Escape Galge Protagonist

[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist Chapter 5

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 5

 The day after I experienced the most unpleasant day of my life.
 I awoke to a most unpleasant mood.
 The morning sun was hateful to the extent that I wondered if I’d become Dracula.

 It was time to wake up. When I looked at the screen of my smartphone to turn off the alarm, there were calls from that guy.
 There were also mails[1].
 Just his name appearing in my field of vision is unpleasant.
 I deleted him from my contacts and blocked all incoming calls and messages from unknown numbers.

“… Alright!”

 Today onwards, I’m reborn.
 Here comes the Brand New・Torida Kii!

 I broke into tears after reaching home yesterday, and cried in the bath because I didn’t want my eyes to get all puffy.
 Submerged in the bathtub, I cried.
 Even if I raised my voice underwater, you could only hear blub blub sounds, so my family didn’t hear me crying.
 If I let the water pour over my face, I won’t have to rub my eyes and thus they won’t swell easily.

 Other than that, I simply cast ‘mind control’ on myself, that it’s a waste to shed tears over that scum.

 ――A maiden’s tears are extremely precious. What a waste, what a waste.

 Giving suggestions, hypnotising myself.
 Seems like I’ve what it takes to be the founder of a cult, huh.

 My face appears as usual thanks to my stirring efforts.
 I… worked hard!

 First of all, I naturally stopped tying twin tails.
 Leaving my hair down, I lightly coiled the ends and made soft curls.
 It gives a slightly mature feel.
 It’s solely my personal impression though.
 I also took off the ‘cunning’ cardigan and tied it around my waist.
 I’m changing my image.
 Isolating myself from the『imouto label』!
 It’s a De-Cunning Campaign!
 Next, I’ll definitely drag that guy to hell!


 I psyched myself and opened the door at the entranceway in high spirits. I then wanted to close it the very next moment.

(… Why is he here?)

 My brows reflexively furrowed.
 The one whom I thought should be wiped from the face of earth, Kagurazaka Aoi from the scum family of the scum species, is there.

 It can be that he’s concerned over the disappearance of the favorability rating, and is here to ascertain that.
 Come to think of it, I was also in the middle of confessing.
 Dangerous, I was just about to cross the Sanzu River[2], huh.
 It was a close shave.
 It would have been even better if I had realised earlier though.
 I don’t want to get directly involved with him anymore, but I can’t be stuck by the entrance forever.

“Kii? … You give off a feeling different from usual, don’t you. You changed your hairstyle?”

 Looking at me who left the house, the scum acted bashful and blushed as though he was captivated. I’ll never be fooled by that acting again.
 The me from before would have asked something like『Is it weird?』; questions that will induce a『It’s cute』response. And once I’m told that it’s cute, I’ll go『Being told that by senpai… I’m very happy』while turning red like a tomato. However, I won’t do something cold like that now that my eyes are opened.

“Please do not call my name so familiarly.”
“… Eh?”

 Also, do stop secretly calling my name in an appalling manner like『Kii-tan』.

“Rather, kindly refrain from speaking to me at all from now on. Bye.”
“Eh? Eh?”

 He seems to be panicking with widened eyes, but even that appears irritating to me.
 As if I give a hoot! I left him be and started walking.
 In a moment, he chased after me while still looking confused.
 Gross, exceedingly gross.
 Even that face which my heart throbbed so much at, made me feel like puking when I see it.
 At any rate, it’s gross!
 Let’s not call him ikemen from now on, but gross-man.

“Kii? What’s wrong? Did something happen? Did I… do something? It doesn’t go through even when I try to contact you…”
“I deleted your contact. Your existence inside of me has also been deleted.”

Gross-man’s legs stopped.
 For an instant I saw his stiff face, but because I moved on without stopping, the gross-man disappeared from my vision.
 I sense a presence behind me, so he’s probably following me.
 I can feel an aura asking me to be mindful of him but I’m ignoring it. Ignore!



[1] It’s customary in Japan to exchange phone email addresses rather than phone numbers.
[2] River of Three Crossings: A river that the dead is believed to cross on their way to the afterlife.

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