Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 9.2

Presence of violence.


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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 09 – The Outstanding Onmyouji 4 [Part 2]

“… Senpai.”
“Don’t worry.”
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 Senpai quickly stands first and comes to me, placing a hand on my shoulder.


 Suddenly, a boyish yet somehow ferocious voice resounds from the direction of the window.
Swiftly looking towards the window the voice came from, I see a large, brown wolf standing with its back to us as though it’s sheltering us from something.

“Tomotaka-sama! It’s dangerous there, please head to somewhere you can easily escape from!”

 I called out to Chako but she didn’t react to it and instead charges towards something.
Tomotaka-senpai and I head to the window in a hurry, looking out.

 Under the silver full moon.
A golden, nine-tailed fox glares in my direction with its sharp eyes.

 The brown wolf does a body slam towards that fox.

“Hold on.”

 With that, Tomotaka-senpai hugs me tightly, opens the window and jumps out.


 This is the 2nd storey!

 Although I choked due to the bolt from the blue, it appears that Tomotaka-senpai used some spell as we land on the grounds without any pain.
Separating my body from senpai in a hurry, I look at Chako. There, a golden fox and a brown wolf are dealing attacks to one another.

“Senpai, that’s…?”
“Aa, so the fox came out huh.”
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 Tch, senpai clicks his tongue, stands in front of me and begins to chant some unknown words.

I look at the battling phantoms from behind him.

 That golden fur.
Nine tails and amber eyes.


That’s Kuo Teppei-sensei.
The『Strongest Phantom In This World』.

“Naba, why did you choose Kamo?”

 Even as the golden fox fights the brown wolf, a calm voice sounds out somewhere.
It chills my heart.

“I believe I warned you many times through Kousuke. That, you mustn’t.”

 Tomotaka-senpai is from the onmyouji faction.
The phantom faction won’t be amused if I choose him.
Is that why sensei appeared?

“We don’t want to interfere with you either but… Kamo alone is a no-go.”
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 The golden fox turns its amber eyes here.
As though to interrupt the golden fox’s words, the brown wolf leaps at him.

 Chako’s strong.
Even when she fought Kousuke-kun in the first round, I thought they were on par at first but she quickly gained the upper hand.
Therefore, no matter how much they call him the『Strongest Phantom in the World』, I thought they could fight more or less on equal grounds.

 However, Kuo-sensei’s strength is overwhelming.
At this moment, Chako can’t even fight back.

 In the first round, the brown wolf could recover immediately no matter how many attacks she received.
However, sensei’s attacks are so fast that she can’t recover in time.
On top of that, sensei tries to deal attacks to Tomotaka-senpai too and the brown wolf literally stops those at the risk of her life.
The brown wolf’s body becomes tattered in no time at all.

 Chako’s, Chako’s going to get done in.
Although senpai seems to be reinforcing Chako by saying some sort of incantation, the golden fox can’t be stopped.

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 I call out to the brown wolf whose body can’t recover in time and who can’t even have her way with her attacks.
After which, the golden fox who’d been attacking indifferently, lets up his attacks slightly.

“Chako? … You, are Tomonaga Chako?”

 The golden fox stares at the brown wolf with his amber eyes and calls out.
However, instead of replying, the brown wolf simply takes the opportunity to try and bite his neck.


 Just as I hear the sound of something being beaten, the body of the brown wolf hits the floor. Along with a wham, a cloud of dust rises up.

“You’re Kamo’s dog huh. I see. That’s why you got close to Kousuke.”

 A faint flame burns in the amber eyes.
Remaining on the ground, the brown wolf desperately tries to recover. However, the results are poor perhaps because it ran out of power.

“It’s… not a dog, but a wolf you know…”

 Even though the brown wolf didn’t have to speak, she replies with spiteful words.
After looking down unmovingly at the brown wolf, the golden fox says dispassionately.
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“I won’t erase you. Sleep for a while.”

 The golden fox swings its forefoot.
However, right before that foot lands, Tomotaka-senpai chants something and points his right hand at the golden fox.
A black, rope-like object appears in the air and binds the golden fox tightly.

“Run, Chako!”

 Tomotaka-senpai shouts at the brown wolf.
Yet, the brown wolf doesn’t seem to be able to move. Her body merely rocks a little.

 It’s no use.
Senpai’s spell can’t hold on anymore.

 The rope binding the golden fox is already about to break apart at any moment.
Tomotaka-senpai seems to be desperately sending his power but the golden fox’s likely to be exerting power of his own.

