Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 6.1

I was going to release this chapter in full but I’m still working on the second part (and it’s gonna take a while). A reader asked about the update so I thought I should just upload this first.

Will Yui succeed?


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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 06 – The Outstanding Onmyouji [Part 1]

 My eyes open.

 In a room of about 8 tatami.
The ceiling and walls are white. At the end of the bed are large sliding windows that connects to a veranda.
My tears flow as I lie on the bed.

 It’s my room.

 When it’s decided that I’ll enroll in Private Evenfall Academy, I left my parents’ house and started living alone.
As a girl living alone, I made sure to install an electronic lock. There’s also an overseer on the ground floor.

 After wiping the tears with the backs of my two hands, I touch the smartphone by my pillow and confirm the date.

 I’ve returned.

 The smartphone indicates the morning of the enrolment ceremony.

 Thank goodness.
I was able to return.

 At that, my chest feels stifled and tears are on the verge of falling again.
I take slow, deep breaths, trying my best to restrain them.

 It’ll be fine.
I can do it.

 I won’t repeat the same blunder I made the first time.
I’ll definitely build up to Chako’s future.

 Let’s try to get closer to Tomotaka-senpai this time.
Because Tomotaka-senpai’s definitely related to Chako.

 I don’t know if this is correct.
However, for the sake of my heart’s desire, I’ll show you that I can change it all.
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 I head for the enrollment ceremony with mum and dad after changing into the school uniform.
I was pretty nervous the first time too, but I may be even more nervous today.

 With my heart thumping, I look at the notice board announcing the classes.
The names I search for are there, just like the first time.

『Tomonaga Chako』
『Naba Yui』

 Merely looking at that name causes my heart to squeeze in pain.
Suppressing the palpitations of my heart, I enter the familiar classroom through the back door.
Directing my eyes at my own seat, I notice that someone is already seated at the seat in front of it.
She appears to be deep in thought, facing straight towards the front as she rests her chin on her palms.

 The long, black hair that reaches her shoulder bones flows smoothly every time she shifts her head.

 It’s Chako.
Chako’s here.

 The body that disappeared due to my actions is there.

 Chako, I’m sorry.
This time, I’ll surely, surely save you.

 The happiness of having Chako here and the regret at the extent of my stupidity whirl in my heart, filling it up.

 It’ll be strange if I start crying here.
Yet I’m unable to stop the tears that overflow drop by drop.

 With but a single foot in the classroom, I stop moving.
I discreetly wipe the tears with my left arm so that Chako won’t find out.
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 After that, we exchanged greetings during the enrolment ceremony, the same way we did the first time.
Chako laughs with the bright expression I like so much.
We quickly become friends.

 I returned in order to get Chako back after all.

 Naturally, Kousuke-kun’s in this class too. Together, the three of us talked tons again.
Such ordinary days truly make me happy.

 There’s things I must accomplish such that these days won’t be lost.

 Like the first time, I joined the Student Council and became the secretary.
So that I can get close to Tomotaka-senpai.
In order to discover the relationship between Tomotaka-senpai and Chako, I must spend a lot more time with Tomotaka-senpai compared to the first round.
I had the urge to immediately ask Tomotaka-senpai about his relationship with Chako when I met him again. Nonetheless, I restrained myself.
Because words from the first round surfaced in my mind.

『I believe it’s none of your business.』

 Tomotaka-senpai will surely not tell the current me.
There’s the possibility he’ll raise his guard instead and maintain a distance.

 I act with prudence.
Even if I indirectly talk about Chako with Tomotaka-senpai, I never directly ask about his relationship with her.

 It’ll be fine. It’s fine to learn about Tomotaka-senpai’s heart slowly.
This way, I should be able to learn about Chako as well.
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 Suppressing my feelings of wanting to do something about it immediately, I spend my time with Tomotaka-senpai.
In the midst of such days, the Student cCouncil ends its preparations for the inter-class matches.
On the day of the inter-class matches, just like the first time, Chako and Kousuke-kun joke around as they tease me.
As for the results, they’re pretty much the same as the first time.
My relay race became dark history again… I really wanted to change that.

 And, today, we’re examining the report for the inter-class matches, as well as holding a reflection session for each executive.

“Surely there’s also games that only human males can enter?”

 A second-year inter-class match executive opens his mouth.
Tomotaka-senpai goes: “Good point,” a princely smile emerging on his face.

“As expected, it’s impossible to compete when phantoms are mixed in.”
“Yes. In that aspect, the girls had their relay so I do not think there is a problem but…”
“That looked cute only because it was the girls, right? No one’s interested in looking at slowpoke guys running in relays.”

