivial Dongfang Clan of yours can easily be put in its place by our Xuanzhen Divine Sword Sect anytime.” Xu Xuan realised that the gentle approach would not work on Dongfang Yan and directly used the might of Xuanzhen Divine Sword Sect to threaten the Dongfang Clan.

  Certainly, the Dongfang Clan is really nothing much to the Xuanzhen Divine Sword Sect.

  “Don’t say anymore,” Dongfang Yan glared fiercely at the people from Xuanzhen Divine Sword Sect, “Miss Chu, you should understand how shameful it will be for the other party when the female side calls off the engagement. Hehe, it doesn’t matter to me much since my skin is thick. However, my father! He’s an Elder of the clan. If we agree to your request today, how will he take charge of the Dongfang Clan henceforth? How will he keep a foothold in Royal Dragon City?”

  Go away, it truly is identical to the plot of a certain novel. When faced with a scene like this, Dongfang Chenyi couldn’t help but vent.

  “Dongfang Yan!” Xu Xuan suddenly stamped his foot, flying straight towards Dongfang Yan.

  Resorting to violence? Dongfang Chenyi was surprised. That’s not right, there wasn’t such a development in the books!

  A crease formed between Dongfang Yan’s brows. He doesn’t really know any martial arts. He truly will suffer losses if he battles it out with this Xu Xuan.

  Because Xu Xuan took action too suddenly, before any of the Dongfang Clan members were able to react, Xu Xuan had already used qinggong[2] to instantly appear before Dongfang Yan, his hand in an extremely brutal and vicious claw gesture. The move Xu Xuan revealed is precisely one of the Xuanzhen Divine Sword Sect’s five ultimate techniques, Unconstrained Dragon Catching Hand, Second Style – Traversing Claw of the Golden Dragon.

  It can’t be right, don’t tell me this dope is going to get clawed to death?

  Just as Xu Xuan prepared to strike Dongfang Yan’s chest, an intense force dissipated Xu Xuan’s strike.

  Xu Xuan was astonished. Two blasts of wind headed towards him. Even though Xu Xuan raised his hand to block them, his body was blown away and he hit the wall. Xu Xuan immediately spit out fresh blood.

  “You are not allowed to bully Big Brother Yan!”

  At this moment, Dongfang Mengdie who had been sitting silently beside Dongfang Yan, stood up.

  “Se… Second Young Mistress Mengdie, do… do you also want to oppose Xuanzhen Divine Sword Sect?” An Elder did not expect that other than Dongfang Chenyi, Dongfang Mengdie also wanted to meddle in this matter.

  “Hmph, just a disciple of the Carefree Sect. This ‘Six Suns Palm of Mount Heaven’ was truly used very well ah.” Senior Xiao stared solemnly at Dongfang Mengdie as though he would make his move at any moment.

  What the heck is ‘Carefree Sect’? Don’t tell me it’s Jin Yong’s Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils now? However, I don’t remember there being Xuanzhen Divine Sect whatchacallit in Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils ah… The more Dongfang Chenyi thought, the more depressed he got.

  “Forget it, Uncle Xiao.” Chu Xianxian stepped forward and said with a salute, “I was truly too rash regarding this matter today,  I hope everyone will be lenient on me. As for the issue of calling off the engagement… how about this. Both Young Master Dongfang Yan and I are only 16 years old, merely at the marriageable age. Two years later, there will be a Youth Hero Meet that occurs once every 10 years at Mount Hua. I hope that Young Master Dongfang Yan can participate at that time.”

  “If Young Master Dongfang Yan is unable to obtain a position within the top ten, I will break off the engagement on the spot. What do you think?”

  This girl is so ruthless. She must be the legendary ‘pretentious bitch’, right?

  “Hmph, don’t think that I, Dongfang Yan, will still be trash two years later. Let me tell you today. Don’t even mention the top 10, even if it’s the top 3, this young master can also obtain it for you to see!”

