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Escape Galge Protag Chapter 7.2

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de! (Chūhen)

Chapter 7 – The True Heart [Part 2]

 I remained in a somewhat melancholic, somewhat edgy, restless state as school ended.
 True to his words, he came all the way to class to fetch me, and then brought me out of school.

“Is there anywhere you’d like to go?”

 Maybe he wasn’t searching for a place to go when he looked through the magazine in the afternoon?
 Even though before my ‘awakening’, he always brought me to places I liked even without me telling him about them.

“Does senpai not have any?”

 From his panicky expression, it appears he doesn’t have a place in mind.
 If so, there’s hope.

“Please bring me to a place you like, senpai.”

 Chances are, in order to conform to the capturable characters, Kagurazaka Aoi masked himself in a facade.
 My preference was a ‘reliable and mature man’.
 That was why he pretended to be like that in front of me.
 Even I thought he was such a person.

 What came to mind when I witnessed him reading the magazine during the day――.
 Sure enough, I haven’t been ‘looking’ at Kagurazaka Aoi.
 Therefore… just for a bit, I thought of wanting to know the true Kagurazaka Aoi.

“Please bring me somewhere senpai feels is『truly fun』and somewhere you『honestly like』.
“… If so, Kii will definitely not have fun, you know?”
“I do not mind.”

 ‘Somewhere I won’t have fun’, I’ve no idea where that is, but I wonder what kind of place is it?
 He appears hesitant, but when I nod as he asserts again that『It won’t be fun, you know?』, he starts walking with heavy footsteps.
 I smack away his hand that tries to hold mine, and follow behind him.




“This is… an internet cafe?”
“Technically, it’s the most stylish one I know but… I’m sorry.”

 The place we arrive at is an internet cafe within the arcade in front of the train station.
 Certainly, the interior is more stylish than the impression an ‘internet cafe’ gives.
 It’s simple, Westernised and its color scheme has a calming tone.
 So there’s a place like this, huh. It’s kind of exciting.

“Fufu. I have wanted to visit at least once[1].”

 I’ve wanted to visit at least once, but I probably don’t have friends who do.
 Courage is needed to come alone.
 Being brought here, I feel happier than expected.

“Amazing, isn’t it! To think the drinks are free-flow! They also have soft serve ice cream and regular ice cream! Do you come often?”

 The service is also better than expected.
 Although there aren’t many customers, I do see women around, so it’s unexpectedly not too uncomfortable.
 Oh man, my enthusiasm is rising!

“Once in a while… nah, I come quite often.”

 Didn’t he almost tell a lie for a second just now?
 Why, even though I can’t care less how often he lies.

“May I know what you do here?”
“I play online games, read manga and watch DVDs. What shall we do?”
“Do not mind me and do what you want, senpai.”

 I’ve no idea what to do, plus the objective today isn’t for me to enjoy myself.

“… Let’s watch a DVD. Is there anything you want to watch?”




“AH… HHH…!”
“… Senpai, are you bad with things like this?”

 I wanted to let him choose the DVD, but it landed in my field of vision.
 The zombie action horror movie I’d been curious about.
 The protagonist is rapidly defeating zombies on the screen.

“I-I’m not scared! You know how it’s surprising to have a bat[2] appear all of a sudden? I just wasn’t able to stand that.”

 I halfheartedly respond to his excuse that I’ve no interest in.
 I want to focus on the showing.
 So please don’t distract me with your voice.

 The room we are watching the DVD in is a narrow private room.
 I suppose the width is only about one tatami?
 The amenities are pretty much just a television, a sofa and a small table against the wall that drinks can be placed on.
 The two of us are sitting on the sofa, side by side.
 … It really is squeezy; our shoulders make contact no matter what.
 At first, I was conscious about how close we were and it was unpleasant.
 The movie progressed and I think I started to stop caring though.


 Currently, it’s the scene where: the moment the protagonist is feeling relieved after defeating all the zombies, a surprise attack comes from behind.


 The guy beside me, his shoulders jump in shock.
 When I reflexively laugh, he averts his eyes in a sullen manner.
 It’s the first time I see him make a face like that, huh.
 … It may be kind of cute.
 When I return my line of sight to the front, the protagonist kicks the zombie’s head after showering it with bullets from his gun.

“He should have kicked from the start if he was going to do so. Don’t you think the bullets he shot were a waste?”

 There’s no reply even though I talk to him.
 When I look beside me once again, his eyes are closed.
 Well now, is he using the strategy of ‘not seeing’?

“If you’re so scared, shall we stop watching?”
“I-I’m watching!”
“You are not watching, though.”
“… I’m watching.”

 I draw nearer in order to make sure, and certainly, they are faintly open.
 Still, you can barely watch like that, right.
 Even though you don’t have to force yourself so hard to watch.
 At that moment, my mischievous side surfaces.
 Let’s give him a scare.


 I firmly grab his shoulder and at the same time, let out a loud sound by his ears.
 After which, he gets so shocked that it almost shocked me; he fell from the sofa.


 Stupefied, he looks at me with wide eyes.
 His appearance after his fall from the sofa: his clothes are out of sorts and his expression has broken down. He looks silly.
 As I stare at the pretty face that remains stiff even now, I didn’t manage to stop myself and break out in laughter.

“… Kii. I thought I was going to die.”
“Senpai can just turn into a zombie if you die. You can join them, you know.”
“… Goodness, I’m really no match for Kii, huh.”

 Hanging his head, he returns to the sofa as I point at the screen and laugh.
 His nervousness may have dissolved after receiving a shock; he has this strangely lax expression.
 What makes him so happy?

“I won’t be scared if Kii is willing to hold my hand, though.”
“Be scared for the rest of your life then.”

 He’s even getting so spirited.
 Let’s leave him alone and watch the movie.




[1] As in visit an internet cafe in general, not visit that particular place.
[2] The weapon, not the creature.

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