Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 10.2

Maybe I’m getting old. I really like sensei for some reason? I’ll put up a popularity vote after Yui meets everyone!


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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 10 – The Strongest Phantom In This World [Part 2]

 We quickly catch up as sensei’s waiting some distance away at the corridor.
Confirming that we’ve come, sensei begins to walk.

“Naba and Tomonaga, are you old friends?”
“No, we met at the entrance ceremony not long ago.”
“I see, despite that, you’re quite close.”
“Maybe it’s what they call ‘destiny’~?”

 Chako laughs “Hehehe” as we hold a light conversation.
The spring sunlight softly shines on sensei’s hair.

“Why did you join the Photography Club?”

 Sensei glances in our direction while I’m captivated by his hair.
I exchange a look with Chako at his question.

 To get closer to you, sensei.

 Naturally, there’s no way I can say that.
At sensei’s words, I rack my brain in search for an answer.

“Personally, let’s see. ――I want to freeze what I like.”
“Yes. To capture things that don’t change, the way they are. To capture things that change, after they change.”
“Wow, Yui-chan’s really philosophical somehow.”

 Chako’s eyes widen at my words.

“It’s kind of like a riddle.” [Sensei]

 Sensei appears thoughtful as he walks before us.
To pull the wool over these two’s eyes, I chuckle.

“I gave my answer. What about you, Chako?”
“Ah, un. Alright! I’ll say something cool like Yui-chan.”
“Nah, it doesn’t have to be cool y’know?” [Sensei]

 ”Haha,” sensei laughs as he stops in front of the door.
This is the chemistry prep room.
Kuo-sensei teaches science so it seems he’s usually here.

“Go in.”
“Excuse me.”
“Excuse mee.”

 Following sensei who opens the door and enters, Chako and I enter the chemistry prep room.
There are 3 large office desks in the room, cluttered with things like documents and files.
It seems that all the senseis are out at the moment.

“Sit there.”

 Sensei points to the two-seater leather sofa that’s in close proximity once you enter the room.
Feeling somewhat fidgety, Chako and I look around as we sit down.

“Hey hey, Yui-chan, this is kind of nerve-wrecking huh.”

 As the two of us whisper to one another, sensei sits on the folding chair facing us, across a small tea table.

“So, why did you join the Photography Club, Tomonaga?”
“Ah, sure enough, you’re gonna ask? Let’s seeee, I’M ALIVE! I wanted to leave behind proof of that.”

 ”How was it?”, “Wasn’t it cool?”, Chako snorts proudly.
Her jesting appearance is cute but I feel suffocated somehow.
Looking at me like this, Chako tilts her head.

“Huhh? It wasn’t cool?”
“… Mm. It was cool.”
“Ah, thank goodness.”

 Chako laughs “Hehehe”.

“Well, in other words, I basically just want to leave behind records of fun days.”
“Ah, I feel you.” [Yui]

 Sensei gives a deep nod at Chako’s sheepish words.

“Me too.” [Sensei]

 Sensei, seated on the foldable chair, lets slip a laugh.
His amber eyes appear terribly lonely.

“So, as for the reason I called you, Tomonaga. Use the camera I’m no longer using.”

 Sensei immediately erases the colour dwelling in those eyes and looks at Chako with the smile of an adult.
Chako goes, “Erm…” in surprise as she returns sensei’s gaze.

“No can do, no can do.”
“It doesn’t have a strap. As for the lens, I can only lend you the standard one. Is that okay?”
“Ehh? Well, of course that’s more than enough, but…”
“Alright, I’ll bring it tomorrow then.”
“Eh, no, that’s not what I mean? Huhh?”

 She wanted to reject but the conversation progressed steadily.
Chako’s eyes dart about at the unexpected development.

“Kids don’t have to hold back.”

 Sensei looks at Chako with kind eyes.
As Chako looks at me in a troubled manner, I move my head up and down, implying it’s okay to borrow.
Chako alternates between looking at sensei and I for a while. After facing upwards once, she looks at sensei.

“In that case, I won’t hold back… thank you very much.”

 She then laughs shyly.
It’s a smile that seems to be a mixture of gratitude and apology.


 The word unconsciously leaks out when I look at that smile.
What’s with that smile!

“Nah, I can’t beat Yui-chan.”

 Towards I, who was captivated, Chako gives the usual “Hehehe” laugh.
Yea, that smile is cute too.

“So, sensei, did you call me here just to lend me the camera?”
“Aa. ‘Cause it’ll troublesome if it’s thought that I’m favouring anyone.”
“I know right. I’m happy about the camera but everyone will get all ‘hmpf, hmpf’, wouldn’t they.”

 Yep yep, Chako nods all on her own.

“The matter of the camera will be a secret then!”

 It’s a secret between the 3 of us—she laughs playfully.
Somehow, seeing Chako’s various expressions warms my heart.
In this third round, I got to see expressions of Chako that I never saw before.

“I’m, glad I joined the Photography Club.”
“Hmm? What’s the matter suddenly.”
“Let’s take lots of good photos.”

 To capture things that don’t change, the way they are.
――So that Chako can always continue smiling.

“I see you’re getting fired up, Naba. With that pace, do enter contests. If you win a prize, the club will move up the school hierarchy and will get better treatment.”
“Geez, stop it, sensei. Please don’t say worldly things to Yui-chan.”

 To capture things that change, after they change.
――Releasing Chako from being a familiar, giving her freedom.

