Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 8.2

The moment you really want to cross time, space and dimensions to shout: “YOU ARE MISTAKEN!!!!!” 

Next chapter is a whooping 9.5k+ Jap words so I may split it in three instead.


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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 08 – The Outstanding Onmyouji 3 [Part 2]

 Summer break had already ended and the cultural festival quickly arrived.
No day is busier than this to the Student Council.
Days of tediously checking documents, applications and confirming the area allocations.
When the opening date finally arrives, things are topsy-turvy with patrolling, solving issues that crop up the day itself and whatnot.

“Tomotaka-senpai! Apologies, the Calligraphy Club says that they don’t have enough of the lumber that’s to be used in the calligraphy meet this afternoon!”

 I relay to Tomotaka-senpai the complaint received from the Calligraphy Club just now.
The person managing the lumber goes for break at noon so no one’s readily available to make a check.

 Tomotaka-senpai’s perfect.
He should be strictly informed about even the lumber.

 Tomotaka-senpai smiles when I look at him with a gaze filled with such expectations.

“Got it. I’m familiar with it so shall we go see the lumber storeroom together?”
“Yes, thank you very much!”

 Sure enough, he’s familiar with it.
As expected of Tomotaka-senpai.

 Ever since that incident in summer break, Tomotaka-senpai’s degree of sparkliness increased and he started smiling much more often.
I think we’ve grown rather close due to the huge amount of time we spend together in Student Council.
The only concern is Kousuke-kun wondering whether I’m deceived. Nonetheless, I decided to believe Tomotaka-senpai.
This is the Tomotaka-senpai whose mind actually returns to that of an elementary schooler sometimes.
This smile is definitely real.
Translated at
 When we head to the classroom where the lumber is stored, someone from the Calligraphy Club is already waiting there.
It appears that the Calligraphy Club’s setup needs to be done shortly so she’s anxious to get the missing lumber soon.
Tomotaka-senpai and I enter the classroom. Comparing the lumber we’re told is missing with the request form, we make a check.

“Certainly, it seems like you’re lacking a balk of timber.”
“Y-yes, that is right.”
“Shall we go and get it?”
“Yes, thank you very much.”

 Is the Calligraphy Club member getting nervous over Tomotaka-senpai?
She chokes over her words sometimes.
The girl’s probably extremely nervous; she has a colossal fall in her rushed attempt to grab the lumber.
Subsequently, the lumber that keels over due to her fall, lands one on top of another like toppling dominoes.

 And the spot they topple towards is――

“… !!”
“Watch out!”

 It’s Tomotaka-senpai and I.

 The lumber that lost its balance fell towards us.
This is the second time but what’s scary is scary.
Closing my eyes tightly, a tremendous sound reverberates in the surroundings.

“A-Apologies! Are you okay!?”

 An anxious voice rings out.
The lumber should have fallen on me and yet there’s no pain. Slowly opening my eyes, in front of them is Tomotaka-senpai’s chest.
I suppose senpai shielded me, just like in the first round.
Still, it feels like he’s closer than he was in the first round.
He’s holding me tightly to him with his left hand while his right hand is raised, probably to protect my head.

“Are you alright, senpai?”
“Yeah. There’s no problem. Is Naba-san alright too?”

 It’s apparent that senpai didn’t receive much injury, just like in the first round.
For the time being, I feel relieved at that.
I then gently separate my body from Tomotaka-senpai and look at the backdoor of the classroom.
Kousuke-kun, who’s heading over here, is there…
Along with the stupefied figure of Chako.

“Oi, give me a hand, Chako!”
Translated at
 Kousuke-kun calls out to Chako as he removes the lumber covering us.
However, Chako gives no reaction.
Her eyes are shining fierily, glued to Tomotaka-senpai.

 It’s not the usual, beautiful deep blue.
Golden eyes are focused in this direction.

 Chako’s been looking here for a while but tight furrows form between her brow and she runs away as though trying to shake something off.
By this time, the lumber’s considerably cleared up and the Calligraphy Club member apologises profusely.
Even as Tomotaka-senpai accepts her apology, he gives her precise instructions and has her take away the missing lumber for the time being.
Although the lumber still has to be organised, we didn’t have any prominent injuries. Thus, we thank everyone who gathered here and have them return to their original locations.

“Senpai, Chako was acting strange.”
“… Aa.”

 I quietly approach senpai who finished giving instructions. Perhaps something came to senpai’s mind, for he throws a glance at the back of his right hand.
The lumber seems to have scraped it; there’s blood oozing out.

“Are you alright?”
“Aa, this much is no problem.”

 Senpai looks out the window in thought.
Just as I think to look out the window too, Kousuke-kun’s voice rings out.

“… Chako’s not here.”

 Kousuke-kun’s frustrated.
Come to think of it, it was like this the first round too.
Kousuke-kun had gone after Chako after this.

“Kousuke-kun, I’ll look for Chako. So I’ll leave you to organize this place.”
“Huh? Why me?”

 Kousuke-kun’s reluctant but goes to organise the lumber after giving a sigh.
In the first round, Kousuke-kun became weird after pursuing Chako here.
It’s definitely better that I don’t let him pursue.
Translated at
 Apologising to Kousuke-kun in my heart, I’m about to leave the classroom to search for Chako.

“I’m going too.”
“… Senpai is?”
“Yeah. Kinda.”

 As I didn’t expect him to say that he’s coming along at all, I look up at Tomotaka-senpai in surprise.
Tomotaka-senpai gives a vague smile and walks ahead of me, leaving the classroom.

 At any rate, Chako’s the top priority now.

 I follow Tomotaka-senpai without probing him.
I thought it’d be hard to find Chako as it’s been some time since she left. However, it’s unexpectedly easy.
Everyone told us when we ask if they’ve seen a girl running.

