Escape Galge Protagonist

[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist Chapter 1

The author had revised the original EGP and this is chapter 1 of the revised edition. Read my full announcement here. In the future, anything with “[2016]” in the heading for EGP is part of the author’s revised edition. Notable changed portions from the original are marked in green

I hope it’s not too intrusive for new readers. Readers who had read the original can skip to the green portions. Please let me know if anyone has colour vision deficiency. I’ll try and think of something. Most of the major changes are in the middle of the series and the intro is pretty much the same. Minor unmarked changes include punctuation, wording and layout.


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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 1

『The Feather of Destiny』

 It was a rumour. A white feather, said to flutter down from thin air.
 It was said that a part of it is dyed in the colour of cherry blossoms, and that part appeared to be a heart shape.
 Those who picked up that feather would experience a destinied encounter… it seemed.

 I didn’t genuinely believe it.
 At most, I only thought that it’s wonderful.
 While I was interested, I hadn’t explicitly gone to find it.
 It was only to the extent that I surveyed my surroundings when it suddenly came to mind.

 I did have the girlish thought of wanting to experience the thing called a『destined encounter』.
 I might have said『want』, but it was actually at the level of a mild expectation, and a hopeful anticipation.
 Something I wished for but knew was unrealistic. That was how I treated it in my heart.

 Or so it should have been, but――.

 That day, I was exceedingly concerned about the flowers of the flower bed which I was normally unconcerned about.

“… Seems like you’re about to wilt? You aren’t too perky.”

Perhaps because it hasn’t been raining recently, the earth is exceedingly dry.
 There are also weeds growing out.
 Normally someone should be tending to this, but the flowers that seem neglected appear pitiful.

“I’ll be watering now.”

 Even though I’ve never done such a thing before.
 It may just be that I happen to be in such a mood.
 Looking around the surroundings, I find a faucet nearby.
 There is also a hose perfect for watering attached to it. I promptly point the hose towards the flower bed for the sake of watering it, and turn the faucet full-force.


 A surprised-sounding voice comes from the direction of the hose which is pointing towards the flower bed.


 Moving my gaze that is on the faucet to the direction of the voice, a slim and tall male student is standing there.
 Looking at him closely, he’s drenched.

“… Ah!”

 Did I cause him to get wet!?
 It’s not raining, and there’s no moisture in the vicinity.
 No matter how I think about it, it can only be that I splashed water onto him.

“I ap-apologise! I was trying to offer water to the flowers… and ended up letting the water spew out without looking properly.”

 Putting the hose down in a hurry, I rush towards the male student.

 The colour of his necktie is red. I lower my head at the male student who can be considered a year my senior, a 2nd-year.
 He may be angry. What do I do?
 What if he’s a scary person?
 I’m unable to lift my head as I think of such things. And as I wait for his response…


(Ah, a clear and pleasant voice…)

 I become absentminded at the sound of his pretty voice and time stops for an instant.
 Quickly returning to my senses, I raise my head wondering why did he laugh, and… our eyes meet.

“I was just thinking that it’s hot. It’s become refreshing now.”
“… !?”

 Time stops again.
 So much so that I forget how to breathe this time.
 Soft cream-coloured hair, accompanied by jade-like eyes.
 A handsome face with a shapely nose, a tall and slim look.
 The upright figure gazing over with a gentle smile, appears like he’s sparkling.

(H-How cool!)

 Immediately, I feel my face growing warm.
 I think even my heart is beating twice as fast as usual.
 Even though I may suffocate if I don’t breathe soon, my body won’t listen to me.

“Ah! Yes! I ap-apologise! Oh right, handkerchief!”

 My head and body finally move when I’m spoken to.
 I splashed water on him, so I must do something about it quickly.
 When I offer the handkerchief I had with me, he reservedly says “I don’t mind this much”.
 But, water is dripping from his pretty hair, and his face is also wet.
 This must be what they call ‘drop-dead gorgeous’. Wait, this isn’t the time to be thinking about that.

“But, you’ll catch a cold at this rate! Even if it’s just wiping a little… excuse me!”

 Wanting to do something somehow, I place the handkerchief at his forehead and cheeks. It is only when I start wiping that I realise.
 My hand is stretched as I look up at the tall senpai, but… his face is so close!
 I finally become aware that I’m doing something embarrassing.

“I apologise for approaching so suddenly.”
“Ah, no… I don’t mind.”

 Looking at senpai who behaves shyly and slightly awkwardly, I feel even more embarrassed and apologetic.
 I, what am I doing….!

 Wanting to apologise again, I turn towards senpai. At that moment…
 I feel a faint presence above.
 Something is falling?

 I can tell that something is drawing nearer from the skies.
 Did someone drop something from the upper levels of the school building?
 I quickly grab onto that fluttering something that’s moving unsteadily.
 It is something white and light.

“Feather? Was there a pigeon?”

 Senpai who is watching my movements mumbles.
 After hearing senpai’s words, I also shift my gaze onto the feather I’m holding in my hand.
 It really is a feather.
 But its colour is white, it’s a pretty, pure white feather.
 Not a pigeon…?

 At that moment, I recall.

(Can it be!)

 When I look at the feather in full, there… it is.
 Without a doubt, a heart design.

“Amazing… it’s the Feather of Destiny! It exists!”

 I unthinkingly make merry, bouncing with a hop hop, due to the surprise of finding out that the rumour is true, and from the happiness of coming into contact with it.
 I become embarrassed when I notice a gaze observing my behaviour with curiosity.
 That’s right, senpai is here…

“Ah, I’m sorry. Shouting all of a sudden! Erm, does senpai know about the『Feather of Destiny』?”
“No, I don’t. Ah…”

 When I follow the gaze of senpai, who raises a soft sound of surprise, to the feather in my hand ….


The feather is glowing.
 I can’t feel any warmth, chill or anything at all when I touch it, but the feather is certainly glowing.
 Unable to do anything, I stiffen. The light eventually fades… and its figure vanishes.

“It disappeared…”
“What in the world… Is it the Feather of Destiny or what you called it?”
“Ah, yes. Probably…”

 It’s a rumour that you often hear in this school, but it seems this drenched senpai doesn’t know of it.
 It may be a story that guys aren’t very interested in.
 But having it appear before my very eyes, I’m unable to suppress my paramount excitement… I want to talk about it!

“The rumour goes like this…”

Unable to hold it in, I explain to him what I know about the 『Feather of Destiny』.

“I see. There sure are wonders in this world. What a lovely story.”

 Saying so, he smiles. My chest hurts when I see that.
 This sweet and itchy pain, what is it?

 The majority of guys will, make fun or be nonplussed the moment you bring up the word 『Destiny』.
 And then, they’ll finish off by spouting the『You girls sure like things like that』habitual statement.
 However, he didn’t do that.
 It may be because he actually witnessed it, but he listened to the story without making fun of it

“Does senpai believe in『Destiny』?”
“I wonder. But, when I think that my destined one is out there somewhere… I want to meet her.”
“That’s right, isn’t it!”

Hearing words I can empathise with, I feel something warm welling in my heart.
 I don’t know there’s such a lovely person in this school.

“It’ll be nice if you can meet. Your destined one.”
“… Yes.”

 It is at that moment that I think.
 『If only this person is my destined one』.

 Perhaps, that feather might be something that appeared in order for us to meet each other.
 If so, as I thought, this person is… my…

 That was my encounter with senpai, Kagurazaka Aoi.



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