  “Dongfang Yan, you better remember those words clearly!” Xu Xuan finally revived. Staring angrily at Dongfang Yan, he said, “Two years later, you Dongfang Clan better watch out!”

  “Well then, visitors from Xuanzhen Divine Sword Sect, this matter has already been settled. Visitors can take their leave from our Dongfang Clan already, yes?” the tone Dongfang Clan Head used also increased in intensity. It appeared that he also disapproved of the way Xuanzhen Divine Sword Sect carried out things.

  “Hmph, Xuan’er, Xianxian, let’s go!” Senior Xiao stood up, led the people from Xuanzhen Divine Sword Sect and left.

  Phew… that really scared me. Dongfang Chenyi released a breath. Wrong! He was too engrossed in watching the show just now, and his limelight was all snatched by this Dongfang Yan fellow. This will not do!

  Dongfang Chenyi realised that Dongfang Yan had already left the Grand Hall. Don’t tell me this fellow… is going to search for the cheat? Can it be that later on, an old fogey will emerge from this Dongfan Yan fellow’s ring? After which he will give this Dongfang Yan fellow a miraculous mental cultivation technique?

  Or perhaps Dongfang Yan will enter a strange mountain cave, after which he will comprehend some martial arts on the BUG-level[3]?

  No can do, no can do. I’m the one who’s the protagonist ah. I’m obviously the one who should run into things like this. I can’t let this Dongfang Yan fellow run into them. I’d better go find that fellow!

  Dongfang Chenyi pondered and started to search for Dongfang Yan all over the place. However, he couldn’t find any signs of Dongfang Yan anywhere.

  How strange, how weird, where has this fellow gone to? I’ve already went to the most-probable back mountain, but I did not find anyone. Don’t tell me there’s still some secret passage there?

  As Dongfang Chenyi wondered, he returned to the back mountain and searched again, leaving no stones unturned. However, he still did not find any secret passage.

  “Don’t tell me I’m overthinking it?” Dongfang Chenyi thought. Just as he wanted to turn and leave, he suddenly heard a loud sound.

  “It… it can’t be, right… I’ve looked over that area a while ago…” Even though he thought this way, Dongfang Chenyi went over nonetheless.


  Right at this moment, Dongfang Chenyi saw a ragged old man sending his inner energy to Dongfang Yan. The old fogey gave a wave of his hand just as Dongfang Chenyi wanted to walk over, and promptly collapsed on the ground. It looks like the transferring of inner energy has completed……

  I’m the protagonist, but the cheat was snatched away by the supporting character!

[1] Around chapter 6 of Battle Through the Heavens.
[2] Qinggong
[3] Too OP.

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9 thoughts on “A Messed-Up Wuxia World Volume 1 Chapter 4

    1. The main protagonist is a chuunibyou and despite being an idiot with no life skills to survive a wuxia world thinks the world is suppose to revolve around him in some cliche wuxia plot, making him go from zero to hero. Only the young man whose body he possesses is clearly the OP minor bad guy that is the real hero’s first stepping zone. The whole breaking up with trash fiance by uppity bitch scenario(so called hitting rock bottom) is to spur the hero on to his first step on to greatness by cheat/fateful encounter with OP old Grandfather.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Hmm, so this is basically a parody of general wuxia story, just that our protagonist is not the protagonist of the main story as we readers typically see it.

    Probably would need a grounding in general wuxia/xianxia cliched plots to get the humors here.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Hahahahaha, I can’t believe this story, it’s super funny! Our MC looks like he reincarnated as the traditional “trash rich bully” in Wuxia novels but thinks he is the hero char. Boy, is he in for a very rude awakening!


    1. Not the trash rich bully, one of the diligent prodigy bystanders that gets killed off by the MC’s in Wuxia novels for being in the wrong place at the wrong time or part of the wrong families(since the MC’s don’t care about them we never really hear about them unless one of the survivors tries to avenge them and either ends up dying as an antagonist or joining the MC’s harem)

      Liked by 1 person

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