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 Kuo-sensei is a kind sensei who thinks of his students.
He’s doing a splendid job as the homeroom teacher of Year 1 Class 2. He’s also reliable, be it as a science teacher or an advisor of the club.
With this, there’s no way he’s not popular. Female students are always around him.
However, sensei draws a clear-cut line between himself and the students.
Even if one becomes close to sensei, you won’t see her becoming close to Kuo Teppei.

 Even then, I think Chako is different.

 Putting aside the lending of the camera, it appears that sensei is concerned about Chako.
He probably feels that, as a phantom like her, he has to assist the parentless Chako.
Rather than as a sensei, he’s watching over Chako as the phantom Kuo Teppei.

 It’s like a wish come true for me.

 Sensei should be more concerned about Chako.
The more he knows about Chako, the more he’d want to help her.

 The Strongest Phantom In This World will help Chako.

 I’m betting on that.
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I live a school life with Chako while participating in Photography Club activities.
Before I knew it, the inter-class matches ended.
Kousuke-kun’s team was in a bad condition. In this third round, he lost to Kuo-sensei’s Year 1 Class 2 for the first time.
Kousuke-kun was extremely mortified but as the current Chako and I aren’t very close to him, I only comforted him with a “It really was a pity”.
As we’re on cordial terms with sensei, the distance between Kousuke-kun and us now is the widest so far.
It can’t be helped.
Because to Kousuke-kun, the existence of Chako and I who’re on cordial terms with sensei merely stimulates his complex.

 The month of fresh leaves[1], the Photography Club is hiking today to shoot the mountain scenery.
We went for several off-campus shoots but it’s the first time coming to a mountain.
However, Chako seems to be in thought for some reason and isn’t very excited.

“Hiking… I don’t have good memories of that.”

 Saying so, she follows behind sensei fearfully.
Even though it’s just going up a mountain road, she looks around the surroundings and seems to be terribly vigilant.

“Oi, Tomonaga. You don’t have to worry; nothing will appear.”
“No, sensei. It’ll appear. Rock. A huge one.”
“Ahh… come to think of it, there was something like that some time back.”
“See, I knew it!”
“It’s fine. The roads are being maintained and the construction of a rockfall barrier is completed so there won’t be any accidents.”

 Despite hearing sensei’s words, it seems she can’t settle down; she’s stuck to sensei’s back, refusing to leave.
The entire Photography Club is shocked at her state, that’s unthinkable of the usual Chako.
At Chako’s rare state, sensei goes: “Good grief,” with a sigh. Even then, he climbs slowly for her.
I stay beside Chako for a while but she continues to be so fearful that I quickly overtake her.

“Chakoo! I’ll leave you behind if you don’t hurry up!”

 With that, I turn back and wave.

“You can’t!”

 Chako, who’d been walking slowly, jumps out from sensei’s back and pounces towards me.
As expected of a phantom.
Reaching me in a single bound, she hugs me tightly.

“Eh, … Chako, what’s wrong?”
“You can’t.”
Translated at
 Still hugging me tightly, she looks fixedly at the top of the mountain.
Those eyes are terribly vigilant.
I also look in the direction Chako’s looking at. However, I only see verdant greenery there.


 Perhaps she’s calmed down a little; Chako lets out a soft whisper.
Her voice seems kind of hoarse so I reflexively pat her back with a tap, tap.

“No, it’s okay. Are you not feeling well?”

 A Chako different from usual.
Everyone seems to be worried too. Sensei quietly kneels by Chako’s side.

“Tomonaga, do you want to go back if you’re not feeling well? I’ll send you back.”
“Ah, nah, I’m sorry. I was just a little surprised ‘cos there was a bug.”

 With her face still buried on my shoulder, Chako laughs shyly.

 Chako isn’t afraid of bugs.

 Slightly troubled at the too obvious lie, I look at sensei. Sensei nods.
He then places his hand on her head.
The denim work cap Chako’s wearing lets out a ‘oof’ sound.

“Let’s go then.”

 When I slowly stand up, Chako stands too.
Then, as though nothing happened, sensei walks in front of Chako.
I hold Chako’s hand and follow behind him.

 Along the way, Chako grows somewhat more energetic and we climb as we chat about various things.
It’s idle chatter like how the pink checkered shirt I’m wearing is cute or the striped trekking tights Chako’s wearing is fashionable.
In this manner, Chako gets extremely excited when we finally reach the summit.

“We did ittt!”
Translated at
 She raises a joyful voice at the summit.
She’s so excited that it’s as though it’s a lie that she had been fearful thus far.
『We finally succeeded!』unconcerned that it was a simple hiking you can clear in a day, she acts as though she’s reached the summit of a rather tall mountain.

“Isn’t it great, she seems energetic.”

 Sensei and I laugh, looking at such a Chako.

 Following that, we each take our own photographs.
I, too, had been taking things like the top view of the town and scenery and ladybugs on the grass, but I suddenly realise that Chako’s not around.
The others are also scattered around as they take photos and sensei seems busy as he guides them.
I look around restlessly in search of Chako.

 Chako doesn’t seem to be nearby so I ask the other club members as I search.
When I head towards the direction I think Chako went, there’s an open space once you descend a little from the summit using an animal trail.
Going there in search of Chako, she’s looking up absentmindedly at a huge mountain cherry tree there.
She’d taken off the cap she was wearing just now. The two silky ponytails tied near her ears are fluttering in the wind.


 Among the verdant greenery, a black-haired girl stands beneath a large mountain cherry tree.
Her deep blue eyes have a gentle colour I’ve never seen before.

 Just like a picture…

 As though I’m drawn in, I shoot that figure with the camera hanging from my neck.
The photo of Chako touching a branch of the mountain cherry tree with a gentle side profile, becomes my treasure.
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Please do not repost or steal.

[1] Around May or June.

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