Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 5.1

Funny how things can look so different from another perspective. It’s going to be Yui’s POV for quite some time. 


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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 05 – The Good-for-Nothing Fox [Part 1]

 A large, light brown wolf bites the neck of an orange fox with 9 tails.
Not knowing what’s happening, I stand at the edge of the sports grounds and raise my voice.


 That orange fox is probably the phantom form of my classmate, Kousuke-kun.
The figure that had been rampaging a moment ago is suppressed by a brown wolf and is driven to the brink of death.

Wasn’t I trying to save Kousuke-kun?
Translated at
 Kousuke-kun wished to be strong.
He continued to shut it all in, and seemed as if he would break anytime.
That was why I thought it would be great if my power could help.
I wanted to save Kousuke-kun, who looked so pained as he found himself detestable. So, why?

 Kousuke-kun went berserk after receiving my power.

 As though knowing that that would happen, the light brown wolf appears from somewhere and assaults the rampaging, orange fox.
It eventually subdues Kousuke-kun.

 The brown wolf tears into the neck of the orange fox with no hesitation, not even responding to my voice.
As the orange fox’s neck was torn open, he can’t even raise a death howl and shortly dissolves into the ground.


 As if in replacement for the orange fox, the brown wolf raises a loud howl.
Bloodthirst wells up from its entire body and drool falls from its mouth with a plop plop.
Shocked, I’m stupefied by that fiendish figure.
Translated at
 What’s that?
The brown wolf?

 In the beginning, that wolf and Kousuke-kun were an even match, or Kousuke-kun appeared to have the upper hand. Still, the more time passed, the more disadvantaged Kousuke-kun became.
The fight ended not long after and that wolf ate Kousuke-kun.

 And now, that wolf is going berserk.

 Even though those golden eyes definitely held a light of reason in them, I can’t see that now.
It’s gone berserk and is charging directly towards the school building.

Is it my fault?
Translated at
 I don’t really know what exactly my own power is.
There were many occasions where I came across phantoms in my life so far, but things always settled somehow.
After entering high school, my friend, the phantom Chako, has always protected me.

 Therefore, I’ve been able to live my life without thinking about my own power.
I thought I was a normal girl who attracted phantoms.

 But, this?

 It’s not normal no matter how you look at it.
They should have egos like Chako and Kousuke-kun even if they’re phantoms.
The one who stole that was… me?

 The wolf persistently attacks the 2nd storey of the school building, but a silhouette descends to the grounds from that window.
I firmly strained my eyes at that silhouette.
Illuminated by the moonlight, brown hair shines.
When the hair that’s slightly long for a guy is put together with that androgynous and beautiful face, his charm increases further.
At this moment, that beautiful face is warped in delight as he defends against that wolf’s attacks.

Translated at
 Surprised, that name escapes from my mouth.
Why are you here?

 It’s Tomotaka-senpai, an onmyouji and the student council president of this school.
As the student council’s secretary, we’ve conversed numerous times and I’ve also admired his princely figure.
That senpai is currently looking at the wolf with a manic smile I’ve never seen before.
With golden eyes that are still dim, the wolf strikes at Tomotaka-senpai with its brutal claws.

 … That’s.
Those claws are.

 I finally realise.
That fighting style, that shape. And this déjà vu.

 Always there to protect me.
Those claws have saved me countless times.

Translated at
 I shout as loud as I can so that the wolf can hear me.

You’re Chako, right?

 As he fends off the wolf’s attacks with talismans, Tomotaka-senpai mutters something.
In spite of that, the persistent strikes give him no opportunity to release it.

 However, for a split second.
The wolf’s movements stop at my shout.

 Not allowing the opportunity to escape, he releases the power he’s been storing so far.
Some black chain-like things coil around the wolf and squeeze her body to the limit.
The wolf claws at her head in pain.


 Unable to believe the scene before me, my eyes simply widen in shock.
The enormous body falls onto the ground, squirms and struggles.
Although Tomotaka-senpai has been looking down at the wolf with a manic smile, he suddenly looks in my direction.


 Chills run down my spine the moment I see those eyes.

 Chako will be erased.

 The thought that surfaces in my head is a hair-raising one.
I unconsciously scream.

“Please stop!”

 Perhaps my voice reached him; Tomotaka-senpai laughs in an amused manner.
I frantically move my stiff legs and step between Chako and Tomotaka-senpai.
I push Tomotaka-senpai’s chest.
Translated at
“Don’t erase Chako!”
“You really are amusing.”

 He directs a tender, sparkly prince-like smile at me.
Under the silver full moon, his deep blue eyes look at me.

 … I had thought that this smile was wonderful.
My heartbeat had raised whenever this smile was directed at me.

 Even then, it’s different.
There’s something off about this person.

 He had a manic smile when he received the attacks of this wolf.
He laughed as though he really was having fun.

 This, this wolf is Chako, right?
Why was he laughing so happily when he’s hurting Chako?

