Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 2

Hi guys, I am beyond thankful for your responses and for being such brave and kind souls. I’m really not sure how else I can show my gratitude but to translate more hehe. I’ll try to translate whenever I can!

Some of the names and terms in this series are still kinda iffy so they may be changed when we get further and understand more. New characters will appear in the next chapter.


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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Villain
Chapter 02 – Living as a Familiar and Villain

 As long as phantoms exist in this world, they’ve to live in co-existence with humans.
Therefore, those with power attend school once they’ve reached a certain age.
That school is called Private Evenfall Academy.
Phantoms and onmyouji get to meet and interact with each other face-to-face as they each bear their own motives, maintaining a seemingly dangerous balance.

 This school is the stage of an otome game.

 The heroine enrolls there, not knowing that the school is a dangerous place.
Then, even as she’s tossed about by the schemes of the phantoms and onmyouji, she falls in love with beautiful men. It was a popular game with this kind of slightly suspenseful element in it.
It was something I borrowed from my close friend, but I ended up clearing only 1 route.
I’m a fickle person after all.
It was relatively enjoyable but I wasn’t passionate enough to clear each and every route once I knew the gist of the story.

 And the guy who made me his familiar, Kamo Tomotaka, just started attending this school in spring.
He’s now a first-year and even as a first-year, he’ll become the student council president when autumn comes. He’s a perfect character who holds the top results as an overachiever in the school.
Naturally, I didn’t capture him.
I don’t have such a preference after all.

“I see you aren’t concentrating. Do I’ve to be more strict?”

 Despite being a man, a pretty and dignified voice resounds from him.

“My deepest apologies. Tomotaka-sama.”
 With my immediate apology, I turn my attention to the phantoms before my eyes.
I suppose there’s about 20 of them.
Height of about a metre, one-eyed and extremely swollen stomachs.
They’re probably something like preta[1]?
The power here isn’t strong.
Also, they don’t seem quite intelligent.
I probably don’t have to be worried about them coordinating with each other and the like.

 Having confirmed that, I leap into the horde of phantoms.
It widened its only eye at me who arrived at close range without warning.
Then, the very next instant, I mow its stomach with my right hand.
As my right hand feels the sensation of cutting through heavy flesh, it splits into two and tumbles to the ground.
Spilling dusky blood, it diffuses into the ground not long after.

 My body is hot.


 After that, I swing my arms as per usual.
My claws erase them in an enjoyable manner.
And my body grows hotter with a tingle every time I erase one.


 It’s finally the last one.
I should feel even better if I erase this one.
Even as I find the heat in this body to be beyond my control, I jump.
“I said to leave the last one, didn’t I?”

 Before my hand is able to reach the final phantom, Tomotaka-sama’s whip slams into my body.

“… Ow.”

 I can feel pain running through my right flank.
The final phantom takes that opportunity and flees to the forest, melting into the darkness.

It escaped.
My food.

 Uu, uu, I stare fixedly at the darkness of that forest as I let out a soft voice.
I can hear ‘Good grief’ coming from behind.

“Seriously, you sure lose to your appetite quickly, don’t you.”
“… My deepest apologies.”

Without turning towards Tomotaka-sama, I end up staring at the darkness of the forest regretfully.
My food, over there.

“If you erase them without leaving any behind, they won’t appear here anymore, yes? They’ll increase on their own if you leave one behind after all.”

 That’s right, it’s the end if all of them are defeated, but I can come and erase them again if I leave one behind.
But, I was unable to endure no matter what.
With my still unsatiated hunger, I stare fixedly deep into the forest.
Haa, as Tomotaka-sama gives a sigh, his pretty voice resounds.

“Here, why don’t you lick it since you’re so hungry?”
 I want.

 The preta can’t even compare.
My body turns with a whoosh at the unexpected attractive words.
I arrive by Tomotaka-sama’s side in the blink of an eye and quickly kneel.
Then, I look up at him with entreating eyes.

“You really have no endurance, do you.”

 I stare fixedly up at Tomotaka-sama.
However, Tomotaka-sama looks at me in amusement and swiftly backs away.

“We can’t do it here. Come, let’s go home.”

 With those words, I descend the mountain while continuing to kneel.
I close my eyes tightly when my wish wasn’t granted, clench my teeth and endure it.
Then, I chase after Tomotaka-sama.

 It seems that I’m different from normal phantoms.
Phantoms absorb the life energy of humans and store power.
However, I’m able to store power by stealing the phantoms’ spiritual energy.
Spiritual energy are similar to a dense amassment of life energy.
Instead of expressly stealing small amounts of life energy from humans, I’m significantly more satiated by stealing spiritual energy from phantoms.

 Fundamentally, phantoms don’t eat other phantoms.
Because if phantoms eat other phantoms, their wills intertwine and they morph into something other than themselves.
However, perhaps because I was born from the black miasma vortex, I won’t be swallowed by the will of others and am able to preserve my ego.
By simply defeating other phantoms, I can feel my own power growing.
Having perceived that, Tomotaka-sama ordered me to proactively erase phantoms.
They were primarily phantoms that cause harm to humans, but nevertheless I didn’t feel like it.

I didn’t want to steal.
 For one who lives as a phantom, I’ve no need for such a large amount of spiritual energy.
Even phantoms have their egos.
It’s too much how they can’t appear in this world again once they’re erased.

 And yet, I end up being seized by exaltation once I erase them.
More, more, my heart screams and I’m unable to stop.

“Really, what am I doing…”

 I want to be free.
I don’t want to steal anything else.

