Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 9.1

Yui makes a great otome game heroine.


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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 09 – The Outstanding Onmyouji 4 [Part 1]

 It turned out that Chako’s Tomotaka-senpai’s familiar. 

 How Kousuke-kun said in the first round that『Chako probably likes Kamo-senpai』.
Why Chako’s eyes always chase after Tomotaka-senpai.
The smile she gives only to Tomotaka-senpai.

 Because Chako’s Tomotaka-senpai’s familiar.
That’s definitely special and they probably have many things we don’t understand.

 I want to believe Chako.

 Even if she got closer to us due to Tomotaka-senpai’s order at first, it’s definitely not just that.

 I can’t believe Chako.

 Chako erased Kousuke-kun in the first round.
That must be because Tomotaka-senpai, being in the Onmyouji Faction, loathed that I granted power to Kousuke-kun.
So Chako’s in the Onmyouji Faction.
Perhaps she stays by Kousuke-kun and my side solely to observe us.

 I want to believe Chako.

 Because, after erasing Kousuke-kun, she taught me how to revive him.
She must have been ordered and had no choice but to fight Kousuke-kun.
I think she sensed something distinct between Kousuke-kun and I. Thus she sacrificed herself.

 I want to believe Chako.

 That the days we spent happily wasn’t a lie.

Please read only from the translator’s site:

 But I couldn’t stop myself.
 『Chako, did you protect me because you were ordered to?』

 I wanted her to tell me I’m wrong.
I wanted her to say, “I protected you because you’re Yui-chan”.

 However, Chako simply laughed with a face that was on the brink of tears.
Towards Chako who wouldn’t deny it, I couldn’t suppress the『aggrieved』feelings that welled in my heart.
I thought that she betrayed me.
That even though I genuinely like Chako very much, it was different for her.

 Subsequently, I ended up leaving Chako behind alone.

 Chako’s face was on the brink of tears back then.
How did she feel, left behind alone at the back of the clubroom building?

 I finally realised this when the dark feelings whirling in my heart calmed down slightly.

 Chako was in pain.
Chako was sad.

 She always shouldered it, unable to tell me the truth.
Despite that, I left such a Chako behind.

 I wonder why I couldn’t say it.

 『It doesn’t matter even if you were ordered to. Thank you for protecting me.』
『I like Chako very much.』

 I should’ve said that.
Because it was true that Chako protected me.

Please read only from the translator’s site.
Translated at

 The cultural festival ended and the gap between Chako and I rapidly opened up.
She no longer comes to my house to pick me on the way to school and we no longer go home together.

 Chako doesn’t call out to me.
Naturally, I should just call out to Chako even if she doesn’t call out to me.
In actuality, there were many times I thought to do so.
However, Chako often gazes at the sky absentmindedly and that appearance seems as though it’s rejecting me. Thus I wasn’t able to call out to her.

 『You want to be friends with Chako even though you didn’t believe her back then?』

 Within me, someone laughs『How convenient for you』.
I wasn’t able to shake that off.

 I wonder what I can do for Chako.

 The me who, back then, didn’t believe Chako.
There’s still something I can do for her.

 In the first round, Kousuke-kun went berserk from the power I granted him and fought Chako.
This time, I’ve no intention of granting Kousuke-kun power.
Kousuke-kun’s not from either faction, or so he says, so he probably won’t confront Chako if I tell him she’s in the Onmyouji Faction.
Chako and Kousuke-kun probably won’t fight if he doesn’t go berserk.

 Therefore, I think it’s fine.
It’ll surely be different from the first round.

 Tomotaka-senpai also changed from the first round.
It doesn’t matter even if Chako disappears, he probably won’t think that.

 I wasn’t able to be friends with Chako but Chako probably won’t disappear.

 My heart hurts but I tell myself that this is okay.

Please read only from the translator’s site.
Translated at

 The night of Valentine’s.
Tomotaka-senpai and I are left in the Student Council room.
The room is warm due to the heater but it’s probably extremely cold outside.
Looking out the window, the sun has already set and a silver full moon is shining.

