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Split or Not: Escape Galge Chapter 7

Whew, it’s been a while since I did a post that isn’t a release.

I didn’t think too far since I saw other translators doing this, but I realised it might have been too presumptuous of me to decide on my own to split chapter 7, so I wonder if you guys are willing to share your thoughts on this? Whether I continue splitting the rest or not depends on the results of this poll (majority vote!)

Just scroll down to the poll if you don’t wanna read the wall of text but wanna give your input.

Some background info
All the chapters have been revised by the author after the the author’s initial posting. In particular, a ‘special story’ was supplemented at the end of chapter 7 this year. Which makes up some of its lengthiness.

From my personal observation of writers on syosetu, adding supplements on existing chapters (a period of time after the initial post) instead of creating a new chapter happens quite often. This is especially so when they had already listed their novels as ‘completed’ and wish to add on things after that. Not quite sure if it’s due to the system or not.

According to Microsoft Word, chapter 7 has 15,750 Japanese characters with no spaces and 17,230 with spaces. In comparison, chapter 6 has 4237 and 4,708 respectively. So if you calculate the rate I translate plus the fact that I have other ongoing series, schoolwork, part-time jobs, a life, etc., you should have an idea when it’ll be completed. (BTW, chapter 5 has even less. 2960 characters with no spaces.)

I’ve re-read the raw chapter 7 and by rough estimate (from the story flow, length of each part etc.), there should be about 6 parts. This may change if I feel that it’ll flow better if part B sticks with C, for example, when I translate.

All of the parts that I’m planning to separate, except one, are actually already segmented by the author. (all the ‘※※※’ are from the original text). And those segmentations, as you can see from the previous chapters, kinda serve as a time skip. Basically, I did not and will not randomly chop the story.



Pros of splitting
You’ll get updates once in a while.
Otherwise, you’ll probably need to wait till next year.

Cons of splitting
Those updates are not the full chapter.
Which means it doesn’t abide by the raw.
Flow may or may not be disrupted.



Your Choice



Thanks for your input! Okay, I really need to get back to my assignments XD Ta ta for now~!

6 thoughts on “Split or Not: Escape Galge Chapter 7

  1. Well, for me, I think you shouldn’t split it, people can wait for sure but the effect of the story/chapter gets reduced with it being split and thus, leading to a lower degree of enjoyment…

    It will be a different matter if you yourself are sure that the quality of it won’t get lowered by doing so but well, it’s just my opinion, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the input! Whether the quality gets lowered or not is quite subjective so I’m sure everyone has a different opinion on that. I’ll just follow the results of the poll!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, the readers will follow what they want either way, so splitting it would be the most efficient as those that really want it as whole will wait for it to be completed themselves.

        Good luck with the work ahead of you~ ^^


  2. I’d also rather the chapter not be split… I like reading it all in one go so that I don’t have to go back to last chapter and reread for context. Though that may just be me. Anyways, thank you for all the last chapter, have a good Halloween~ (if you celebrate it).


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