Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 4.2

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Villain
Chapter 04 – School Life and Rebirth [Part 2]

 Ever since the cultural festival ended, Kousuke-chan’s been distant towards me.
In exchange, he suddenly grew closer to Yui-chan. Unable to forcibly separate them, the days I spend brooding increased.

 Nope, I believe I worked hard to make Kousuke-chan like me.
However, everything came to an end that day during the cultural festival.

 Well, it’s not a complete surprise.
Because I proved that I’m stronger than Kousuke-chan.
Sure enough, even phantoms don’t like women stronger than them. That’s probably how it is.

 Therefore, I chose to give on Tomotaka-sama’s strategy:『Turning their eyes towards me so that they won’t be involved with the priestess』.
After all, no matter how you look at it, Kousuke-chan’s completely devoted to Yui-chan.
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 Even though Yui-chan’s the way she is, from what I’ve seen, she seems to be on two routes: Kousuke-chan’s and Tomotaka-sama’s.
I think the wooden planks collapse incident during the cultural festival was an event in Tomotaka-sama’s route.
I haven’t been in touch with Tomotaka-sama so I don’t know whether his feelings are serious or if he protected Yui-chan just to prevent her from getting involved with the phantoms.
Personally, I find it amusing if he’s serious.
I’ll laugh if that Tomotaka-sama and Yui-chan are madly in love.
I’ll point at them and laugh!

 It’s Valentine’s Day today.
Finally the day when Yui-chan chooses a partner.
Why’s the final day Valentine’s when this is a Japanese-style otome game? I’ve a heap of scepticism but, today, Yui-chan will confess to the person she has in mind and head towards one ending or another.
Translated at
 At night, on Valentine’s.
In an empty classroom without anyone.

 I wonder which of the two will Yui-chan choose?

 It’ll be good if it’s Tomotaka-sama.
That way, I don’t have to do a thing. I can congratulate Yui-chan.

 However, if she chooses Kousuke-chan…

 Thinking of what comes beyond that, I heave a sigh.
Standing alone on the sports ground, my body shivers from the cold involuntarily.
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 A silver moon hangs in the sky.

 Looking up at that, just as I’m about to release another breath, the sound of breaking glass resounds.
Subsequently, the voice I hear goes――


 It’s Yui-chan’s voice, shouting a name I didn’t want to hear.

“A~ah. Tomotaka-sama got dumped.”

 It may be the worst turn of events but I smile a little when I think of it like that.
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 Appearing on the grounds is an enormous fox.
Orange fur and amber eyes.
I’ve seen it once, but it’s now several times larger than before and there’s no sign of consciousness in those eyes.

“Alright! Let’s work hard.”

 Making a resolve all by myself, I construct the body of an enormous wolf.
Then, I swing my right leg down towards that rampaging, frenzied fox.

 Are you an idiot, Kousuke-chan?
Even if you become stronger using the Priestess of Ominous Clouds’ powers, it’s nothing but a calamity.
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 I fight with Kousuke-chan the same way I once fought him.
Of course, things don’t go as smoothly as they did the first time.
However, Kousuke-chan and I have been fighting in different arenas from the start.

 Kousuke-chan has a physical body.
I don’t have a physical body.

 Hence, it gets more advantageous for me as time passes.
I can heal my wounds immediately and reconstruct myself, but the wounds on Kousuke-chan steadily increase.
Please do not post elsewhere.
 After the confession on Valentine’s Day.
I think Yui-chan and Kousuke-chan kissed.
Yui-chan’s a poison to the phantoms.
The more they touch, the more power flows. In lieu of that exorbitant power, the ego crumbles.
Kousuke-chan should’ve known too.
Even then, he seeked for strength.
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『We can’t let the phantoms steal the Priestess of Ominous Clouds.』

 Tomotaka-sama’s definitely watching somewhere.
Whether I’m able to carry it out to the end.

『I don’t mind if you erase them.』

I understand.

“Kousuke-chan, it’s about time to end this.”

