Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 3.1



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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Villain
Chapter 03 – Villain and School Life [Part 1]

 Several days after I took on the villain’s appearance.
The enrollment ceremony is today.

 The heroine’s name is Naba Yui.
Her seat number is after mine.
Also, she sits on my right during the enrollment ceremony.

 Soft-looking light golden hair.
Lively deep green eyes that dart around in an adorable manner.
Her cheeks are lightly coloured and possess a charm that makes one want to hug her instinctively. 

How cute……
As expected of the heroine……

 I watch her absentmindedly.
It may be because I’m a phantom.
She also seems to have some sort of sweet smell, causing me to be unable to take my eyes away.

“Erm, what is your name?”

 Perhaps she noticed my intense gaze; the heroine stealthily speaks to me.
Chuckling, I give my name.

“It’s Tomonaga Chako. You know, I don’t really like the surname ‘Tomonaga’ so I’d like you to call me by my given name, Chako, if possible.”
“Un, okay. Naba Yui. Erm, it’ll be nice if you can call me by my given name too…”
“Yui-chan, right. Sure. Sorry, I don’t know many people so my behaviour may be slightly strange.”
“Ah, me too.”
“You too, Yui-chan? Thank goodness, I was wondering what will I do if I’m the only one who can’t make friends.”

 When I giggle, Yui-chan also chuckles.

 As such, it doesn’t take much time for the two of us to get on cordial terms.

 Anyhow, I came to this school for the sake of becoming close friends with Yui-chan.
Both my surname and seat number were forcibly set so that I’ll be next to her after all.

 I pass the days with Yui-chan, being prim and proper classmates.
Yui-chan and I have decided to eat ice cream after school today.
The route to the ice cream shop is different from our usual one and we’ve to take a slight detour.
Therefore, we step into a vacant area in an attempt to take a shortcut but――

“It came.”
“It came again, huh.”

 Before my eyes is a phantom of about 2 metres tall.
There are thorn-like things protruding from its entire body and its arm is oddly huge, about the same size as its body.
When that phantom spots Yui-chan, with a face that has no eyes, it grins with its mouth alone and swings its huge arm.

“Be careful, Yui-chan!”

 Carrying Yui-chan who’s stupefied beside me, I jump backwards.
An angular grater-like arm digs through the ground of the position where Yui-chan and I were at.
 What I came to understand after becoming friends with Yui-chan, is that her encounter rate with phantoms are high.
Simply by dropping by vacant areas, things like this happen.

“Sorry, Chako!”
“No problem~, leave it to me~.”

 After lowering Yui-chan, I rapidly kick the ground.
The phantom with the grater-like arm swings that arm in my direction but I ignore that and continue forth.


 I thought it was due to the sheer mass of that arm, but it’s totally slow be it its up or downwards swinging motion.
Do you really think that’ll hit me?
I seriously feel like asking it, but I doubt there’ll be an opportunity to do so.
In a split-second, I step close to the phantom’s bosom and, stab, sink my right hand into its stomach.
Quickly pulling out, I jump backwards to avoid getting crushed by its huge arm.


 Dusky blood flows from its stomach as it makes a weird sound.
Then, it crumples to the ground and disintegrates.

“Are you okay, Chako?”
“Yeah, it’s a breeze. Gosh, its movements were too slow.”

 Even while I exchange banter, my breath comes close to becoming dishevelled due to my body that’s becoming tingling hot.

I want more.

“It’s definitely because Chako’s too strong.”

 Not knowing that I’m desperately trying to suppress my appetite, Yui-chan goes “Amazing, amazing”, giving me unadulterated praise.
Being praised by Yui-chan makes me happy and I let out a big smile.
And by forcing myself to smile, the feeling of『wanting more』that gushes up in my heart is able to be slightly suppressed.

“Of course. After all, I may have been born to protect Yui-chan.”
“Sheesh, Chako’s always pulling my leg.”

 Ahaha, the two of us laugh.


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  1. Here’s to hoping she steals the heroine from all for herself~ Skrew the targets, if one of them is such a dik, the others can’t be all that better~


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