Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 5.2

When the villain tries to give the heroine a happy ending and when the heroine tries to give the villain a happy future. Btw, the synopsis should make a lot more sense after reading this chapter.


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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 05 – The Good-for-Nothing Fox [Part 2]

 Chako groans in pain.
Be it that large body or those sharp fangs that can be seen from that fiendish mouth, they’re completely unlike Chako.
It’s scary.
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 Nonetheless, I approach the squirming Chako.

“Chako, Chako! I’m coming to save you!”

 Chako doesn’t seem to hear me. She’s scratching her head with her front leg.
I may die with a single hit from that leg but I slowly approach Chako.


 For an instant, those golden eyes look at me.
After which, even though I was almost hit by her front leg, her movements come to a halt.

Sure enough, Chako is Chako.
Always there to protect me.
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 I gently place my hand on that huge head.
Next, I wish desperately.

 Please return Chako to her original form.

 I’m the『Priestess of Ominious Clouds』. Apparently, I possess power that normal people don’t have.
If it’s this power that drove Kousuke-kun and Chako mad, it may be able to save Chako too.

 With this belief, I wish desperately.
That must be why the power saves Chako.

 The enormous wolf-like form slowly dissolves.
The dissolved form whirls in the wind and diffuses into the atmosphere.
Finally, a small medium-sized dog-like body is all that remains.

 I hold the small body within my arms.
My tears fall on the light brown and white fur.
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How did things come to this?

 This small body is probably Chako.
The Chako I know has black hair and deep blue eyes.
She’s a girl with a very well-chiselled face.
She has an extremely pretty face that tends to give a cold impression. However, the moment she laughs, that coldness disappears and I immediately come to like it.
Moreover, Chako’s very strong. She’s always there to save me.
Humans and phantoms are different species but Chako and I are best friends.
That best friend is, currently, disappearing within my arms.

 I don’t want.
I don’t want this, Chako.
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 Her golden eyes slowly open when I hug her tightly.
I know that Tomotaka-senpai is behind me but it seems that Chako can no longer see much. Her eyes are fixed on me.

“Yui-chan, did a palm-sized white object drop nearby?”

 It’s not the voice I know.
It’s an alto voice like that of a boy’s.

 Chako’s a phantom so I suppose there’s a difference between her human form and her original form.
It may not be the pretty voice I know of, but my heart warms when it calls out『Yui-chan』.

 No matter the appearance, Chako is Chako.
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 I don’t want to leave Chako’s side right now. However, whatever she tells me in these circumstances are likely important.
I gently lay Chako on the floor and look around, searching for it.
Thereupon, I see a white, shining object in the center of the sports grounds.
I collect it in a hurry and return to Chako.

“Un, this…”

 I kneel by Chako’s side and lift her up.
Her soft voice unsettles my heart. In order to stop that, I adjust my grip and hug Chako tighter.

“That’s, Kousuke-chan’s fang… a totem. There should be a teeny bit of spiritual energy left.”
“Un… Even if there’s just a bit left, if it’s Yui-chan… I think you can do something about it.”

 Even as she falters, the soft voice speaks with the utmost effort.
This white solid I’m holding is Kousuke-kun’s totem.
I thought that Chako ate Kousuke-kun, but he can revived if I wish so?

“You did it, Yui-chan… it’s the True End.”

 Chako issues her words with a tone as though she’s chuckling.
Translated at
 I don’t get it.
I totally don’t get what Chako is saying!

 Chako seems slightly happy to be disappearing.
I totally don’t understand Chako’s feelings, but I do understand that her body is losing strength by the second.

“Ah, Yui-chan… I, don’t have, something like… a totem, okay?”

 Chako says weakly.
She’s currently in the form of a small wolf, but from her tone, I feel that she’s laughing with that bright face she always has.

 Chako’s always there to protect me.
I love her look when she laughs “Hehehe” brightly, despite having such a pretty face.

How did things come to this?
Translated at
 I understand that Chako’s power has scattered.
I desperately concentrate in an attempt to gather them, even if it’s just a little.
However, I’m unable to latch down Chako’s power.

“Is Chako going to disappear?”

 Tomotaka-senpai, who’ve been calmly watching from behind, kneels beside me.
He slowly places his hand on Chako’s head.
Despite that, her eyes can no longer open. Tomotaka-senpai quietly brings his face closer to Chako.

“Your duty has been accomplished.”

 Tomotaka-senpai softly murmurs into Chako’s brown upright ears.
Chako then weakly moves her right foot and lightly hits Tomotaka-senpai’s cheek.
Subsequently, her body dissolves into the air.

“Chako! CHAKO!!”

 The body that was certainly there a moment ago is now gone.
I desperately shout into the empty space but that figure can no longer be found.

 Tomotaka-senpai immediately stands up and directly leaves.
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“Wait, please wait!”
“What’s the matter?”
“M-may I ask what happened between you and Chako?”
“I believe it’s none of your business.”

 Besides, she already disappeared so it doesn’t matter, does it? He says in a disinterested manner.

“Tomotaka-senpai, you are sad that Chako disappeared, aren’t you?”
“Me? There’s no way I’ll be sad over the disappearance of a mere phantom.”

 But, are you not crying?

 There aren’t any particular emotion in Tomotaka-senpai’s expression.
Still, the tears.
The tears unceasingly flow from his eyes.
Translated at
 Nonetheless, with no concern for that, Tomotaka-senpai directs his eyes at the white solid in my hands.

“With that, you can revive your lover, that phantom. The troublesome power will also disappear that way.”

 Leaving just those words, Tomotaka-senpai takes his leave.
Left behind, I remain on my knees for a moment as I ponder.

 That’s right.
Chako told me.

 Kousuke-kun can be revived with my power.
Kousuke-kun will probably be sad that Chako is gone, but it’ll be fine if I support him.
Translated at
 But what about Chako?
Chako will no longer return.

My wish is――

 To always spend my days laughing with Chako.

 It’s no good with Kousuke-kun alone.
That’s not the future I desire.

 Let’s bring Chako back.

 Without fail.

 I shut my eyes tightly and wish.

 I have a power.
I don’t know what this power is.
Nonetheless, the power that drove Kousuke-kun and Chako mad should be in my body.

I can do it.

 Let’s return to that day.
To that morning I met Chako.
Please do not post elsewhere.

『The Good-for-Nothing Fox』Kuo Kousuke       True End achieved.
『The Outstanding Onmyouji』route has been unlocked.


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15 thoughts on “Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 5.2

    1. do you even have to ask? she has the power of game protagonist.
      after completing one route protagonist starts over to follow different path. in this case she will most likely go after tomotaka to learn about his relationship with chako; that why we saw those 2 lines at the end


  1. That Tomo guy is a horrible person. Don’t misread his appearance like he misses someone he has been abusing for years as any kind of good type of “love”.

    Could he have loved Chako? Maybe, but it is more like loving a favourite tool or a short lived pet. He wouldn’t miss it that terribly.


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