 Kousuke-kun and I were greatly mistaken.

Translated at
Please do not post elsewhere.

 It was clear to the eyes that Kousuke-kun was depressed after the cultural festival.
When I asked him, he replied that he “lost to Chako”.
He then added: “Chako probably likes Tomotaka-senpai”.
Translated at
 I was surprised.
I was surprised that they fought, but more than that, I was surprised that Chako liked Tomotaka-senpai.

 When Kousuke-kun and I were alone, Chako often came between us. There were also times she said things to fawn over Kousuke-kun.
That was why I completely thought that Chako liked Kousuke-kun.

 Chako laughed so happily when she was joking around with Kousuke-kun.
Despite having such a pretty face, she laughed “Hehehe” brightly.

 … It was painful to look at.
One day, we won’t remain as three.
Chako and Kousuke-kun will date and I won’t be needed anymore.
Translated at
 Afraid of that day coming, I thought that it was fine for time to pass like this.
That it’d be great if the days we remained as three continue forever.

 And yet, Chako likes Tomotaka-senpai?

 I didn’t want to believe Kousuke-kun’s words so I thought about what happened so far.
Chako’s feelings.
Chako’s actions.

 Thus, I thought about it. Yes, Chako and Kousuke-kun had never gone anywhere alone.
If Kousuke-kun and I were conversing, she’d join in with a “What’s up, what’s up~?”, laughing brightly.
Yet she never assertively spoke or invited Kousuke-kun out when he was alone.

 So Chako doesn’t like Kousuke-kun.
Translated at
 I felt extremely relieved when my thoughts reached that point.
Chako might have been the same as me.
She just didn’t want to be left out by Kousuke-kun and I.

 With that, I was convinced of everything. I started observing Chako.
After which, I understood.

 That Chako liked Tomotaka-senpai.

 I didn’t know what was the point of contact between the two but Chako’s eyes chased after Tomotaka-senpai.
Unlike when I talked to Kousuke-kun, she quietly left when I talked to Tomotaka-senpai.
It was surely because she didn’t want to see me talking to Tomotaka-senpai, was what I thought.
Chako was kind so she wasn’t able to tell me that. Yet she couldn’t remain on the spot either. So she endured the sadness alone, I thought.
Translated at
 Thus, I avoided Tomotaka-senpai as much as possible.
I didn’t know whether the love between an onmyouji and a phantom would go well, but I didn’t want to see Chako being sad.
After that, I talked a lot with Kousuke-kun, who’d been shutting everything in.

 I believed that Kousuke-kun had something like a faint love towards Chako.
Naturally. There were probably no guys who wouldn’t fall in love when she laughed brightly with such a pretty face.

 However, Kousuke-kun stopped approaching Chako ever since the cultural festival.
While it was partly because he knew that Chako liked Tomotaka-senpai, I believe that, more importantly, it was because losing to Chako had taken its toll on him.

 The reason being that Kousuke-kun had a huge complex about his strength.
Translated at
 Kousuke-kun had an older brother. He was the homeroom teacher of Year 1 Class 2, Kuo Teppei.
Kuo-sensei was said to be the strongest phantom in this world.
Being in this school, I heard of it several times as well.
Kousuke-kun’s expression turned pained when he found out afterwards and he commented: ”He’s not like me”.

 The good-for-nothing fox.

 Again and again, Kousuke-kun continuously repeated to himself.
Honestly, there should’ve been something he wanted to say to Chako.
It was why he looked pained every time he saw Chako in class.

 Despite that, he couldn’t say it.
The good-for-nothing fox had nothing to tell Chako, who was stronger than him.
Translated at
 I wanted to give Kousuke-kun confidence.
I wanted to see that mischievous-looking face being wreathed in smiles.
Then, I wanted to bring back those fun days the three of us spent together. However.

Translated at
Please do not post elsewhere.
 Hey, Kousuke-kun.
The two of us are really idiots.

 What, Chako likes Tomotaka-senpai?

 But Chako is suffering so much.
The one causing her to suffer is Tomotaka-senpai.
Yet, he’s laughing so happily.

 That’s not love.
There’s no way it is.

Translated at

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  1. “Alright nigga that’s fucking fucked up, I’m restarting the whole world because fuck you. I ain’t gonna let you dis ma gurl and ma b like this.” (Yui)
    Smashing the reset button

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  2. No, no, not the two of you, it’s the three of you who are idiots..sob Why did they not talk damnit, even a girl’s talk was fine…. Thanks for the chapter, nakimushi! hehe

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      1. Yess, honestly I like all of the works you translated, but I’m on the side which doesn’t commented much but really thank you for bringing all these good novels!
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  3. Thanks for the update!
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    1. I can’t remember if there’s any in the main story, but I know for sure one of the side stories has his POV.

      EDIT: Sorry, somehow I missed your second question. Chapter 9 of the Anecdotes (side stories).


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