Escape Galge Protagonist

Escape Galge Protag Chapter 7.6

Happy Lunar New Year! Hehe, here’s part 2 of the experiment. Let’s see if the general perception has changed! The previous poll was here.

By the way, 7.7 will be the end of this series (and it’s much longer than 7.6) and a character some of you may have been missing will appear.


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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de! (Chūhen)

Chapter 7 – The True Heart [Part 6]

 Warm sunlight and a gentle breeze flow into the serene classroom from the open window.
 There’s no one around. I’m alone.

Today’s Friday.
 ‘If this is the game, it’s the day my favourability rating raises’… I often thought such the year before.
 I’m now a second-year and can be termed『senpai』.
 The people I call『senpai』will graduate and be gone a year later.
 … Aoi-senpai will graduate too, huh.

“Fu~aa. He’s late.”

 We promised to watch a movie at the internet cafe today.
 I want to quickly watch the horror movie I’ve been looking forward to, so what is he doing.

“… I’ll scare you again, hmpf.”

 Laughter wells up when I imagine his pathetic appearance as he jumps up.

 Still, the weather’s good.
 One can even say it’s the perfect weather for afternoon naps.
 Aa, it’s really comfortable… I’ll fall asleep.

 It’s already too late by the time that thought crosses my mind.



 … I fell asleep.

 It doesn’t feel like much time has passed, but my eyelids are heavy.
 What, there’s a comfortable feeling. My hair is being brushed?

 Is it senpai?
 I’m wide awake, but for one reason or the other I continue pretending to be asleep.

 My hair is being combed.
 It’s separated in the middle and each side is being tied… hold on.

“… Senpai, what you are doing, hm?”
“!? Kii, you were awake? … T-this is…”

 With both hands and in one go, I undo the twin tails that were skilfully put together.
 I can’t even let my guard down for a moment.

 It’s been a year since senpai confessed to me and I rejected him.
 There’s no change in our relationship.
 Howbeit, senpai’s ‘sheep clothing’ came off a little and he’s currently about done transforming into a stalker-like pervert who tries to make me tie twin tails.

“Kii, I’ve a request.”
“What is it?”
“Just once is fine, twin tails again…”
“Absolutely no way.”

 Do you like twin tails so much?
 Is anyone fine as long as they have twin tails!
 Am I not cute if I don’t tie twin tails!
 What a rude person, I’ll definitely not tie twin tails.

“… It’s about time though, isn’t it.”
“It is nothing, let’s go.”

 I won’t say what I’m referring to, but a part of me slightly regrets my words.
 I may be obstinate but I’ve forgotten that I’m hasty too.

 How annoying.
 Let’s tease him more than usual today.

“The movie today is horror and is said to have splatters so it will be thrilling.”
“Splatters!? Kii, there’s something I want to tell you today… can we leave that till next time?”
“It won’t work even if you say that now and negate it a while later, you know.”
“That’s not it, I really have something to say! As expected, watching splatter while talking is… the mood will disappear, or so to speak…”


 Is it a result of the『system』if the protagonist and the capturable character ties a knot?
 What is the『system』?
 Is it destiny?
 Is it inevitability?

“Things like that don’t matter. As long as I feel happy.”

 Perhaps the『Feather of Destiny』descends upon every lovebird without their knowing.



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14 thoughts on “Escape Galge Protag Chapter 7.6

  1. Hm. I think everyone deserves a second chance, even terrible terrible people. Of course, there’s revenge to make them suffer a lot, but then they can have their second chance xD
    The author did transition it well, to the point where I’m pretty much okay if Kii ends up with him. So that’s my take on it xD


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