 At the back of the club building some distance away from the sports ground.

 There, Chako hugs her knees, her face planted on them. That appearance is one of desperate endurance, hurting the heart of even I, the one watching.

“Chako, are you okay?”

 I call out to Chako just after stepping into the back of the club building.
Chako shudders and curls herself up, as though in fright.
Just as I reason that it may be better if I don’t approach her, Tomotaka-senpai quietly steps forth.


 Tomotaka-senpai calls Chako’s name.

 … Without her last name.
He’s calling her without any honorifics.

 When did they become so close?
I look at his back in bewilderment.
Chako’s body tenses up even more after being called by Tomotaka-senpai.

“Please don’t come here.”

 Chako’s pained voice spills out.

“I beg you.”

 She beseeches.
However, instead of granting that wish, Tomotaka-senpai slowly approaches Chako.

“I beg you… I don’t want Yui-chan to see. I beg you.”

 Chako repeats『I beg you』as though it’s a spell.
At those words, Tomotaka-senpai turns towards me and says: “My bad.”

“Would you mind leaving us, just for a bit?”
“… Yes, I understand.”

 I don’t want to leave Chako, who’s in such a state.
But Chako said that she doesn’t want me to see.
So I suppose I shouldn’t see.

 I leave the back of the club building and walk to a spot where I can’t see Chako and Tomotaka-senpai.
I then quietly lean against the wall of the club building.
I may not be able to see them but I can hear their voices a little.

 I can make out Tomotaka-senpai’s gentle voice and Chako’s rough breathing.
Once in a while, there’s labial sounds too, as though something is being sucked on.

“Chako, take slow breaths.”

 Tomotaka-senpai’s gentle voice rings out.
I wonder how much time it took for the labial sounds and rough breathing to stop after that.
Timewise, I guess it’d been about 5 minutes.
The period that felt awfully long finally ended when Tomotaka-senpai calls me.

“It’s alright now, Naba-san.”

 When I enter the back of the club building at those words, I see the usual senpai. Chako’s looking at the ground with an awfully distressed expression.
I can’t tell because Chako refuses to look here but her eyes should be back to their deep blue.
I ponder what to say as I approach them slowly.

 I wonder what I should ask.
I wonder how I should ask.

“Um, were you kissing?”
Translated at
 I thought of many things but couldn’t come up with a good idea in the end.
Thus, although I’m not sure if I should ask this, I decided to ask him directly.
Did they start dating each other without my knowledge?

“Nope, I was giving her blood.”
“Yeah, my hand was bleeding just now, wasn’t it? Chako couldn’t endure after seeing that.”

 Saying so, he shows me the back of his hand.
The wound that should’ve been there is gone.

 By ‘blood’ did he mean blood?
So he was giving her blood?

“You see, Chako’s my familiar.”
“Yes. Chako’s in a contract with me. Chako listens to what I say. In exchange, I give her my life force. That’s the contract.”

 Tomotaka-senpai probably explained it in a way that’s easy for me to understand.
Still, I don’t really understand.
I only understood that Chako and Tomotaka-senpai’s relationship isn’t normal.

 What I tried to find out in order to take Chako back.
I thought that something will surely change if I find out the relationship between Chako and Tomotaka-senpai.

 It’s the relationship between an onmyouji and a familiar.
The relationship between one who orders and one who’s ordered.

 When I become speechless in shock, Tomotaka-senpai looks at me gently.
Next, he speaks quietly.

“Chako’s in this school under my order.”

 Even though I can hear the bustle of the cultural festival in the distance, it’s awfully quiet here.

“To『protect the Priestess of Ominous Clouds』.”

 Tomotaka-senpai’s words coldly gouge at my heart.
Please do not post outside of
Translated at

 I shouldn’t listen any further.

Please do not post outside of
Translated at

 I may have been able to stop had I retained some composure, but I was unable to stop myself.

“Chako, did you protect me because you were ordered to?”

 I gaze firmly at Chako.
However, even after Chako receives my gaze, she simply laughs in a troubled manner, her face on the brink of tears.

“… I see. I got it.”

 In the first round.
The『Your duty has been accomplished.』sentence that Tomotaka-senpai said.

 I see.
Chako’s always been with me, treating it as her duty.

 She always came to save me.
She always laughed “hehehe” beside me.
I liked the strong, kind, cute and laughing Chako very much.

 However, it was different for Chako, huh.

“Senpai, there’s still work left so let’s go back.”
“… Yeah.”

 Saying just that to senpai, I turn around and begin walking.
It’s the cultural festival today.
We can’t have the Student Council President stuck here on such a troubling day.

 Tomotaka-senpai comes to my side.
But Chako doesn’t come.
She doesn’t say a thing.

 … I’m such an idiot.

 I got psyched, working hard to take Chako back.
Even going so far to turn back time.

 So Chako and I weren’t friends.

“So the time I spent with Chako was a lie.”

 The words softly spill from my mouth as we head for the main venue of the cultural festival.
I wasn’t saying it to Tomotaka-senpai.
I was just voicing the words that surfaced in my heart.

 The words I said to myself fiercely crushed my heart.

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8 thoughts on “Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 8.2

  1. Idiot, if Chako didn’t care she wouldn’t be so bothered by you watching her drink blood. For someone trying not to take relationships at face value, she sure is taking their relationship at face value…

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  2. are you disappointed yui? chako beside you because order. but the time chako spend with you is real. (i.. little confused. should i refer chako as man or woman?)
    oh yui. i hope my word transferred to youuuuu…..
    thanks for chapter.


  3. HAHAHHAHAHAH! Serve you right, Yui-chan. That’s what happens if you try to save everybody without knowing everything. Hopefully Heroine grows up more beautifully. =)


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