 I chase after Tomotaka-sama while carrying such a futile hope and we reach the apartment where we reside.
Tomotaka-sama seems to be the heir of a prominent family but he’s been living alone in this apartment in order to commute to Evenfall Academy.
Generally, the domestic helper will commute here during the daytime.
I’ve been living here, by Tomotaka-sama’s side, ever since I became a familiar.
Tomotaka-sama typically makes me take the form of a human.
Even for that battle with the phantoms just now, I was in the form of a human and materialised only the claws.

 Tomotaka-sama sits on the 3-person sofa in the living room.
When my heart dances at the moment to come, I frantically suppress it and stand at a slightly distant position.


 Tomotaka-sama calls with a sweet voice.
I promptly go to Tomotaka-sama and kneel.
He chuckles and rubs my head.

“You’ve to be gentle, okay? Got it?”
“Yes, yes, of course.”

 My eyes cloud over at the moment that has finally arrived.
When Tomotaka-sama holds out his right hand before me, I respectfully grasp that hand.
I materialise claws on my hand, using strength such that the pain will be at its minimum, I cut that index finger.


 Red liquid surges from that right hand.
Unable to endure, lick, I run my tongue against that index finger.

Simply licking isn’t enough for me, I hold the finger with my mouth and slowly suck.
Slurp slurp, wet sounds reverberates in the quiet room.


I want more.

 As I made only a small wound, the blood seems like it’s about to stop soon.
At this rate, my time of beatitude will end.

… No way.

 I move the tip of my tongue up and down to widen the wound.

 … Should I just, devour his finger?
Lots of blood will definitely pour out.
It’ll undoubtedly be delicious.

 I can imagine how luscious it will be.

 That’s right.
Let’s eat Tomotaka-sama.

 The instant I try to bite Tomotaka-sama’s finger with my fangs, he pulls it out.

“Look, your sclera is disappearing, you know? This is where it ends today, huh.”
“…! Ah, … my deepest apologies.”

 My mouth becomes sloppy at the sudden end and I look up at Tomotaka-sama with it still open.
And then, my eyes trace his left index finger.
 It appears that my sclera will disappear when I lose myself to my appetite.
My eyes turn into the solely golden ones from the time when I was a wolf.
Thus, Tomotaka-sama is able to promptly tell that I’m about to go berserk.
It ends here as I had lost to my appetite this time, too.

 Even though I wanted more, much more.

 I close my eyes tightly and suppress my appetite.
I then slowly open my eyes.
Surely my sclera has returned.

“Now, heal the wound.”

 I softly blow on Tomotaka-sama’s fingertip with a breath filled with spiritual energy.
Thereupon, the wound quickly disappears.
So it appears that my spiritual energy is fairly convenient; it can close wounds of this extent in the blink of an eye.

“Well then, I’m off to sleep. G’night.”
“Good night.”

 Tomotaka-sama leaves the living room.
After I ascertain that, I return to my own room and thump, throw myself on top of the bed.
 … It’s not enough.

“I’m hungry.”

 … More.

 Feeling the hunger pangs, I sleep curled up in an attempt to suppress them.
If found elsewhere, it’s been stolen.
Read at the translator’s site.

 There’s a bit of time left before the otome game I know begins.
It begins when Tomotaka-sama advances and becomes a second-year.
Tomotaka-sama will become a senpai character from the heroine’s perspective.

The heroine possesses a strange power in that body of hers.
She’s able to grant a strong power to phantoms.
In the game, the heroine who possesses that power is called the『Priestess of Ominous Clouds』.
Lured by that smell, phantoms swarm around the heroine while the onmyouji have no choice but to protect her so that the power isn’t granted to the phantoms.
Will the phantoms obtain the priestess or will the onmyouji manage to protect her.
While still ignorant of such exchanges in the background, the heroine falls in love with the capturable target and decides her fate.

 Regarding the capturable targets, three are phantoms.
Two are onmyouji.
 And, my role is…

“Mind you, you’ll protect the Priestess of Ominous Clouds from the claws of the phantoms.”

 With the enrollment ceremony just around the corner, Tomotaka-sama examines me for the final time.
I’ve changed to an appearance different from usual.

 Black and long straight hair.
Those eyes are almond-shaped and are radiant blue.
The height is about 170cm and it’s a well-proportioned build of the slender-type.

“The Priestess of Ominous Clouds will enroll in spring. I’ll have you enroll at that time too. I’ve prepared for you to be in the same class.”
“I don’t mind if you erase the small fries so that the Priestess of Ominous Clouds can live in peace. To that effect, I made you store your power for a year after all.”

 I saw this appearance in the game countless times.
Recalling it, I’m able to construct it immediately.

 Tomotaka-sama pauses that pretty voice of his and stares firmly in my direction.

“If the strong phantoms in school try to lay their hands on the Priestess of Ominous Clouds… do you understand?”
“Yes. I’ll turn their eyes towards me so that they won’t be involved with the priestess. If that doesn’t work out…”
“I don’t mind if you erase them.”
“We can’t let the phantoms steal the Priestess of Ominous Clouds.”

 My appearance is that of the villain in the game.

The Priestess of Ominous Clouds’ bodyguard.
And also a rival who interferes with love.

“Your name is Tomonaga Chako. Isn’t it nice?”
“Yes. It’s perfect for you who reeks of beasts, isn’t it. Chako?”

 Haha, he laughs with his pretty voice as he looks in my direction.
I didn’t have a name ever since I became a phantom.
And this is the name I finally get?

“…Thank you very much.”

 Even so, my body turns warm when Tomotaka-sama calls my name.

[1] Gaki: Looks something like this.

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