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[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist Chapter 6

On a side note, it’s been going on for a while but dear translators who pick up projects from my list of synopses, I don’t expect you to ask permission or inform me (that’d be nice tho) but please at least credit if you use my synopsis translations :/

Some new content regarding Akari.

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 6

 Today is Monday, the start of the week.
 The capturable character whose favourability rating increases today is the clumsy student-teacher, Komatani Akari.
 Appearance-wise, she has short red hair and light brown eyes.
 Her artless figure clad in a suit is appealing.

 After school, gross-man is, as expected, with her.
 It’s probably his standard behaviour, what he usually does.
 … Does it mean that I wasn’t a deterrence at all?
 While it’s not like I want him to be mindful of me, I’m pissed at how bold his nerves are.
 Fall into hell. Step on pincushions, drown in lakes of blood, death by boiling!

The corridor on the 2nd floor along the 2nd-years’ classrooms.
 There, the two of them are side-by-side, chatting happily.
 Gross-man places his hand on Akari’s cheek, and whispers something.
 After which Akari’s face reddens, and she gazes at gross-man with dewy eyes.

“C… Cold.”

 I’m close to shivering, thinking that I was about to be captured like that, too.
 I’ll freeze if I keep looking at them.
 My eyes meet with gross-man’s the instant I try to look away.
 Gross-man’s eyes widen, and he stiffens.
 He hurriedly removes his hand from Akari’s cheeks, but I’m no longer a capturable target so you don’t have to bother with me, y’know.
 I won’t do things like leaving in tears while crying『So it wasn’t only me!?』.

 I quickly avert my gaze so that Akari won’t notice, and take my leave.
 I’ve an important mission.
 Bringing the iron hammer down on him.
 I mustn’t forget that.
 I’ll definitely clear my grudge.

 Or so I say, but I won’t do things like killing him… well, that’s blindingly obvious though.
 I won’t do violent things.
 I’m a maiden after all~!
 I’m thinking of doing something that will be damaging to him. That is…

 I’m thinking of snatching the capturable targets from him.
 I’ll open those girls’ eyes.

 He probably came this far making full use of his smartphone.
 I’ll destroy it all.
 I believe that is the most effective method.
 Stop the harem!
 To the same extent that the global warming must be prevented, I must stop it!
 So much so that I’d like it to be added to the Kyoto Protocol[1].

 First and foremost, today’s victim, Akari.
 She comes to this school as a student-teacher.
 Despite harbouring the dream of becoming a teacher as wonderful as her respected teacher…

 Being taken in by his trickery, she’s in a situation where the inside of her head is full of him and she can’t focus on her long-awaited training.

 I secretly leave an envelope on her desk in the empty staff room.
 It has the photographs I took of him and the girls when I shadowed him, along with the words『Please open your eyes. Please cherish your dream. 』.

 That, and one more thing.
 I’m thinking of using the knowledge from the game.
 Akari’s desk has a book she received from her respected teacher.
 There should be a photograph she took with her teacher wedged within it.

“… Found it.”

 At the bottom of the lowest large drawer.
 Has she not been reading this book recently?
 That’s not good.

I leave the book next to the letter which I hope can ‘awaken’ her.
 And gently place the photograph with her teacher on top…

“What a good smile…”

It’s her graduation photograph.
 The high-schooler Akari is carrying a bouquet beside her teacher, making a peace sign with a dazzling smile.

“… It’ll be nice if you can regain the feelings you had back then.”

 It may be impossible for her to immediately open her eyes, but I hope that this will the impetus for her ‘awakening’.
 Just as I’m thinking that I’ll look at the situation and deal the next move if this isn’t effective…

――Thud thud.


The sound of heels resounding in the corridor.
 One of the female teachers is probably returning.
 I’ll be surprised if this is a male.
 Fortunately, I can make a quick escape because the door is open.
 Hiding in the shadow of a pillar that’s near the door and is a blind spot, I peek out and… it’s Akari who returns.
 It seems she already parted from gross-man… that’s quick.

 Akari tries to place the key back on the key rack but it’s going nowhere because she keeps dropping it.
 You don’t have to manifest your clumsy girl conduct in such an unoccupied place like this you know…
 Will the scum find her『cute』if he sees this?
 I feel slightly frustrated.
 Hurry up and notice the letter!
 After a tough struggle, she safely puts the key in order. She then returns to her desk while stumbling over thin air.


 Her eyes seems to have immediately settled on what I prepared.
 At the end of her line of sight lay the photograph taken with her respected teacher and the book.
 Her bearing seems to be saying『Why are they here?』.

 Next, she takes『that letter』.
 Opening the envelope, the first thing she sees was the photographs.

“No way… Aoi-kun?”

 Her eyes widen, and the name of the scum spills from her lips.
 How careless are you to reveal his name?
 For her to say his name, while there may be no one around, she’s probably shocked enough to forget that this is the staff room[2].
 Her legs likely can’t support her anymore; she crumbles down onto the chair.
 Placing her hand on her forehead, she repeatedly mumbles『No way…』in a tearful voice.
 My chest starts to hurt when I see that expression.

 The thought of『Damn scum, serve you right!』doesn’t cross my mind.
 As though I, who was in the same situation as her until recently, resonated with her feelings, something wells up in me.
 She’s reading my letter as I withstand the compulsion.

 『Please open your eyes. Please cherish your dream.』

 Akari’s hand, which is holding the photographs so tightly that they crumpled, suddenly lowers. Putting down the repulsive photographs, she looks at the photograph with her respected teacher and the book.

“… Teacher.”

 Spilling that single word… she firmly stares at the photograph.

 … Let’s go. My mission is over.

 My arm is suddenly seized just as I’m about to leave the front gate in order to head home.

 What’s going on? Turning to look, the culprit is… it’s you, huh.

“I think I told you not to touch me, didn’t I?”
“Kii, just now, there was a strand of hair on Komatani-sensei’s face. That’s why…”
“I’m not interested.”
“… Eh?”
“Like I said, reports like that are absolutely unnecessary as it’s something completely unrelated to me.”

 Looking into his eyes, I tell him clearly.
 Gross-man’s expression looks unsettled.
 It appears that he doesn’t understand what I really mean.
 It’s just as my words indicate, but does he not understand English[3]?

It’s also irritating how he’s calling her『Komatani-sensei』when he’s giving an explanation like this, even though he calls her『Akari』when he’s with her.
 Deciding not to deal with him anymore, I try to break free and leave. However, gross-man tightens his hold and smiles at me.

“Kii. Let’s go home together.”
“I eternally refuse.”

 This guy, can’t he read the atmosphere?
 To think he extended an invitation with the flow just now.
 I’ll never again say『To be able to go home with senpai, I’m so happy.』bashfully.

“Please don’t ever invite me! Perpetuamente!”

Not bothering to check his reaction, I forcibly break my arm free and leave for home.
 Ahh, so tiring…



[1] Kyoto Protocol
[2] It’ll get problematic if people find out that she, a (trainee) teacher, is so close with a student.
[3] Original: Japanese.

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    1. Iirc, in the Japanese raws, the author used ‘FOEBA’ (forever) so I wanted to use a language besides English for that word since the base language here is English. Perpetuamente is the closest non-English word (I could find) to a word that carries a similar meaning (perpetually). I figured it’s possible to draw the link even if you don’t speak Italian.

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