 It can’t go on any longer.

 Just as my heart becomes dyed in the color of despair, an orange figure casts the raised leg away.


 The golden fox sounds exasperated.
The orange fox stands in front of the brown wolf as though to shield her.
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 … It’s Kousuke-kun.
Kousuke-kun came to help.

“That’s Kamo’s dog. Move.”
“Shut up. Don’t give me orders.”

 The orange fox growls, revealing its ferocious fangs, and roughly kicks off the ground.
The black rope breaks apart and dissipates in the air at that moment.
Tomotaka-senpai then turns towards Chako and shouts loudly.

“Chako! I permit you!”

 Senpai raises his right arm high.
When he does, the body of the brown wolf, which had remained unmoving on the ground, suddenly jumps into the air.
Then, just as I register that she’s leaping towards Tomotaka-senpai, snap, she bites off his right arm.


 Rushing towards the collapsed senpai, I quickly lift him up with my arms.
Although his right arm is gone, blood doesn’t seem to be seeping from the wound.

“Are you okay!? Senpai, senpai!”
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 When I call Tomotaka-senpai in a panic, senpai looks towards Chako with his face distorted in pain.

“I gave… my life force. With this, Chako should regain her power.”
“What about the wound?”
“Chako stopped… the blood. So it’s fine.”

 ”The pain doesn’t go away though,” says Tomotaka-senpai as he breaks into cold sweat.
Even now, his eyes continue to look towards Chako.

“… Looks fun.”

 Even as his face distorts in pain, he murmurs in a kind of sad manner.
True enough, Chako seems to be having fun. She rushes towards the golden fox while telling Kousuke-kun: “Go for it!” or “Get him!”

“Tomonaga, so you, ate Kamo?”
“A familiar huh… there’s no saving you.”
“Shut up, shitty big bro.”

 As though to interrupt the conversation, the orange fox cuts between the golden fox and the brown wolf and tackles.
The golden fox receives the attack. Voosh, he moves his body backwards.

“Kousuke, are you doing this even though you know?”
“It doesn’t really matter right? Chako is Chako.”

 It feels like the golden fox’s giving a deep sigh.
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“I’m strong.” [Kuo-sensei]
“I know. You’re saying that after all this time?” [Kousuke]
“Naw, we’re strong too, y’know? ‘Cause Kousuke-chan and I make the strongest tag team!” [Chako]
“The heck’s that?” [Kousuke]

 Kousuke-kun laughs in exasperation.
Then, with that as the signal, the 3 bodies intermix.

 I wonder how much time have passed.

 The orange body, that had been fighting till now, falls to the ground with a bwssh.
And at approximately the same time, the golden body collapses on the ground too.
Just as I register the brown wolf heaving a deep sigh, her body dissipates in the air.

“Yui-chan, Tomotaka-sama…”

 A small brown wolf takes tiny steps in this direction.
Her gait is unsteady as though she no longer has energy.
Parting with Tomotaka-senpai for a moment, I rush towards the small wolf in a hurry.

“Chako, Chako.”

 I don’t want.
I don’t want this!

 I know.
That there’s not much power left in this small body.
And what that means.

“I did it… I managed to win somehow…”
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 When I finally hug the small body, Chako looks at me happily.

“Yui-chan, after this, heal… Kousuke-chan and sensei…”

 Golden eyes look at me gently.

“Please return Tomotaka-sama’s life force that’s left in this body to him… If it’s Yui-chan, it’s definitely possible.”

 Aah, we had this conversation before.
Chako would teach me.
How to use my power.

“With that, Yui-chan’s power will decrease too… I’m sure, that you can live alongside Tomotaka-sama.”

 With her weak body, Chako lets out a chuckle-like sound.

“I see, the true end’s like this if it’s Tomotaka-sama, huh…”

 I heard this before too.
‘True end’.
Why, does she laugh in satisfaction like this again?

 I hug Chako tightly.
As I do so, Tomotaka-senpai kneels beside me quietly.
Although his body should still be hurting, he gently strokes Chako’s head with his left hand.
Chako’s eyes narrow in comfort. After which, she gives senpai a strange look.

“Don’t disappear, Chako.”
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 Tomotaka-senpai looks unmovingly at Chako with his deep blue eyes.
Chako replies with a sound that implies she’s troubled.

“I apologise, Tomotaka-sama… it doesn’t seem like I’m able to obey, that order.”
“It’s not an order. It’s a request.”
“No… I seriously feel like, I’m going to, disappear now.”