 A third-year inter-class match executive enters the conversation too.
The other executives go “That’s true” in agreement.

 They may have a point.
Cheers get heated up and hearts pound because the speedy guys running in relays look cool.

“Um, well then, how about allowing only phantoms in the boys’ relay?”
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 I voice out a sudden thought.
Officially, I’m the secretary. Or so I am but instead of doing things like writing minutes, my role as a member of the Student Council is to act as an aide to whichever executive is busy at the moment.
As such, there’s no issue with me proposing things. Thus I said what I thought of.

“That’s, a good idea!”

 The third-year inter-class match executive’s eyes shine at my words.
As a phantom, he’s extremely interested in a relay race with only phantom participants.

“It’ll end fast if it’s just running, so how about attaching tyres and such for the race?”
“We can also substitute the batons with dumbbells?”
“What do you think of including something like a borrowing race?”

 The other people who’d been listening in also show their support, giving various suggestions.
After which, they begin to discuss exactly how rigorous the phantoms-only relay should be.
There were some seemingly painful suggestions but phantoms may be able to tide it over somehow.
I write that proposal on the blackboard, bullet pointing it.
They are so fired up that you’d find yourself questioning whether a reflection session for inter-class matches is something to get this fired up over.
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 Hence, instead of devising matches for human males, matches for phantoms are devised while the percentage of phantom participants in the other matches are reduced. Thereby achieving balance.
Although with this, there’ll be issues with the number of players for the soccer that has been carried out thus far, “Why not just make it futsal?”, it was settled pretty carelessly.

 Tomotaka-senpai looks on at the fervent reflection session with a sparkly smile.
He doesn’t specially voice his thoughts, merely warning everyone when school’s about to close and implicitly wrapping up the suggestions.

 What is Tomotaka-senpai thinking, beneath that smile?

 It’s kind of strange.
Because even though it’s the same sparkly smile, even though it shows happiness at times and worry at others, I’m unable to feel anything from it this time.

 In the end, it was before 6pm that the reflection session comes to an end.
The other executives have left and Tomotaka-senpai and I are clearing up right now.
The wind that enters from the window is damp and feels lukewarm.

“Looks like it will be somewhat troubling next year, huh?”

 I laugh as I recall the fervent reflection session.
A phantoms-only relay.
It seems somewhat exciting.
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 However, in opposition to my tone, a composed voice rings out.

“It does. But the executives will change next year, you see. I think we need manpower to carry out new activities.”

 At his words, the head of I, who had grown enthusiastic, cools down a little too.

 I see.
We get so fired up today, reflect on this year and decide on what to do next year. Yet, the executives making decisions may not be here the following year.

 Today, the executives taking the initiative to decide this and that were the third-years.
They’re unlikely to be executives next year.
Moreover, even the 2nd and 1st-year executives won’t be executives once they move up a school year.
It’s not certain that they’ll be willing to continue.
Translated at
 As such, the new executives will be unaware of this fervent reflection session…
That way, the new matches that they’ve to establish themselves will just be bothersome.
Losing the drive to do something new, they may decide to follow the yearly custom.
Doing things in accordance to convention is easy after all.

“It’s a pity. The friends in my class would’ve been delighted after all.”

 Kousuke-kun’ll probably be delighted to hear that there’ll be a phantoms-only relay next year.
Chako, too, may also whine: “I want to join tooo!”

 Letting out a soft sigh, I begin to shut the windows of the classroom.
Tomotaka-senpai’s been tidying the documents on the table but he suddenly looks in my direction.

“Are the ‘friends’ in your class the ones you often mention?”
“Yes, Kousuke-kun and Chako.”
“Both of them are phantoms, aren’t they. Will you cheer for those phantoms if they participate in the match?”
“I will! I’ll cheer them on heaps.”
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 ’Cos, Kousuke-kun’s relay will no doubt be cool.

 As I clench my fist, thinking about that day, Tomotaka-senpai stares curiously at me.

“You really are interesting, aren’t you.”
“Am I?”
“Aa, because I don’t understand what’s so interesting about a phantoms-only relay.”

 Tomotaka-senpai’s voice raises as he laughs: “Haha”.
It’s not the usual princely smile.
It’s a momentary, warped smile.

 I’ve seen this expression before.
It’s the expression he had when he laughed as he fought Chako.

“… Does Tomotaka-senpai hate phantoms?”
“Hate? Nope. I don’t think anything about them in particular.”

 His slightly long, brown hair sways smoothly in the wind.
His deep blue eyes shine brilliantly due to the diagonal rays of the setting sun.

“After all, those aren’t humans right?”[1]

 Tomotaka-senpai laughs gently.
It’s so picturesque that I reflexively swallow my breath.
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