“Tomotaka-senpai… what is Chako to you?”

 Leaving the documents in my hands on Tomotaka-senpai’s desk, I slam the words I’ve been pondering for a long time at him.

 A convenient and disposable tool?
Or an important person you like very much and don’t want to let go of?

 When I stare firmly at senpai, still seated in the chair, his gesture suggests he’s deep in thought.

“Hmm… a magic item, I suppose.”
“Magic item?”

 I tilt my head at the curious words that didn’t even cross my mind.
Tomotaka-senpai chuckles in response.

“You see, an Outstanding Onmyouji can be closer to becoming a Peerless Onmyouji when Chako’s around.”

 I frown at those words.
It’s the 2nd time I heard those terms from Tomotaka-senpai.
Tomotaka-senpai’s always struggling with that.

“Chako is a strange phantom, you see. She can turn the powers of phantoms she erases into her own. You’d normally lose your ego but Chako’s able to remain as Chako.”

 Senpai quietly looks at his hand.

“Chako’s my familiar so the stronger she becomes, the stronger I’ll be.”

 Chako’s power will become Tomotaka-senpai’s.
I guess that’s why『Outstanding』can become『Peerless』.

 Tomotaka-senpai, who’d been staring intently at his right hand, lifts his head and looks at me.
He continues to speak.

“I told you my parents don’t have much expectations of me, right.”
Translated at
 That must be the story from the day Chako and Kousuke went to the pool.
After I nod, Tomotaka-senpai’s eyes suddenly narrow.

“Half a year after my birth, you were born.”

 Having become the topic all of a sudden, I’m confused and look down at senpai.
Nonetheless, Tomotaka-senpai’s unconcerned and continues to speak.

“And, the Abe family’s eldest son was born at about the same time.”

 ’Abe family’s eldest son’, is that Abe Yuusei-kun?
The『Peerless Onmyouji』.
“Is it Abe Yuusei-kun?” I ask. “That’s right,” he replies.

“I’m a year older than you two, right? Abe, who can continue to protect the Priestess of Ominous Clouds in the capacity of being in the same school year, versus I, who was born early and is in a different school year.”

 Tomotaka-senpai suddenly laughs in a self-derisive manner.

“‘Abe family’s eldest son is a genius. A quick study who can do anything. He’s in the same school year as the Priestess of Ominous Clouds and can always continue to protect her in the future. Compared to that, you are’—that’s how it is.”
“But, that’s, that’s not senpai’s fault, isn’t it?”
“Aa. Still, I thought maybe that was talent too. Even my timing of birth wasn’t blessed.”

 Is that resignation in Tomotaka-senpai’s eyes?
Always being compared ever since he was born, continuously being told that he’s not talented.
How would living like that feel?

 I look at senpai with a furrow between my brows but senpai quietly looks out the window.

“Well, I had the intention to accept that as it is. That I should do what meagre I can with my power… that’s when I met Chako.”
“When you met Chako?”
“Aa. I was shocked when I met Chako. You see, Chako’s emotions run deep despite being an extremely strong phantom… Moreover, she[1] could become a girl like you. Ah, this is it, I thought.”

 Tomotaka-senpai narrows his eyes again and look at me.
Those deep blue eyes keep me transfixed.
Translated at
“I made Chako my familiar and had her in the same class as you. This way, it’s not much of a problem even if I’m in a different school year. Moreover, I thought it’ll be easy for her to grow closer to you if you’re of the same gender.”

 … I don’t want to hear Tomotaka-senpai’s words.
However, his deep blue eyes won’t let me escape.

“Fortunately, barely anyone is aware about the existence of the familiar Chako so the Phantom Faction won’t find out either. Chako was pretty outstanding. Didn’t she become friends with you quickly?”

 As such, Tomotaka-senpai’s words gouges my heart.

 Sure enough, Chako’s a liar.
She probably stayed with me because she was ordered to.
What an outstanding familiar.

 The other me murmurs softly in my heart.
I shake my head, wanting to erase that.

Chako’s not a liar.