 Her eyes widened in surprise at Tomotaka-senpai’s words. Even then, Chako replies like she’s troubled.
Tomotaka-senpai looks unmovingly at Chako and speaks gently.

“Chako… I permit you. Eat me.”
“――!! Wait, hang on…! Guuuu….”

 Chako’s body suddenly jumps up with a shudder.
Her golden eyes then snap open and drool leaks from her mouth.
I didn’t know what to do with regards to the changes in Chako. However, since Chako seems to be frantically suppressing herself, I hug her tightly in my arms.

“Don’t you, know that, I’d lose to my appetite, immediately…!?”

 Chako seems to be enduring something to her utmost. Within my arms, she moves her forefeet and presses them against her eyes.

“Geez, … what’s up with this, even till the end…”

 Chako says in a blaming tone.
After which Tomotaka-senpai’s face turns terribly sad.

“Chako… I don’t mind. Eat me. I want Chako to live.”
“… I might get food poisoning, so, no thanks.”

 Chako rubs her head fiercely against me.
At her action that appears as if she’s trying to escape from something, I stroke her back firmly.

“I don’t regret what I’ve done. I came to erase phantoms, thinking from an onmyouji’s perspective.”

 Tomotaka-senpai’s eyes held no hesitation before this.
Yet, having arrived at this point, those eyes begin to tremble.
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“I’m sorry.”

 His voice is extremely hoarse.

“Chako. I want to start over the things I’ve done to you. I want to erase everything I did to you.”

 Chako’s body jolts at those words.
Looking at Tomotaka-senpai, there’s pain in those deep blue eyes.

 I don’t know what happened between Chako and Tomotaka-senpai.
Nonetheless, I can feel that those memories weren’t happy.

“The things Tomotaka-sama did, huh… That’s right, there were a bunch.”

 Tomotaka-senpai’s face distorts at Chako’s feeble voice.
Even though Chako still seems to be enduring desperately, she speaks slowly in nostalgia.

“You gave me a home… a soft and fluffy bed, the fun times watching TV and…”

 Chako’s body begins to disappear.
It gradually streams into the air.

“Human food, a bath and…”

 Perhaps she no longer has to endure; she removes her forefeet and looks at me with her golden eyes.

“You gave me the chance to meet Yui-chan in this school.”

 Why are these your final words?
Even though I left you behind, Chako.

“Yui-chan, I’m sor…ry. I’m sorry for not telling you I’m a familiar. I gave you nasty feelings… didn’t I.”
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“I’m sorry too. All I thought about was myself. I’m glad I met you, Chako. It doesn’t matter whether it was an order or not.”

 I hurriedly heap my words on the disappearing Chako.
Honestly, I wanted to talk more slowly.
I wanted to give lots of apologies.
But there’s no more time.

 The golden eyes narrow in happiness at my words.

“Un, I’m glad I met Yui-chan. I really had fun, laughing together in school…”

 Chako’s disappearing.

“I even got to go to the pool thanks to Tomotaka-sama…”

 Those golden eyes eventually turn to Tomotaka-senpai, and close.

“With Yui-chan…, I really wanted to, live…”

 With those words, Chako disappears.
Only leaving behind a pale, glowing power orb.

“Chako, Chako, don’t go.”

 Tomotaka-senpai desperately calls but Chako’s no longer there.
Tears streaming down my face, I look at Tomotaka-senpai.
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“Senpai, this is the second time Chako disappeared.”
“… What do you mean?”
“I have been going back in time.”

 I understood Chako and Tomotaka-senpai’s relationship.
The relationship of an onmyouji and a familiar.
However, that’s not all. They’ve something else.

 Chako didn’t eat Tomotaka-senpai.
Chako probably wouldn’t have disappeared if she did.
Nonetheless, Chako didn’t want to erase Tomotaka-senpai.

“I’m still en route.”

 That’s right.
I’m still en route.
There’s still so much I don’t understand.

“I’ll take Chako back.”

 A future where I smile with Chako.
A future where Chako can be free.

 It was a failure this time.
Chako disappeared,
And she wasn’t released from being a familiar.

 Let’s redo this again.
There should be a path somewhere.

 Not listening to senpai’s reply, I concentrate within myself.

 I can do it.
If it’s me, I can.

 To that morning.
Once again.

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『The Outstanding Onmyouji』Kamo Tomotaka True End achieved.
『The Strongest Phantom In This World』route has been unlocked.
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