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[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist Chapter 18.1

This is a completely new chapter a.k.a. only present in the revised version.


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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 18 [Part 1]

 It’s Sunday.
 Just like Saturday, it’s an『adjustment day』.
 Although he could be going to meet one of the capturable targets, for some reason I don’t think he’s meeting anyone.

 Let’s not think about him today.
 I head to the library with a purpose.
 To meet Mashiro.
 It came to mind when I talked to Midori yesterday.
 That I want to properly face and converse with Mashiro too.

“Found her!”

 Even in the game, Mashiro’s at the library during weekends.
 Just as I thought, I found her.
 Even the location she’s sitting at is the same as in the game. That’s frightening in itself.

“May I, join you?”
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 Standing beside her, I say.
 The Mashiro today is clad in a simple black dress, appearing much more intellectual than when she’s in the school uniform.
 Mashiro raises her head nonchalantly but reveals an obvious frown at the sight of me.
 It’s kind of surprising.
 I had thought that, if it were Mashiro, she’d insist on completely ignoring me. It’s rare for her show emotions on her face.
 I wonder if the incident on Friday left an impression on her.

“… Sigh.”

 Giving a small sigh, she closes the book and stands up.
 Carrying her bag as though she intends to leave.

“Ah, wait!”

 Feeling the “Be quiet!” gazes from the surroundings, I chase after her in a fluster.

“Say, why are you following me?”

 Leaving the library, I walk on the footpath parallel to the shrubs.
 I don’t know where she’s heading to but I stay staunchly by her side.=

“I said I wanted to be friends with you, didn’t I?”
『Are you an idiot?』
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 Mashiro didn’t voice it out but that’s what her face says.
 Still, I’m not discouraged.

“Hey, why don’t we hang out together?”

 There’s no response.
 She might have thought that it’s useless to talk to me.
 Alright, if that’s her plan, then…

“Come on!”

 Grabbing Mashiro’s hand, I pull her.
 There’s a place perfect for hanging out.
 It conveniently happens to be in the direction we’re moving in so I’m seizing hold of her!

“Let go!”

 She tries to stop but as if I’m going to pay her any attention.
 Linking our arms, I firmly secure her and pull her forcibly.
 The passers-by carry looks of suspicions but I’m not concerned.
 I’ll definitely become friends with her today!

“… Sigh.”

 She sighs and stops resisting, perhaps because she’d given up.
 My persistence won.

 Speaking of『persistence and insistence』, that guy comes to mind.
 I wonder what he said to her when he chased her on Friday?
 I’m a little concerned but… this won’t do, didn’t I decide not to think about him?
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“Why do I have to come to a place like this with you?”

 A colorful and exciting scene spreads out before us.
 The enlivened shrieks of many people streak past above us.
 It’s the roller coaster.

 Mashiro and I are at the amusement park now.

“Why not? Besides, you don’t have to pay for the tickets!”

 I had a two-person ticket.
 I had my mother pass me the one she received.
 I got it with the intention of giving it to Ei-kun, who’d became a human obstacle, as thanks. But I ended up using it.
 Sorry, Ei-kun.
 I’ll thank you with something else!

“Hey, what do you want to ride?”
“Actually, I want to go home.”
“Hey, what do you want to ride?”
“… Anything will do.”

 I won.
 I’m pleased you realized that resistance is futile.
 I totally didn’t see you sighing with annoyance.

“In that case, that!”

 What I point at is the roller coaster that streaked past above us just now.
 Mashiro’s enthusiasm is at an all time low now. However, she may come to enjoy it if she screams in a loud voice.

 There’s a moderate number of visitors for this amusement park. It’s not that there aren’t many people but comparatively, one can ride the attractions without much queuing.
 Perhaps because there’s several types of roller coasters and thereby the visitors are dispersed, the one I queue up and pull Mashiro towards can be ridden immediately in about 10 minutes.
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“To tell the truth, I’m not the most comfortable with roller coasters but what about you, Hitsujino-san?”

 Mashiro looks calm and completely undisturbed as she faces the front.

 On the other hand, I said to ride the roller coaster hoping to raise her enthusiasm but I’m actually bad with thrill rides.
 Right now, looking at the tracks to find out what I’ll be suffering through, the ups and downs are more harsh and intense than they had appeared to be from afar.
 What should I do, I shouldn’t have said to ride this!
 I can’t go『Let’s not after all!』now that I invited her. I feel severe regret.

“Looks scary… Doesn’t it make one’s heart thump?”
“Not really.”
“You’re not scared? Amazing!”

 The queue decreases steadily and our turn arrives in no time.
 We didn’t even wait for 10 minutes.
 You could’ve given me more time to prepare myself!

“The next guest, this way please!”

 An older sister guides us cheerfully, clad in a showy uniform that’s in the red theme colour of this amusement park.
 My footsteps are heavy but Mashiro’s advancing briskly as though it’s no big deal.
 She’s moving as though she’s leading me instead.
 Perhaps she’s quite eager?
Translated at
 The roller coaster has a slim airframe. The old, typical cliché where only 2 people can sit in each row.
 It feels less thrilling than the large attractions in the latest amusement parks, making me feel slightly relieved but…

“Of all seats, we had to be at the front!?”

 Mashiro and I are at the head.

“The view is good, isn’t it?”

 It looks scary because the view is good.
 Secured by the belt, ding-a-ling, the bell rings and we depart.
 UWAHH, scary, I shouldn’t have gotten on after all!
 Closing my eyes and putting strength in my abdomen, I take on an enduring stance.
 Rattle, as it slowly moves towards the peak, I sneak a glance at Mashiro… she looks happy.
 She’s not smiling but her eyes are glittering, that’s how it feels like.
 It’s good that you’re happy but it’s impossible for m—… UWAAAHH!!

 We arrive at the peak as I was looking at Mashiro and the roller coaster begins to run.
 I close my eyes tightly but being assaulted by a floating sensation, I feel like escaping.
 Please give it a rest already!


 I was surprised to hear a happy voice beside me.
 The one beside me is Mashiro so I believe Mashiro’s the one laughing but it’s a laughter one’d not imagine from the usual Mashiro.
 I want to see her face but I can’t bring myself to open my eyes.
 Ah, sheesh, end already!!!

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