Escape Galge Protagonist

[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist Chapter 14

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 14

 If I stay there, I’ll probably be found by the scum and Midori, who’ll probably arrive later. Thus I decided to talk while walking.
 Thankfully, we live in the same direction so Midori and I walk beside each other on the way home.
 Partly because it’s end-of-school time, there are many people where there are many vehicles passing through.
 Although we proceed across the noise, only the air we’re enveloped in is quiet.

 Mashiro wouldn’t really talk.
 Sensing the serious atmosphere, I, too, don’t feel like establishing small talk.
 As a result, we’re mutually silent and, consequently, simply walking.
 … How awkward, and suffocating.
 I went with her because she wanted to talk so why isn’t she talking?

“You’re a schemer, huh.”

 Mashiro opens her mouth just as I complain in my heart.
 Both her expression and tone are indifferent.
 What does she mean by ”schemer”?
 When I turn to face her, she looks at me with a criticising expression.

“After saying all those stuff to me, you yourself got to spend the most time with senpai. I suppose your『Pull-When-the-Push-Fails Strategy』worked out? I’d like to get a few pointers too.”
“No! … It’s not like that.”
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 Mashiro seems to have misunderstood.
 Certainly, for some reason, the time we spend together grew ever since I started avoiding him. However, that wasn’t my intention.

“THEN, WHY! Aren’t you going to school together everyday! Even yesterday, you managed to obtain Nekoyashiki-senpai’s turn! It was my turn today, you know!? Because of you… because you did something unnecessary, I got dragged in too!”
“Give back my time with him!!”

 I returned home after escaping from him yesterday.
 Apparently he didn’t go to Midori yesterday but that’s not my fault and neither was it Midori’s fault that she came on Thursday.
 Yet I can’t say that; this isn’t a situation where I can.
 The ever-calm Mashiro who conducts herself in an intellectual manner is so fraught.
 It’s the first time I see her not having much composure.


 I don’t think I’m in the wrong.
 The one in the wrong is him.
 Nonetheless, I unconsciously apologised after seeing Mashiro’s brooding appearance.

“Don’t approach senpai if you think you’re in the wrong.”

 The one approaching is the other party, but I can’t say that.
 I’ll just make her angrier if I do.
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 Why does Mashiro think so much of him?
 Has she forgiven him?

“Do you really not find it unpleasant that it’s『not only me』but the same things are being done to many others? Don’t you find that unforgivable?”
“… You can think that because you’re blessed.”

 What does she mean?
 I don’t get it but this isn’t an atmosphere where I can request for an explanation.
 Unable to do a thing, I just look at Mashiro. She then opens her mouth as though in response to my gaze.

“I don’t have to be the only one. As long as I’m loved.”

 It was a soft murmur.
 Perhaps she didn’t actually want me to hear it.
 But I heard.

 Hearing those words just now, I recall Mashiro’s circumstances from my knowledge of the game.
Translated at
 Growing up in a single-parent family, the days of waiting alone for her busy, ever-working mother to return.
 She often returns in the middle of the night so Mashiro always has her meals in solitude.
 It isn’t that Mashiro’s mother doesn’t love her.
 They can’t eat if she doesn’t work, that’s all.
 A mother wanting to spend time with her daughter, yet has no choice but to work. A lonely daughter unable to voice her thoughts because she understands the circumstances.
 As such a mother and daughter continue to restrain themselves for the other, their hearts distance bit by bit.
 Even though there were opportunities for each of them to turn back and compromise, their timing didn’t match and they remain unable to see eye-to-eye.

 Maybe Mashiro is lonely.
 She appears to be poor at relationships and thus doesn’t have friends.
 It feels more like『doesn’t make friends』rather than『can’t make friends』though…

 Maybe she wants to be connected to someone.
 That’s why she doesn’t want to lose him?
 Yet, it’s sad that the connection she found is『something fake』.


 When I call out to Mashiro, she directs an evidently annoyed gaze at me.
 I sure am hated… I know that but I want to say this nonetheless.

“I want to get along well with you.”
“I want to be friends with you.”
Translated at
 It’s embarrassing saying such words but I tell her exactly what I think.
 After all, I really think so.
 Filled with my earnest intentions, I look straight at Mashiro’s face.
 She stiffened but that face gradually clouds over and becomes grim…

“Huh? Are you making fun of me? Do you intend to replace senpai or something? That’s why you want me to hold myself back? Or are you pitying me!?”

 Her voice is raised and she’s rattling on.
 It appears that I ruffled her feathers.

“That’s not it! I can’t explain it well but it’s my true feelings!”

 I want to save Mashiro.
 Not just protecting her from the scum. I want to be her strength.
 However, what I have is only the Mashiro from my knowledge of the game.
 That’s why I want to know. The Mashiro I’m currently speaking like this to.

 I can’t get her to believe me with just my words.
 Perhaps Mashiro ran out of patience towards me, who can’t explain it well. She moves away from me.

“I shall have to refuse.”

 Saying so, Mashiro slips between people and runs off.
 I see off her back that bears an unspeakable sorrow.

 I was dumped… but I’m not giving up.
 Sure enough, I want to know Mashiro.
 I’ll befriend her.

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