Reiryuu Academy SC ※Episode2.2

Prince Charming isn’t the one doing the saving here.


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Reiryuu Gakuen Seitokai

Encounter Arc
※Episode2 – Dodgeball and Lucky Girl
[Part 2]

 At the same time, a heated discourse has already unfolded between Meru and Fuuga downstairs.

“I’m really fine, Rengetsu-kun. More importantly, don’t you have? Any matches?”
“Un, I don’t… ah!”
“It’s going to be Hayate-kun and Yuuri-kun’s match!”
“Really. Then please go cheer them on.”
“Let’s go, Meru-chan! They’re starting!”
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 Meru intends to send Fuuga off, but ends up being pulled along for some reason.

 As it is a match between those who are executives like him, Meru thought that Fuuga will observe the match unreservedly. However, she is brought to a inconspicuous corner of the gymnasium.

“Isn’t it hard to see from here?”

 Meru points out. As a spectating area had been created near the match venue of the Solidarity Dodgeball, one is able to watch the match more leisurely there. Where Meru and co. are at now is an area very far away. In other words, a position unfit for watching the match.
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“Un, that’s right but… if the fans find me and make a racket, Hayate-kun will kil… get mad at me.”

 She has the feeling the word he was about to say before reinstating himself is something extremely frightening. However, Meru ignores that. Including the match just now, it’s true that Fuuga’s fans do not settle down once they start making a racket. On top of that, they are noisy.

 As such, Meru begins watching the match with Fuuga inconspicuously.

 Along with the starting signal, the court changes into a battlefield. The rulers of the court are basically Hayate and Yuuri. In addition, the ball they throw will definitely hit someone.

“… Was dodgeball such a terrifying game?”
“Haha. Those two are special.”
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 Fuuga looks happily at the intense ball-throwing of his two good friends. Meru squints at the court that has quickly been reduced to only Yuuri and Hayate.

“Aidou-kun is athletic huh. He’s also surprisingly strong.”

 Meru says while looking at Yuuri. He has often been helping with her penalties recently, but he is pretty strong despite his petite frame. Be it this dodgeball or the physical fitness test, his athleticism is a cause for admiration.
 Next to the admiring Meru, Fuuga smiles wryly.

“If those two start fighting for real, this place will probably turn into a true battlefield.”

 Being told by Fuuga, Meru immediately looks up at him. It sounds as though he is saying that the two are still not serious.

“Although that’s pretty serious for Yuuri-kun, he can still go up another level. As a corresponding handicap, Hayate-kun has 1kg weights on each leg.”
“… With those?”
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 Meru does not know much regarding Yuuri’s situation. Nevertheless, as for Hayate, he carries himself nimbly enough that one will not think he has 1kg weights on each leg.

“This, there’s no end to this, is there?”
“Un. I think so too.”

 When Meru states her thoughts honestly while watching the match, Fuuga agrees with a wry smile.

“More importantly, Meru-chan.”
“Try tying a ponytail next time.”
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 Fuuga says while touching Meru’s pigtail. Meru turns her face, that was directed at match, towards Fuuga again. However, that face shows nothing but displeasure and discomfort.

“Don’t wanna. Besides, the length is cutting it close.”
“Eh. Please!”
“Aaa… understood. Someday…”
“Really!? Meru-chan’s cute so it’ll definitely suit you.”

 Meru’s expression turns troubled when Fuuga says such a thing without embarrassment, and with a carefree smile. She has no idea where she should start correcting, but for the time being, Meru has reached the conclusion that there’s something wrong with Fuuga’s eyes.

“You know what, Rengetsu-kun…”

 Meru is about to advise Fuuga about something, but suddenly pushes his chest forcibly.

“My apologies! Please dodge it!!”

 As Yuuri’s voice resounds throughout the gymnasium, Fuuga stumbles two, three steps backwards. With that, Meru advances and stands at the position Fuuga had stood at.


 Similar to several minutes back—, no, a far more intense sound of a colliding ball is heard.

 People begin talking in the surroundings. Perhaps Yuuri had begun to tire, for the ball he threw appeared to stray just a little from its path, passing through Hayate’s side in close proximity, and flew towards a girl without losing speed.
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 However, the ball Yuuri fired was received by a girl――Meru. Same as before, she received it around her chest area. Only, as expected, she caught it for merely an instant. The ball quickly falls to the ground with a plonk. From the others’ perspectives, Meru got lucky and repelled the ball… there is no other explanation.

“Ar-are you okay!? Meru-chan!”

 The ball had flown towards where he originally stood at. Fuuga’s anxiety is immeasurable. Moreover, the thrower was Yuuri.

“Meru-chan, this calls for the infirmary!”
“Nah, it only hit my hand. I’m fi…”
“That was Yuuri’s throw, you know!? Your hand must be broken since it got hit! Definitely!”

 Meru was hauled to the infirmary accompanied by such hysterical shouts from Fuuga.

 Thereafter, feeling concerned about Meru, Yuuri isn’t able to focus on the match and loses. The match quickly reaches its conclusion after that.


 The match has ended. Hayate, the winner, approaches Yuuri who is staring at the ball.

“I thought the only one who can catch my throws is Kamishiro-kun.”

 Yuuri says as though in soliloquy. Yuuri says as though in soliloquy. In actuality, even if Raira is excluded, not even the other Student Council executives like Shoutarou and Fuuga can catch Yuuri’s throws. Though saying that they don’t want to catch them may be more accurate.
“She made it look as though she repelled it, but she properly caught it. She did.”

 Hayate directs his gaze at the exit where she… and Fuuga left from, and smiles faintly.
 The ones who personally participated in the match understand very well. Although it was only an instant, Meru certainly caught Yuuri’s throw. Moreover, she captured the epicentre and held it steadily.
 Yet, the way the ball fell wasn’t unnatural. Meru dropped the ball as if she truly hit it by chance.

 However, he can’t help but feel that even that was done on purpose.

 Yuuri had quickly realised that the one standing there right before the ball flew was Fuuga and not Meru. Was it a coincidence that Meru reflexively pushed Fuuga?

 In other words, in accordance to the two’s thoughts, Meru shielded Fuuga and collided with Yuuri’s ‘demonic’ ball. It’s an action one won’t take unless one is wholly confident in catching Yuuri’s ‘demonic’ ball. However, at least for she, who is so average, such a thing is impossible.

“I wonder if we’re overthinking this.”
“It’s more reasonable that way.”

 Yuuri and Hayate demarcate the conversation in such a manner, and end the talk.

 Words like ‘by chance’ and ‘coincidence’ exist for times like this.

 Still, they understand deep down that such words are far removed from them.

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  1. Lollll. I’m both dying from laughter (for no reason), and so eager to learn more about Meru. The perils of not being able to read Japanese…

    Thanks for your hard work!

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  2. I guess she’s hiding her abilities with being average to not stand out.. I mean why else would she be so fixated with being average? I bet in reality she’s an OP or something.. but then Meru is so kawaii being dragged and being unable to reject people well..

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