Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 10.1

Sensei’s route!


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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 10 – The Strongest Phantom In This World [Part 1]

 My eyes open.

 A familiar room.
Wet eyes.

 I’m back, once again.

 Slowly reaching out to the side of my pillow, I check my phone.
The date indicated is the day of the school’s entrance ceremony.

 I failed.
Chako disappeared again.

 In the first round, I thought that the relationship between Chako and Tomotaka-senpai could become some sort of key.
I was able to uncover that.
I also found out that a segregation of onmyouji and phantom factions exists and I’m connected to it.

 However, I failed.

 Even though I finally uncovered the relationship between Chako and Tomotaka-senpai, and the reason Chako and Kousuke-kun fought.
I had thought that since Chako is Tomotaka-senpai’s familiar, she wouldn’t disappear if I remain by Tomotaka-senpai’s side.
I also thought that if I substitute Chako, she could live more freely even if she’s still a familiar. But…

 『The Strongest Phantom In This World』appeared.

 Because the phantom faction loathed that Tomotaka-senpai, from the onmyouji faction, obtained the Priestess of Ominous Clouds.
Just like how Kousuke-kun obtaining power was loathed, there are authorities that loath Tomotaka-senpai obtaining power.
That became as clear as day. 

 Chako disappeared to protect Tomotaka-senpai and I.
Just like how she disappeared to protect Kousuke-kun and I in the first round.

 Now that I’ve returned.

 I’ve 2 wishes at the moment.

 To always laugh with Chako.
And, for Chako to live freely.

 I may be asking for too much.
Even then, I want to free Chako.

 If it’s him, he may have a way.

If it’s The Strongest Phantom In This World.

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 After my 3rd entrance ceremony ended, Chako and I became friends again.
Because there’s a secret behind us.

 Chako received Tomotaka-senpai’s order.
While I want to take Chako back.

 This may not be a pure friendship.
Still, I think that’s fine.

 Because my and Chako’s fun days aren’t a lie.

 I joined the Student Council in the first and second round but not this time.
Instead, I joined the Photography Club which Kuo-sensei is the advisor of.
Of course, it was to get closer to Kuo-sensei.
When I told Chako I’m joining the Photography Club, she ended up joining too.
I was surprised it’s Chako’s first time doing any sort of club activities. She must have had many things to do under Tomotaka-senpai’s orders.

 It’s the Photography Club’s orientation today.
Including Chako and I, there’s about 6 freshmen. If you add the senpais, there’s about 15 people.
There’s a club presentation once every month. Other than that, it seems you can enter contests or exhibitions at any time.
We fundamentally act on our own but move as a club for off-campus photography outings, when shooting the matches of clubs like Baseball and Soccer, and so on.

“It seems fun, Yui-chan.”

 After the end of the orientation, Chako sits beside me in the clubroom and laughs, “Hehehe”.
Somehow, now that I’m in the same club as Chako in the third round, I feel happy too.

“Doesn’t it? Let’s take lots of good photos.”
“Yeah. Ah, but what am I going to do about the camera?”

 Chako looks up at the ceiling.

“What are you going to do, Yui-chan?”
“SLR’s too expensive for me so I’m thinking of getting a mirrorless.”
“I see. You’re buying a new one, huh.”
“Are you buying one, Chako?”
“Yeah, because I don’t have one. But I don’t have money so I might go for a compact digi.”
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 ”But compact digi’s problematic too,” mumbles Chako worriedly with her arms crossed.
The Photography Club pays for things like exhibition panels and photograph prints so cameras are paid by oneself.
As such, the orientation a while ago also mentioned about the camera.

 As a phantom, Chako doesn’t have a camera. Neither can she borrow one because she doesn’t have a family.
Because she’s just making do with the bursary money, I doubt she can buy a new one with ease.

“Let’s consult sensei.”

 With that said, I stand up and approach Kuo-sensei who’s sitting by the window.
Chako, too, follows in a hurry.

“Are you free to talk now, sensei?”
“Nn? What’s up?”

 I call out to sensei who’s sitting while talking to some freshmen.

 Short, golden hair. Amber eyes just like Kousuke-kun.
His face is slightly similar to Kousuke-kun but instead of mischievousness, you can sense an adult man’s composure in that expression.

“As expected, would a compact diji be inconvenient?”
“Well, of course everyone has their own circumstances so it doesn’t matter.”

 A kind colour fills those amber eyes as sensei looks in this direction.
Talking to me in a calm voice, it’s as though it’s a different person from the one fighting Chako.

“I’m thinking of getting a mirrorless. Um, as for the compact digi, it’s this girl here…”

 Chako’s a little surprised but she doesn’t really resist.
Looking at it now, the vicinity of sensei’s desk is full of the freshmen girls.
… A cool sensei is really crucial.

“Aa, Tomonaga’s a phantom.”
“Yes. Hence I don’t have a camera…”
“I see, what about your parents?”
“Ah, I, don’t have parents.”

 Chako laughs in a troubled manner.
After sensei’s eyes widen a little, they narrow in acknowledgement.
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“No parents huh.”
“It’s been tough on you so far.”

 Sensei’s gold hair flutters in the wind.

“Nahh. I had someone like a foster parent.”

 The other freshmen are looking at sensei blankly but Chako laughs “Hehehe” with no concern[1].
Seeing such a Chako, sensei’s eyes narrow as though she’s too bright. He then calls out to the surrounding freshmen.

“Well then, that brings today to an end. You can ask the 2nd, 3rd years if you’ve further questions.”

 Although each freshman say their thanks, none of them moved.
Standing up without paying them any attention, sensei looks at Chako.

“Tag along for a bit, Tomonaga.”
“Ah, can Yui-chan come too?”
“I don’t mind.”

 Eh? Why me too?

 Puzzled, I look at Chako. She has a playful grin on her face.

“‘Cos Yui-chan told sensei. It’ll be like walking on thorns if I go alone.”

 Glancing at the freshmen who’re still surrounding sensei, she whispered in my ear.
I feel that Chako’s interpersonal skills are rather high.
It’ll probably leave a bad impression if only Chako was called out among the freshmen.

 Casually greeting the freshmen, sensei leaves the clubroom.
Chako, too, greets the freshmen with no hesitation so I follow suit.
Next, grabbing our bags at the desks, we go after sensei.
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[1] A.k.a. sensei had the same effect as Tomotaka’s smile on those girls, but Chako’s unaffected.

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