Translator's Talk

Shifted Some (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 9.2 Content to 9.1

Those who have yet to read 9.1 as of this post can ignore this.

I’m in the midst of working on chapter 9.2 and found a better cut-off point for 9.1 so I added more content to the end of 9.1. (The story progresses quite fast here so splitting it into 3 would really be butchering it.)

… I’m the kind of person who sends erroneous emails even after checking it through 3 times… so I hope you can be patient with me.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience to those who’ve already read the chapter. If you wish to, you can ctrl/command +F Chapter 9.1 (Find in page on phone) and start reading from “It isn’t like Chako to follow orders obediently.”

I’ll try to release 9.2 before the end of Feb! C: Happy reading ❤ and sorry again for the trouble.

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