 Yes, Chako’s Tomotaka-senpai’s familiar.
Perhaps she did become friends with me because she was ordered to.

 However, Chako was sad on the day of the cultural festival.
She desperately entreated that she didn’t want me to see.
She laughed with a face on the brink of tears.

 I want to free Chako.

 That’s what I can do.
Translated at
 It isn’t like Chako to follow orders obediently.
Bishoujo smiles don’t suit the Chako who laughs “Hehehe” brightly.

“Senpai… please free Chako.”

 The words I utter comes out in a softer voice than I expect.
Nonetheless, it’s loud enough to reach Tomotaka-senpai…
Hearing my words, Tomotaka-senpai’s eyes take on an amused colour.

“A familiar’s contract is for life. It continues till either Chako or I disappear.”
“… Even if the contract persists, you can make sure that you don’t interfere with her, can’t you, Tomotaka-senpai?”

 A familiar’s contract is for life.
I feel like I’m about to lose to those heavy words but I desperately chain my words.

“Indeed, that’s possible. ――But there’s no benefit for me.”

 Tomotaka-senpai stares at me firmly.
I’m reflected in those deep blue eyes.

 I can’t escape.

 Was what I thought.

“There is a benefit.”

 Taking a deep breath, I slowly utter.
Senpai’s attached to Chako.

 Chako’s a magic item.

 She can turn Tomotaka-senpai, called a mere Outstanding Onmyouji, into a Peerless one.
She can accompany the lonely senpai.
She’s a familiar who’ll never betray him for sure.

 Chako who grants Tomotaka-senpai everything.
The benefit I can grant Tomotaka-senpai on the occasion that he sets her free.

 ――I only have myself.

“I will… replace Chako.”
Translated at
 Deep blue eyes narrow in amusement.

“The Priestess of Ominous Clouds, to you.”

 Perhaps this is in accordance to senpai’s wishes.
Still, I couldn’t find another way.

 Tomotaka-senpai will obtain the Priestess of Ominous Clouds.
Chako remains as a familiar.

 This is surely not the freedom Chako yearns for.

 But, what should I do, Chako?
I can’t think of another way. 

 On the night of Valentine’s, alone in the Student Council room with Tomotaka-senpai.
I slowly approach senpai.

 What will Chako do once she’s free?
Will she date Kousuke-kun?

 My chest feels pained imagining that but I pretend not to notice.
Even now, Senpai’s still seated in his chair. Placing a hand on his desk, I approach his face in one go.

 This is fine.
Surely, it is.
A little, just a little.
Translated at
 Lesser than that time with Kousuke-kun. I focus on a small amount of power and give a kiss that only brushes against him.
When I pull my face away, Tomotaka-senpai has his hand on his mouth, deep in thought.

“How is it?”
“Aa. An incredible power entered from where you touched.”
“I see…”
“This is the『Priestess of Ominous Clouds』’ power.”

 He doesn’t go berserk like Kousuke-kun did back then.
Thank goodness, I let out a breath in relief to myself.

“I gained another magic item.”

 Tomotaka-senpai gives a sparkly smile.
It was a pure smile like that of a youth and I grow speechless in face of that smile.

“I’ll stop interfering with Chako if you stay with me.”
“Feel free to keep close watch so that I won’t interfere with Chako.”

 That’s right.
I’ll protect Chako.
Just like how Chako protected me.

“Well then, shall we head home?”

 Tomotaka-senpai reaches out his hand to tidy up the documents on the desk.
At that moment――.

 Along with a huge sound, lurch, the entire school building jolts.
Please read only from the translator’s site.
Translated at

[1] Tomotaka didn’t use any pronoun for Chako so it could have been ‘it’ too. Speaking of which, Yui avoids using pronouns when Chako’s in the brown wolf form.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!!

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    1. “My parents are disappointed in me, therefore it’s right for me to enslave another person. Please pity me.”

      Yeah, he’s just evil and manipulative. I hope that Naba loses her naivety and later comes to the conclusion that the solution is to kill Tomotaka


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