A Messed-Up Wuxia World Volume 1 Chapter 5



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Luan Qi Ba Zao De Wu Xia Shi Jie

Volume 1 Chapter 5: How Can You Beat Your Son Like This!

“Big Brother?” Having noticed Dongfang Chenyi who was standing blankly to the side, Dongfang Yan hurried over, “What brings you here, Big Brother?”

“Aa… ah, I saw you rushing out just now and followed you out of worry… that person is…”

“This elder declares himself an old senior of the martial arts circles. I only wanted to vent my feelings at the back mountains just now… but ended up encountering 3 people in our Dongfang Clan’s backyard.”

“Just as I went to inspect, two of them had already been killed by this old man on the ground… the elder then noticed me and suddenly guffawed. After which, he captured me and forcibly transferred his internal energy to me… and even said something about himself having ties with the Dongfang Clan… I didn’t hear clearly because my body was feeling scorched at that moment…”

“So it was like that…” Lucky fella, he really did receive some mysterious elder’s inheritance. Hateful, shouldn’t I be the one coming across such events?

“Big Brother, you should return soon… don’t let Father worry.”

“What about you? Aren’t you coming with me?”

“I’d better remain to bury this elder’s corpse; it wouldn’t do to leave it here and let others find it.”

“Alright, then I’ll leave first.” As soon as he finished his words, Dongfang Chenyi turned to leave.

Sigh… can’t be helped, I can only resign to fate. I can’t possibly make this Dongfang Yan fella spit out the internal energy and feed it to me, right… that’s really too disgusting… A few unpleasant scenes surfaced in Dongfang Chenyi’s mind and he suddenly felt a burst of chill.




“Chenyi, what time are you planning to sleep till?” Dongfang Chenyi felt an unyielding strength pull him off the bed. The pain from his body immediately woke him up.

“Who is it, seriously?” Dongfang Chenyi grumbled as he climbed up from the ground. “Eh… Father…”

Only to see the Dongfang Clan Head staring at him grimly as he said: “Chenyi, what happened to you these few days? Not only are you not doing closed-door training, you aren’t even seriously practicing your martial arts. As the heir of the patriarch, shouldn’t you set an example a little? 

I, too, want to devote myself to practice ah… but I don’t even know how to practice… Dongfang Chenyi wondered: At the end of the day, it’s still God’s fault. Clearly, everyone who crossed worlds are able to read the words of the ancients, so why is it that I can’t! Isn’t this rigged…


“W…What’s the matter? Father.”

“Did you not hear the words your father just said? You really are getting more and more arrogant!” Dongfang Clan Head got more and more angered. “Good timing, your father has decided to test the results of your recent practice! Let us have a bout here.”

“Eh? Right here? Esteemed Father, my room will be…”

“No matter! You can simply have the servants help you clean up when the time comes!” Just as Dongfang Clan Head’s words reached Dongfang Chenyi’s ears, the Clan Head had already rushed fiercely towards him.

Your mother[1], you’re really starting to fight ah?

Dongfang Clan Head threw a fist, aggressively attacking Dongfang Chenyi.

Fortunately, Dongfang Chenyi was prepared this time. He moved his body and dodged by a hair’s breadth.

Phew~ thankfully, my reaction is quick. Still, this old man really took action ah, how can you beat your son like this!

“Your reaction, at least, is as sharp as before.” On one hand, Dongfang Clan Head praised Dongfang Chenyi while on another, he continued his onslaught. “However, you can’t remain dodging!”

I’d like to retaliate too ah, but…

The more Dongfang Clan Head punched, the more momentum he gained. Reversely, Dongfang Chenyi started to tire.

This old fellow, despite clearly being middle-aged, his strength isn’t half-baked.

Just as Dongfang Chenyi was being at cross purposes with Dongfang Clan Head like this, Dongfang Clan Head spotted a loophole in Dongfang Chenyi’s defences and powerfully struck Dongfang Chenyi’s chest with his palm.

Dongfang Chenyi only felt a sharp pain in his chest and quickly became unable to breathe.

“What’s wrong, Chenyi, did I teach you to be distracted while exchanging pointers? What happened to the martial arts you’ve studied before? Have you forgotten them all?”

I, too, want to use them ah! You should be telling me how to use them! Dongfang Chenyi clutched his chest as he adjusted his breathing.

Very good, you really are ruthless as a father. What do you treat your own son as… you were the one who forced me so don’t blame me for being impolite!

Dongfang Chenyi’s expression turned grim in the blink of an eye. Watching Dongfang Chenyi, Dongfang Clan Head said: “What’s wrong, finally feel like being serious now?”

