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[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist Chapter 9

More Mashiro this chapter~

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 9

 The weather is good today too.
 The clear blue sky spreads out beyond the window.
 However, it seems sort of cold somehow.
 Even though it should be warm, temperature-wise.

 I think as I put on my shoes by the entranceway.
 I doubt he’ll be here today.
 『It seems I can finally have a pleasant trip to school. Should I take a detour?』I open the front door with such a thought on my mind.

“G’morning, Kii.”
“… You never learn, do you?”

 He’s too appalling; you wouldn’t think him a sane human.
 Perhaps I should hire an exorcist.
 Should I look for one in the yellow pages?
 Dear exorcist-san from my town, here’s work for you!
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 Good grief, is this guy a M?
 There’s no doubt he’s some sort of pervert.
 For him to be able to show up all fine and dandy despite how we parted ways yesterday, something in him is broken.

 Perhaps also because I talked to Mashiro who continues to have feelings for him despite knowing this ass is scum, his well-chiselled face looks 30% crappier than usual.

“I’d love to spend the whole day with you today.”
“‘Whole’? … It’s Wednesday today, you know?”

 I look at him while suppressing the surfacing goosebumps.
 Do you not have to go to the character whose favourability rating raises easily today?
 Can it be that it’s already MAXed so there’s no need to go?

“Didn’t you tell me yesterday? I thought I understood you, but that wasn’t the case. I want to get to know you. Can’t we start over? From our first meeting, when that feather was picked up…”
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 When that feather was picked up――.

 I was happy.
 That I was able to find the rumoured Feather of Destiny with this person.
 As though it was telling me that this person was my destined one.
 Now that I think of it, I might have fallen in love that very first instance I saw him.
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“That’s… obviously impossible!”

 Perhaps even the feelings of love I have are created by the『system』.
 I don’t even know what’s『real』anymore.
 Nah, such a thing doesn’t matter.
 Be it truth or lie, it won’t hurt as long as I don’t get involved.
 My chest doesn’t have to feel all prickly.

“Don’t bother with me!”

 I ran away.
 Enough is enough; don’t unsettle me anymore!
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 I head to school in a quick pace and as fatigue plague me both physically and mentally, the lesson for the first period ends.
 I thought about Mashiro the entire lesson.
 It’s splendid how deep her feelings are, to able to love him despite knowing he’s scum. Yet, that’s exactly why it’s sad.

 The Cheating Photograph Strategy won’t work on her.
 There’s a need for some other plan.
 Without her noticing, I want to somehow save her from the demonic hands of the scum.
 Unfortunately, I can’t think of a good plan.
 I couldn’t pay attention to the lesson at all.
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 Although there isn’t much time till the next lesson, my friends and I head to the corridor.
 When we chat while looking at the scenery outside the window…

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 I believe it can’t be helped that I let out a scream. It’s scary.
 From the flow of events yesterday and this morning, how is he able to appear as per usual!?
 Are your nerves connected normally!
 How do I get rid of you?
 Seriously, what the heck…

“Kii, senpai is calling you!”

 My friend hit my shoulder with what seems like excitement.
 Don’t worry, I can see him. Unfortunately.
 If he’s a ghost…it’d great if he’s a ghost bound to the school…
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 Gross-man, with his handsome features, is also popular with the general students.
 Even my friends applied pressure by telling me ‘Don’t make senpai wait!’.

“I’ll be heading to the restroom.”
“Eh? What about senpai!?”

 Leaving that guy and my friends behind, I escape to the toilet.
 The toilet is really the greatest ‘safe area’ where there’s no encounters to be had, huh.
 Aah, this really gives me a peace of mind.

 I kill time by looking in the mirror and tidying my hair.
 I wonder if the evil being that causes more harm than evil spirits has left?
 Popping only my head out from behind the wall, I stealthily take a peek.

“Why are you here, Aoi-senpai? Could it be, you have come to see me?”

 I hear someone’s voice nearby.
 I’ve heard it before. It’s Mashiro.
 In other words, it’s unfortunate but that guy is still here.
 Pulling my head back, I wait for him to leave.

“Eh? Ahー… yeah. I happen to be nearby, so I’m wondering how you’ve been, Mashiro.”
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 Oh? The reason he’s at the corridor with the 1st-years’ classrooms isn’t because he’s chasing me but because he’s here to see Mashiro?
 Then, what was that about trying to talk to me?
 Am I just an add-on?
 Regardless of whichever the case, for him to say such half-hearted words… he really is a scum.

“Thank you very much. Ah, senpai. What about tomorrow?”

 Speaking of tomorrow, it’s Thursday. The day Mashiro’s favourability rating can be easily raised.
 It probably became customary for them to spend time together on Thursday.
 … Just like how it had been for me on Fridays.
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“My bad, I suppose I’m still not too sure about tomorrow.”
“… I see.”

 It can’t possibly be because he doesn’t know if he’s going to chase me, right?
 If so, sorry but it’s totally no thank you. However, I also don’t approve of Mashiro spending time with this scum.
 Please open your eyes soon.

 The bell that signals the start of lesson rings, and the two part.
 It seems that scum has also returned to his own nest.
 Don’t come again, you hear me?
 Even though I’ve been wishing so…

“Kii, wait, don’t run!”
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 I was chased around for the subsequent break times too and finally started to sense the danger.
 Gross-man’s face appearing before my eyes when I wake up in the morning… KYAAAAH! The aforementioned seems so likely to happen that it’s frightening.
 The genre of ‘Destined Gakuen’[1] isn’t romance, but horror, right?

Haah. Aah, how annoying… hm?”

 Somehow giving gross-man the slip, I return to the classroom only to be surrounded by friends I’m on good terms with.
 Eh? What?

“Hey, Kii. That’s rude to Aoi-senpai. I don’t know whether you’re in the middle of a fight or not but aren’t you going to properly hear what he has to say!?
“That’s right. Do you know how envious everyone is? How disagreeable!”

 Although they aren’t truly enraged, their expressions seem unamused.
 Even the girls watching from a distance are giving out the same feeling.
 What on earth’s with this event…

“Ah, yeah… sorry.”

 『I’ll be friendly with him then』I don’t want to say that even if my mouth is ripped apart.
 In the end, I give a vague reply and manage to survive that episode but…
Please do not repost elsewhere!
 Dammit, making allies out of the girls…!
 The classroom is completely transformed into the opposing team’s turf.
 … It feels uncomfortable.

 To take away even the place I belong, I can’t forgive you more and more, Kagurazaka Aoi!
 Without any allies, I can only struggle on my own.
 Don’t lose, me!

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[1] Shortened version of the game’s title, ‘Hanazono Gakuen ~The Destined Encounter~’.

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