Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 6.2

Kousuke-kun sure worked hard… Also, I love how the author doesn’t go smacking us with walls of texts for world building but instead sneaks them bit by bit throughout the story. Corresponding alternate POV/side story (Kousuke, anecdotes c1).


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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 06 – The Outstanding Onmyouji [Part 2]

 I’ve come to understand Tomotaka-senpai, just a little.

 It seems that Tomotaka-senpai thinks of phantoms as something different from humans.
And it isn’t like how one finds dogs and cats cute and holds regard for their lives.
I sensed that he thinks of them as insignificant beings like ants or water fleas.

“Hey, Naba. Does Chako have any plans for summer break?”
Translated at
 During a lunchtime when the summer break is around the corner.
Kousuke-kun approaches Chako and I who were having lunch.
With some unknown tickets in his hand.

“Plans? Nah, there isn’t anything in particular.”

 ”I’m thinking of playing a lot with Yui-chan though,” Chako answers.
That appears to be good news to Kousuke-kun, for his face becomes wreathed in smiles.

“Let’s go to the pool then.”
“Yep. I got free tickets.”
“Eh really? Show me, show me!”

 Apparently the tickets in Kousuke-kun’s hand are free tickets for the pool.
When I pass the color-printed ticket to Chako, she goes: “Hmm hmm”, looking at it with great interest.
Please do not repost elsewhere.
“Hey hey, Yui-chan! It’s amazing! It says they’ve 8 water slides!”
“That’s right, isn’t it amazing? Moreover, the usual entrance fee is 2000 yen but it’ll be free with this. It even comes with a 1-day water slide ticket.”
“Woah! Doesn’t that mean we can ride all we want? I’m going, I’m going! You’re going right, Yui-chan?”
“You’re going right, Naba?”

 In the blink of an eye, Chako’s excitement heightens as she brims with the desire to go.
And even while Kousuke-kun laughs in an extremely good mood at the sight of such a Chako, he shoots me glances.

 … I know.
I know, Kousuke-kun.
『Chako will come if Naba comes, so I beg you』right.
I’m the bait to reel Chako in.

“Sorry. I’m not going.”

 It’s a pity but the bait will be retreating.

 When I smile a little as I speak so that the atmosphere won’t turn bad, Kousuke-kun’s eyes widen in shock.
On the other hand, Chako goes “Ehh…”, her excitement visibly dying down.
Almost as though you can see dog ears and a tail that shouldn’t be there.
The ears are probably drooping as the tail hangs dolefully.
Translated at
 Seeing such a doleful Chako, I come close to saying “I’m going after all!”, but I must endure now, endure.

“You know what, Chako. I don’t have good memories of the pool.”
“I see…”
“Yeah, apparently it’s common for phantoms to appear at waterfronts and I don’t want to be a bother to the other visitors… Sorry, Chako.”

 Feeling sorry towards Chako as she gets visibly crestfallen, I apologize to her.
Looking at our actions,『Crap, the bait’s not coming. What should I do?』is written on Kousuke-kun’s face.
… Have a go at it yourself.

“Then, if Yui-chan’s not going, I’m not going either.”

 Just as Kousuke-kun expected, Chako begins saying she no longer wants to go.

 I suppose the right thing for a friend to do here is to say『Go ahead, don’t mind me.』
However, I don’t feel like backing up Kousuke-kun so I simply stop at giving a troubled smile.

 This is retribution for treating a person as bait.

 I can tell Kousuke-kun’s getting anxious at the unforeseen development even though things were going great at first.
Nonetheless, it appears he’s no intention to give up; he’s grasping at straws for a plan to break the deadlock.

“… Chako. Think about it clearly.”
“Eh, about what?”
“It’s rare for phantoms to go to the pool y’know.”
“Ah, yeah.”
“If you let this slip, you may never have a chance again y’know.”
“A place that costs 2000 yen to enter is now free. Moreover, you can ride the water slides all you want. On top of that, I’ll treat you for lunch. How is it? I bet you won’t get a chance like this again.”
“… Yeah.”

 Chako’s clearly trembling.
Translated at
“Chako, you don’t have much money right?”
“… Yeah.”

 Chako smiles in a troubled manner.

“Eh? Really?”
“Yeah, I’m a phantom after all?”

 I look at Chako in surprise.
After which Chako’s eyes swim around like she’s trying to gloss things over.