 The attack unleashed by my left leg hits Kousuke-chan’s right leg.
It’s probably broken.
Kousuke-chan slowly retreats while making sure not to put his weight on that leg.
Translated at
 Instantly closing the distance between Kousuke-chan and I, my teeth sink into that right leg.
Then, I charge in with that momentum and bend over Kousuke-chan.

 His neck is wide open.

 I release his leg from my mouth and chomp, bite into that neck.
Once again, Kousuke-chan’s taste spreads within my mouth.

“Bye bye.”
Translated at
 I murmur softly in the depths of my throat. Then, as things are, I put in all my strength.


 I hear Yui-chan’s scream coming from somewhere, but I continue to tear into Kousuke-chan’s neck.
As I watch Kousuke-chan’s body dissolve into the ground, I raise a howl due to the heat in my body.


 Kousuke-chan’s power and the Priestess of Ominous Clouds’ power enter me at the same time.

 Kousuke-chan’s really an idiot.

 Even I can’t withstand this.

 Just as I think that, I lose consciousness.
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Please do not post elsewhere.

 The period my consciousness was lost.
I don’t know what happened when I lost my ego.
But surely Yui-chan, the Priestess of Ominous Clouds, had done something about it.


 The distant voice that comes from somewhere, I can finally hear it by my ear.


 A soft voice came out.
Drip drip, tears fall from the charming eyes Yui-chan has.

“Yui-chan, this…”
Translated at
 I move my hand, trying to pass her something in my pocket.
However, my hand is less able than I expected. It’s strangely heavy. I glance at my body.

I had turned into the appearance I had when I first became a phantom.

 I had turned into a small wolf.

“Yui-chan, did a palm-sized white object drop nearby?”

 As I can’t move my body well, I get Yui-chan to look for it. A while later, Yui-chan returns in a hurry.

“Un, this…”

 Yui-chan gently lifts me.
It’s warm and comfortable.

“That’s, Kousuke-chan’s fang… a totem. There should be a teeny bit of spiritual energy left.”
“Un… Even if there’s just a bit left, if it’s Yui-chan… I think you can do something about it.”

 The period my ego was lost.
If it’s Yui-chan, she could’ve immediately erased me.
However, with her power, Yui-chan erased only the power that chased after my ego.
There’s barely any power left in me but it’s enough for me to, like this, talk for a while.

“You did it, Yui-chan… it’s the True End.”
Translated at
 It’s the ending that arrives when you’ve maxed favourability rating with the capture target and maxed friendship with the villainess Tomonaga Chako.
The phantom Kuo Kousuke went berserk and was defeated by Tomonaga Chako. Having ate him, Tomonaga Chako went berserk too.
Even though Tomonaga Chako killed Kuo Kousuke whom she[1] just exchanged a promise with, she still forgave her and used her power to try and save her. That’s the only way to get this ending.

 You can find out how to revive Kuo Kousuke from the disappearing Tomonaga Chako.

 Kuo Kousuke lost his powers. However, as long as you have the fang that serves as a totem, he can return to his former form with the Priestess of Ominous Clouds’ power.
By saving Tomonaga Chako and reviving Kuo Kousuke, most of the Priestess of Ominous Clouds’ power will be lost and she’ll become a normal person.
With this, there won’t be anyone who wants to separate Kuo Kousuke and the heroine. The two of them can be together.
Translated at
 This is the True End of Kuo Kousuke, the only one I’ve captured.

“Ah, Yui-chan… I, don’t have, something like… a totem, okay?”

 I won’t revive.
Revive Kousuke-chan properly, got it?

 Yui-chan seems to be saying something but I can’t hear much anymore.

I wish I had punched Tomotaka-sama at least once…

 Dragging me to be the villain and allowing Yui-chan to blissfully lose the Priestess of Ominous Clouds’ powers.
Every single thing went according to that guy’s wishes.

 So annoying…

 I’m losing consciousness.

 With this, my role has ended.
I couldn’t tell in the game but Chako-san had a hard time too, huh.
 I wonder if phantoms can reincarnate…

 If I’m going to be reincarnated,

 I really don’t want to be a villain anymore.

Translated at

[1] Yui/the player/the heroine.

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