A Messed-Up Wuxia World Volume 1 Chapter 7

Suggestive scenes present.

I was intending to translate something else but chapter 6 was bothering me.

Also, next release (probably EGP) might take a while because I have a paper to write. I hope I don’t mess up! Okay don’t give me that look, I’ll walk myself out…


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Luan Qi Ba Zao De Wu Xia Shi Jie

Volume 1 Chapter 7: Sorry, I’m a Wuss

Dongfang Chenyi presses against the girl from above, his heart beating increasingly fast. After all… Dongfang Chenyi was only an ordinary homebody in the modern era. The number of years he’s single is equivalent to his age, so of course he will be nervous for his first time…

However, Dongfang Chenyi can’t be bothered about being gentlemanly and whatnot now; his body is already scorching hot.

Dongfang Chenyi pulls the girl’s clothes apart strongly.

“Ah!” Although she had already mentally prepared herself, this rough move that Dongfang Chenyi made still shocked her.

As Dongfang Chenyi reaches out to touch the girl’s skin, she shuts her eyes tightly as her body trembles, letting out alluring moans from time to time.

This girl’s body is very cold ah, just like an ice cube… it’s said that women are all made of water[1]. Don’t tell me this girl is made of ice?

“Hn! No…” The girl let out an alluring voice, unwittingly causing Dongfang Chenyi to grow more excited.

Please don’t let out this kind of voice ah, I won’t be able to endure…

“Uuu…”At this point, she finally cannot endure anymore and starts to sob softly.

“Ah…” Watching the girl sob like this, a wave of guilt surges up in Dongfang Chenyi’s heart.

What the heck am I doing ah, even if I was pushed to do it, won’t I be scum if I force myself on this girl… but if I don’t eat the meat brought to my mouth[2]…

A fierce debate begins in Dongfang Chenyi’s mind. Finally, Dongfang Chenyi makes a decision.

Only to see Dongfang Chenyi stand up, bash his head brutally against the wall beside him and rush out the room at high speed.

I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry, I’m a wuss I’m a wuss. I’m sorry Lord Readers, I’m a wuss!

On one side, Dongfang Chenyi yells: “I’m a wuss”. On the other, he dashes at high speed. Although he knocks into a number of pedestrians, Dongfang Chenyi simply can’t be bothered too much anymore.

Dongfang Chenyi bolts to a pond outside the city and leaps into it. He wants to use the cold water to relieve the mania in his body but somehow the heat in his body does not seem to dissipate.

“Despicable, this darn ***disiac. Don’t tell me I really have to find a girl and release one round before this can be resolved?” Dongfang Chenyi swims to the shore. However, his body continues to feel as though it’s being burned by fire.

“AHHHHH! I can’t take it anymore!” Dongfang Chenyi yells. Not considering the gazes the wayfarers shoot at him and his wet clothes, he madly runs back to the Dongfang residence.

Thankfully there aren’t many people at home at this time. Dongfang Chenyi catches his breath at the yard before his room. Running back and forth is pretty tiring after all.


“Eh?” Dongfang Chenyi sees a small yellow dog dashing towards him while wagging its tail. This dog seems to be one raised by a servant and appears to be quite close to Dongfang Chenyi usually.

However… Dongfang Chenyi’s mind is kind of fuzzy. Unexpectedly, the small yellow dog before him gradually turns into a… pretty beast-eared girl? Wagging her tall as she stares at him, she appears extremely adorable.

Dongfang Chenyi swallows a mouthful of saliva. A strong desire compels him to step towards that adorable beast-eared girl…


Dongfang Chenyi comes to his senses in an instant and gives himself a brutal slap. Only then does he see clearly that that dog is undoubtedly Little Yellow and not a beast-eared girl or whatnot.

FML, I almost beeped the dog. Looks like I shouldn’t casually talk about beeping a dog, or else I might really beep one…[3]

Dongfang Chenyi imagines if perchance he really beeped the dog and was seen by a servant passing by, ugh… just the thought of it is frightening.

Anyhow… the crucial issue at the moment is: how should he resolve the mania in his body? According to that black-clad person, apparently if he doesn’t have intercourse with someone within an hour, he will bleed to death from his seven orifices…

What should I do, then? Dongfang Chenyi suddenly realises this critical problem. His body is feverish hot too. If a girl comes over now, he’ll definitely not be able to resist and immediately jump at her.

No can do, no can do. If Mengdie or Ziqing comes over now, won’t that be…

Dongfang Chenyi rushes to the toilet as he thinks.

That said, it should be fine if he settles it himself, right?

There’s no time to think so much now, I’ll have to just try it first!