Humph humph, you will regret it. Take this! Dongfang Chenyi attempted to be like those chuuni[2] protagonists, shouting out the names of moves.

“Super Kill!”


“Tea Bolt! The Cup Is a Sword in My Hand!” Dongfang Chenyi speedily picked up a tea cup on the table and strongly tossed it towards Dongfang Clan Head. 

Creases formed on Dongfang Clan Head’s forehead. His body flashed and he unexpectedly used his vital energy to smash the tea cup.

“Humph… Can you only use this kind of low-rate tricks now, Chenyi?!” Dongfang Clan Head appeared to have been infuriated by Dongfang Chenyi. With nimble steps, his body flashed and appeared before Dongfang Chenyi in the blink of an eye.

“Wh……” Before Dongfang Chenyi could react, Dongfang Clan Head concentrated energy into his palms and struck out powerfully, sending Dongfang Chenyi flying. Even the door of the room was smashed.

Dongfang Chenyi belatedly felt unbearable pain in his five viscera and six bowels. He rolled on the floor, appearing exceedingly disgraceful.

Dongfang Clan Head walked out, wearing a face of anger. He glared at Dongfang Chenyi and said coldly: “What’s wrong, is your martial arts only at this level? Weren’t you able to fight on par with me in the past?” Dongfang Clan Head gave Dongfang Chenyi a look before turning to leave.

This old fellow…. Dongfang Chenyi clutched his chest, the pain making him completely unable to get up.

How Dongfang Chenyi was beaten by Dongfang Clan Head to the point of rolling on the ground, there happened to be a witness to that scene. That man had a shifty-eyed appearance, and one could tell in a glance that he’s crafty.

“I didn’t think that the Dongfang Chenyi would be beaten to the point of rolling on the ground. This is big news, I must let Young Master know immediately.” The man laughed evilly as he left in a run.

Dongfang Chenyi laid on the ground for a moment. When his body finally felt better, he slowly stood up.

That old fellow is really… why did he get so angry, who would beat his son like this… so painful! Every step Dongfang Chenyi took brought his body waves of pain.

Bastard, I didn’t cross worlds to let others beat me up ah… isn’t it obvious that everyone who crossed worlds should start to level up and flirt with pretty girls by Chapter 5? Why am I still like this good-for-nothing…

That’s not right. I’m clearly a genius ah, but why don’t I feel it at all ah? Don’t tell me Dongfang Mengdie was lying to to me… that’s not right either. Both people from the outside and people within the clan treats me with such respect, proving that I should have some amount of power…

The more I think about it, the more dizzy I get…

Forget it, since no one sent a cheat my way, I can only rely on myself… the next most crucial problem is… I can’t read the words of this world. I must think of a way to shed light on the texts of this world.

But where should I go to learn their words? I can’t possibly go to their school, right? How shameful that would be… if not, I can try asking Dongfang Mengdie or Dongfang Ziqing; they both appear to be quite smart.

No can do. It’s not good if they find out that I’m different.

Goodness, doesn’t this world has some automatic translation system?


[1] Profanity.
[2] Chuunibyou

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12 thoughts on “A Messed-Up Wuxia World Volume 1 Chapter 5

    1. The problem is that he’s supposed to already know how to read, so he can’t just say: “oops i forgot all my skills lmao imma go to school and do sum learning hahahahaha”


      1. No in worst case scenario he’ll lose his current position and become a real trash of the family. He has no connections or knowledge of his own and without his families support he has almost zero chances of surviving.

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  1. (。-ω-) =3 he get good beating that good to make his expectation down a bit make him more clear headed
    (╥﹏╥) still none who want pick it will this become teaser forever?


    1. I don’t really like this main characters personality because of his world should revolve around him attitude, he hasn’t realized how grave his situation is. I like the story though as its premise is very interesting to me and hope that we can see our main character mature.

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      1. I think he’s just in denial. I mean, what would you do if it were you? In a world where strength matters most, he can’t read, can’t practice, and doesn’t know anything—he can only bluff his way and pray to the Gods that he gets some cheat.


      2. Best bet would be to make an excuse of amnesia and hope they could get someone to teach me. It’s the only method I could think of in that situation and others would definitely choose this as well because you can’t be in denial for long with your life on the line.


      3. Then they’d realize soon that he doesn’t remember anything and has to begin from scratch—which means he’s practically useless, thus they’ll throw him away or worse, kill him so no rumors would start. Actually, both options (bluffing and claiming amnesia) all lead to the same destination…is what I think.

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