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[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist Chapter 10

Kii isn’t the only one who wants to escape… XD Plot-wise, nothing much new this chapter. However, we finally get to see Aoi’s POV next chapter!

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 10

 Towards I, who made a resolution to the degree of going against the entire student population, God-sama mercilessly presents trials after trials.

“Ah, jeez!!”
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 Persistent! So noisy, going ‘Kii’, ‘Kii’!
 Why is he so unrelenting, I wonder.
 How tenacious.
 This stickiness is at a level where it’ll shock even a natto yuru-chara[1].

『That girl is ignoring Kagurazaka-senpai again.』

 The girls’ chilly stares chase after me.
 I feel annoyed everytime I think about how the criticism towards me piles up while the favourability rating towards gross-man increases when more female students spot us as I fled.
 The world is unreasonable.
 I hasten my pace, wanting to give him the slip this time too.
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 As I move while looking for a place to hide, a hand stretches out from a classroom I pass by and pulls my arm.

“!? Let go! … Ah.”

 What’s going on!? I panicked, but the one who pulled me wasn’t gross-man but he, the supreme background character.
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“Ah, A… I mean, Ei-kun!”
“This way!”
Please don’t repost.
 I enter the classroom with my arm still being pulled. It’s the first-years’ classroom.
 Something is written on the blackboard.
 Apparently the committee Ei-kun is in had a meeting.
 Moreover, it seems to have ended not long ago and everyone else had left.
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“Thank you. But, why…?”
“I saw Kagurazaka-senpai looking for you just now, so I wondered if you were fleeing.”

 For a classmate whom I’m not on particularly close terms with to figure out the situation… it sure hurts my stomach.
 Still, he’s a great help.
 Somehow, looking at Ei-kun’s face makes me feel relieved.


 My thoughts were about to sink in the sea of defeat but having my hands suddenly grasped brought my consciousness back.
 My two hands were enveloped and held tightly.
 Eh? What’s happening?
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“All of us guys believe Kii-chan! We believe that Kii-chan will be the last fortress! The guys are all Kii-chan’s allies!
Please don’t repost.
 What is he talking about?
 I don’t quite get it, but he appears to have some kind of expectation.
 He’s staring at me with shining eyes.
 As for『all the guys being my allies』, while I’m grateful, it seems like it’ll provoke the girls’ enmity so I’d rather not.

“A-also… I promised not to steal a march but… I…!”

 Although I completely don’t understand what’s going on, Ei-kun’s growing increasingly passionate.
 The strength he put in his hands also continue to increase.
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“Um… my hands hurt.”
“Ah, sorry.”

 Ei-kun lets go in a panic.
 However, he gestures as though he’s going to hold my hands again.
 I wonder what’s up.
 I feel bad for doing this when he’s getting fired up, but I cannot remain all laidback here.

“Sorry, I’ll be going, okay. Thanks!”
“Ah, wait a moment, I still haven’t…!”
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 He seems to have something to say, but let’s leave it till next time.
 As I open the door and step forward… I slam into something in front. … It’s a person.


 I’ll likely be dead if it really is a horror game.
 My heart’s beating so rapidly it’s probably enough to kill me.
 I return to the classroom in a panic and hide behind Ei-kun.
 Erohim Essaim![2]

“You are…”
Please don’t repost.
 When I peek out as I hide behind the shield that is Ei-kun, I saw that he has a grim expression on.
 Rather than grim… it’s scary.
 It’s quite intense when such an expression is made with a well-chiselled face.
 Even Ei-kun faltered.
 Don’t lose, Ei-kun!

“Ki-kii-chan does not like it! Please do not chase her around!”

 The representative of all background characters, Ei-kun, throws in the towel with a single word from the gross-man.
 True, a protagonist is still a protagonist no matter how gross he is. A diamond on a dunghill is still a diamond.
 A background character cannot possibly contend.
 However, I believe in the latent power of a background character.
 They’re so powerful that these days, things like『background characters who are protagonists』exist.
 I, too, prefer background characters!

 Even now, Ei-kun appears like he’s going to run away.
 Holding his shirt firmly from the back, I prevent him from taking flight.
 No, I won’t let you escape!
 He seems to have noticed that I’m holding his shirt; my eyes meet with Ei-kun’s, who turns only his head backwards.
 I appeal with my eyes.

 『To me, you are the true ‘last fortress’! Save me!”』

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 Perhaps my feelings got through; Ei-kun’s face reddens and he preps himself, drawing close to that guy.

“I-I don’t want to! Kii-chan is relying on me!

 … He’s doing his best! What a nice person!
 Even though I’m biding my time now, intending to use you as bait so that I can make my escape!
 Ahh, my heart hurts somewhat!

“Such a plain… guy like the previous me…”
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 The scum’s muttering about something.
 He seems to be acting weird somehow.
 The furrow between his brows deepen and the glint in his eyes grows sharper.
 I can almost see a black aura.

“Ei-kun, sorry!”
Please don’t repost.
 I will not waste your valuable sacrifice!
 Seeing a good opportunity, I dash out and escape from the door on the opposite side.
 My feet did not stop although I saw the two’s shocked expressions.
 Ei-kun, it’s regrettable losing you…

 … Let’s apologise next time.
 I’ll get sweets and whatnot for you, okay…

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Translated at


[1] Yuru-chara: a type of Japanese mascot character. Natto: Sticky fermented soybeans. Type of food.
[2] Link. This chant appeared in Akuma-kun as a spell to summon demons, in Shigatsu Kimi no Uso by a character before her concours and even in Romantica Clock!

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