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Escape Galge Protag Chapter 7.4

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de! (Chūhen)

Chapter 7 – The True Heart [Part 4]

 That day, student-teacher Akari stood at the teaching platform.
 At first, she directed a strangely stern gaze at me.
 Rather than a glare, it was more like she was brooding about something.
 But as the lesson went on, the shadow dimmed…
 She gradually grew lively as she waved the teacher’s pointer.

 That was fine but… for some reason, I received a series of concentrated strikes.
 I was appointed to solve the problems at every turn.
 … What’s the matter?


 As I tidy up my desk after class, Akari calls out to me.

“I apologise for appointing you the whole time. It’s a… paltry harassment on my part. I’m convinced thanks to this.”
“Huh…? Ah.”

 My gaze is fixed on the red notebook that’s on the topmost of the things like textbooks that she carries for her return to the staff room.
 Within its transparent front cover is a single photograph.
 It’s the remembrance photograph of her and the teacher she respects.

“He’s the teacher I respect, an existence I admire.”

 Akari appears to have noticed my gaze.

“I slot it in my notebook so that I’ll see it every day and recall my original resolution.”

 The gaze she casts upon the photograph is clear.
 Can it be…

“He seems to have moved forward too. It’s no good if I forget about what’s important and come to a standstill.”

 I’m not able to catch the words she lets out as she hangs her head, but she has a calm expression on.
 Hope rises in me as I look at that refreshing smile as though weights are lifted off her.
 Akari’s eyes have been opened, I think.

“Be sure to properly revise the areas you weren’t able to answer today!”

With the countenance of a『Teacher』, Akari leaves with a light gait.


 And during break time.

“Come here for a moment!”

 Without knowing the reason, I was dragged and the place I was brought to is the empty toilet at the practice building.
 The kidnapper is Midori.
 Being called to the toilet by an upperclassman!?
 Wh-what should I do… I’m going to get strangled!

“You are seriously an unpleasant woman! Shrewdly stealing the march!”

 What is she talking about?
 She drives me towards the wall and slams her hand with a don.
 What’s this, it’s kabedon!
 My heart didn’t throb at all though!

“Are you listening!?”
“Sheesh, which part of this girl is good…”

 I may not know what’s going on, but I frown because I can tell she’s speaking ill about me.

“『I want to face her properly』, is it?”

 Midori’s eyebrows are raised but after quietly mumbling something, she exhales as she looks at me.
 And then, the stagnant aura Midori has suddenly dissipates…
 Taking some distance from me, she places her hand on her hips like a model and smiles.

“It can’t be helped, can it… it’s my loss! He fell for you to the extent of saying something like that after all… I, too, remembered that there’s something I cannot avert my eyes from.”

 It was the same with Akari, but Midori appears like she has accepted something.

“I can’t run away[1], huh. I already knew it all. What I must do… and also the matter about Aoi. I honestly wanted to slap you though.”

 Did she say ‘slap’?
 Eh, I… as expected, am I in a pinch!

“Let’s have tea together next time! Teach me the move you used to ‘fall’ Aoi, alright?”
“May I know what you are talking about?”

 Midori took her leave with the conversation still misaligned.
 I don’t quite get it but since we promised to have tea, have we became friends…?
 As I’ve said, what’s going on!?
 I don’t quite understand but… I can see that Midori had broken through some fetters.
 She may have opened her eyes too.

 Breaking out from the toilet, I head towards the classroom, only to be stopped by the goddess Shiori this time.
 This, is this some event!?

“You’ve really done it. So that was deliberate? … Just kidding.”
“I was somehow able to feel that what you said before were your true feelings. That’s why I was convinced. Rather, if that was deliberate, even as an enemy I’ve to admit it’s praiseworthy. But you aren’t the astute type, correct?”

 Her appearance as she chuckles while hiding her mouth is elegant and beautiful no matter which angle one looks at her but… am I, being laughed at now?

“… It probably meant that that was our fate. I shall do what I must do. Together with my important people.”
“… Yes!”

 It was a continuous stream of things I didn’t quite get, but there’s no doubt that good signs have appeared for Shiori-senpai.
 Her pendant appears brighter than it had been when we met previously.
 Moreover, Shiori is indeed beautiful.
 Spellbound, I watch as she leaves.

 … Still, what’s going on?
 For the capturable characters to call out to me one by one like this…
 I wonder if Kagurazaka Aoi is responsible for this?

 I found the answer after school that day.



[1] In the sense of escaping or shirking from her duties. Midori should be referring to the matter of her childhood friend who got injured.

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