Speaking of which, he didn’t have many chances to let it out at home. After all, he sleeps in the same room as ol’ sis and can only run to the toilet if he gets lonely at night, how lonely…

To think that, even after coming here, he still has to settle it by himself in the toilet, it truly is too desolate…As Dongfang Chenyi thinks, he begins to constantly XX. He finally lets it out after much difficulty.

“Phew!” Truth be told, this shot truly made Dongfang Chenyi comfortable to no small extent. The heat in his body also dissipated to no small extent. It seems like this Qiyin Hehuan San can be cleared by simply releasing the essence within the body ah…

It appears that the people of this era thinks that the essence in the body can only be released by undergoing XXOO between men and women. They don’t know that there’s something like a hand X.


He has this feeling that once isn’t enough ah, Dongfang Chenyi feels that with this heat in his body, he can still go on for five or six times, yet overdoing it will harm the body ah. Moreover, his old waist won’t be able to stand it.

But to clear the poison, he can’t be bothered too much…

And thus, thanks to Dongfang Chenyi’s struggles, the mania in his body has finally receded. Nevertheless, Dongfang Chenyi has also sacrificed much for it. He can’t even straighten his waist…

Dongfang Chenyi secretly curses that black-clad person who gave him the drug. Not only did he make him unable to straighten his waist, he even lost so much essence. He doesn’t even have half a smidgen of energy now…

“Big Brother Dongfang, seeing that you look so haggard, did something happen?” During  mealtime, Dongfang Mengdie who sits beside Dongfang Chen asks in concern.

“No matter. It’s just that I trained too hard today and is a little tired…” as he speaks, Dongfang Chenyi glances at Dongfang Yan who’s sitting at a side.

Yep, there isn’t any apparent change in that fellow. Nonetheless, this dope has clearly obtained a mysterious old man’s cheat. According to the pattern of the web novels’ first three chapters, he should have already began his counterattack.

Forget it, what’s the point of thinking so much. His counterattack is his business, I will go about my own business. All in all, he should first learn the words of this world…


That’s right, where did the dictionary I just bought today go? It couldn’t have been taken by that black-clad person right… bastard. Doesn’t he know that a Xinhua Dictionary is very expensive? Not only did he drug me, he even stole my dictionary. Sure enough, he’s tired of living.

Furthermore… he seems to be thinking of doing some things that spell trouble for our Dongfang Clan. Could he be our Dongfang Clan’s adversary?

Moreover, I don’t know what happened to that girl… the black-clad person mentioned that that girl is from the Lin Clan. It appears I have to look into matters relating to the Lin Clan and the Dongfang Clan.

Dongfang Chenyi doesn’t know how he can actually have such deep considerations even though he’s only a high school student. It seems like crossing worlds to the body of this Eldest Young Master of the Dongfang Clan is really the reason.

Since he has already crossed worlds, he really should perform the role of Dongfang Clan’s Eldest Young Master… that’s why, the most crucial matter before him is…

Learning the words of this world!


[1] A common description in Chinese novels, akining women (usually their skin or flesh) to water.
[2] Similar to the ‘take the goods the gods provide’ proverb.

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6 thoughts on “A Messed-Up Wuxia World Volume 1 Chapter 7

  1. (/=n=)/ Too much details!!! Black-clad person, give me back my innocence!

    Chenyi ah, Chenyi… do you know how many mouthfuls of blood I spit these few chapters? It’s good that you’re looking at the bigger picture now (… are you?).


  2. Chenyi’s body is pretty high spec isn’t it? He ran from the place he was being held (no guards; maybe our villain of the day was hoping for witnesses to just walk in?) to a pond outside of the city, THEN runs back home. All we get as an indication of this is that he has to catch his breath.

    Even in a Wuxia world cities are large places, and while we can assume that the place Chenyi was being held might have been close to an outer border, we can also assume that it was far from the DongFang residence (cause why would you hide away a the person you kidnap anywhere close to their home?).

    So Chenyi just ran a substantial distance UNDER the influence of a lethal aphrodisiac; and while we can possibly attribute all that energy to the drug, but aphrodisiacs are meant to effect libido (which is lowered by things like stress). Which means his usage of energy and the drug are working against each other, perhaps causing Chenyi to use up more energy. That’s not even considering he still had to jerk off around six times and could STILL get up and eat with his family, rather than,I don’t know, collapse due to total exhaustion?

    So this is just a needless argument to try and prove after he starts to self teach Chenyi’s should autocorrect the learning process. As such is he going to become an overwhelmingly power protagonist who is consistently misunderstood (a la One Punch Man) or will he follow the route of a self aware protagonist who clings to the MC (like in Our Big Brother’s Brain Has A Pit) or will he breed the MC to secure his own safety (on the vain of History’s Number One Founder or better yet like Running Away from the Hero!) or just watch everything from his own standpoint (History’s Strongest Senior Brother)?

    I’m really sorry this got so long, I’m just really excited.

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