 I see.
Come to think of it, that’s true.
It’s probably difficult for phantoms to earn money in the human world.

“How have you been tiding over so far?”
“Um you see, the director gave a bursary when I entered this school. I’m still receiving it every month.”

 “He sure is meritorious, isn’t he? The esteemed director-sama, you know?” she says, laughing nonchalantly.

“What about Kousuke-kun?”
“Ah, I’m a phantom with parents so things are okay somehow. It should be the same as you, Naba.”
“I see.”
“Chako’s probably a phantom without parents.”
Translated at
 ”Right?” Kousuke-kun looks at Chako, to which she replies “Yeah.”

“Somehow, there are different types even among phantoms, huh.”
“Well yeah, there’s two varieties: the ones born from parents and the ones abruptly born from nature like Chako. I think those like Chako have it hard.”
“Nah, receiving good bursaries that I don’t have to return and being allowed to attend this school, I really am enjoying my days.”

 Chako laughs “Hehehe” brightly.
Somehow, my chest hurts at that.

 I didn’t know, Chako.
So it seems there are so many things I still have yet to know about Chako.

“You don’t want to spend too much money, right? With this ticket, you can play all you want without spending any money.”

 Bearing an evil smile, Kousuke-kun softly mutters to Chako.
Hearing that, Chako goes: “Oh, this is the devil’s voice!” in agony.
I look at these two with a troubled-looking smile… or so I should have, but.

“… Go to the pool, Chako.”
Translated at
 Before I knew it, the words came out of my mouth.
Even though I didn’t plan to back Kousuke-kun up.

“Slide all you want on the water slides and get Kousuke-kun to treat you heaps.”
“… Okay. I got it. Let’s go to the pool, Kousuke-kun.”

 I say with a gentle smile. Chako looks down for a while before nodding.
Seeing that, Kousuke-kun does a small fist pump in Chako’s blind spot.

“Let’s decide stuff like the schedule next time, ya.”
“Yeah. Ah, it’s a pity Yui-chan’s not coming but I’m really looking forward to the water slides!”

 Chako smiles cheerily.
On the other hand, Kousuke-kun has a sublime smile on his face.

 … I know right, the swimwear-appearance of a girl you like.
Moreover, you get to be alone with her.
You must be on cloud nine.

“Gimme a sec, Kousuke-kun.”

 I suddenly stand up from my chair and drag Kousuke-kun, who’s probably in heaven, to a corner of the classroom.
Chako gives me a blank look but I signal her to stay there.
Next, I whisper to Kousuke-kun.

“I’ll hit you if try to ride the water slide alone with her or something, okay.”
“Eh? Aa… understood.”
Translated at
 His eyes are swimming.
So you did consider it a little, huh.

“Also, if someone tries to pick up Chako when you don’t have your eyes on her, stuff like『What are you doing to something that belongs to me?』is also a no-go, okay. Protect her properly before she gets picked up.”
“… Understood.”
“And Chako probably won’t think too deep and will go with just a swimsuit, so bring a rash guard and have her wear it.”
“… Sheesh, you should just come.”

 Kousuke-kun looks at me with weary eyes.

 I want to go.
I want to go to the pool with Chako too.
But a lot of phantoms will appear if I go and it’ll probably turn into a troubling affair.

 Bearing such feelings, I glare hard at Kousuke-kun from below[1]. In response, “Haah”, he heaves a sigh.

“I got it already, I’ll do it right.”
“Un. Please do.”
Translated at
 The thought of Chako and Kousuke-kun going to the pool alone irritates me somehow.
I, myself, have no idea what this irritation is.
Nevertheless, it can’t be helped if Chako wants to go.
I want Chako to have lots and lots of fun.

 I part from Kousuke-kun and return to Chako’s side.
Chako asks “What’s the matter?” with her gaze but I laugh and tell her that nothing’s the matter.

 That’s right.
There’s something I must accomplish.

 Let’s deal with every single Student Council activity in summer break.
I’ve come to understand Tomotaka-senpai, just a little.
However, there’s still tons of things I don’t understand.

 Hey, Chako.
What is Tomotaka-senpai to you?
What are you to Tomotaka-senpai?

 I feel that something will change if I can understand that.
Translated at
Please do not steal or post elsewhere.

[1] She’s shorter.

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