Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 11.2

Sensei’s part ends. Alternate POV (Chako, anecdote c2).


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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 11 – The Strongest Phantom In This World 2 [Part 2]

 After the Cultural Festival, sensei and I begin to practice suppressing his power.
We can’t exactly do it in front of Chako so it can’t be helped that I end up spending less time with her.
It appears that my power can easily influence the other if I touch them.
Thinking of the times with Kousuke-kun and Tomotaka-senpai, I create an image in my head and make it flow along the area I’m touching.

 As one would expect, there’s no way I can kiss sensei so we slowly practice while holding hands.
Holding hands, I sense the power within sensei’s body.
Even now, sensei’s power seems like it’s about to overflow from his body.
I put in my power like I’m trying to blanket his.
Next, press, I suppress the overflowing power.

“How is it? Sensei.”
“Aah, I see that the power is considerably suppressed.”

 As usual, we’re practicing in the chemistry preparation room after the other teachers leave.

 Today’s Valentine’s Day.
A silver full moon shines in the night sky.
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“Sensei. Chako will definitely come if we do this.”
“… You say prophesy-like things at times, Naba.”
“I’m the Priestess of Ominous Clouds after all.”
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 Chuckling, I lean towards sensei’s face.
Desperately recalling the experiences built from our practice so far, I gently touch his lips.
Different from holding hands, I can sense power flowing into his body instantaneously.

“With this, I guess I can live a long life.”

 Haha, sensei laughs playfully.
His amber eyes then quickly turn to the window.

“… So they’ve come.”

 It’ll be fine, won’t it? He slowly pats my head when I stare at his face.

“I’ll do what I can. The rest is up to you, Naba.”

 Hugging me, sensei opens the window. Whoosh, he jumps down to the sports ground.
He jumped from the 3rd level but landed without any pain.

“Kamo. What do you want?”

 Looking at the end of the grounds, sensei laughs boldly.
Tomotaka-senpai goes: “Good grief” as he shrugs.

“I guess it’s futile to compete with a fox even if it’s me. Still, I must do what I can.”
“That’s convenient. I find it a pain to dawdle around.――Right, Tomonaga?”
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 The shadow standing beside Tomotaka-senpai shudders.
Her eyebrows becomes like the 八 character as she looks at sensei.

“Ah… I’m sorry. Sensei.”
“I thought I was looking after you but, is this how you repay me?”
“Sorry, I’m truly grateful. Yes.”

 Chako’s eyes wander around restlessly.
Perhaps feeling guilty, she didn’t look at me.

“The idle talk ends here. Chako, go at it moderately. Run immediately once you think you can’t.”

 At senpai’s order, the form of a large, light brown wolf appears.
Seeing that, sensei also transforms into a large, golden fox. His amber eyes look at me.

“It’s in your hands.”

 With that single sentence, he leaps towards the brown wolf.
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 The fight was lopsided.
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 Just like the previous round, the golden fox’s attacks quickly whittled down the brown wolf’s body.
The brown wolf’s recovery is unable to keep up and it’s having a tough fight.

 It will be fine.
It will be fine.

 Looking at Chako’s painful expression, my heart pricks with pain. However, this is for the sake of freeing Chako.
I didn’t hear a concrete method from sensei but I believe in him.
The practice we did so far. My suppressing of sensei’s power. These will become the links to save Chako.
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“Enough, Chako!”

 Unable to abide the brown wolf’s agony, Tomotaka-senpai’s voice resounds.
Looking at him with its tired, golden eyes, it turns around in order to retreat.

“――I won’t let you escape.”

 However, the golden fox envelops the brown wolf that had turned its body.
Sandwiched between the ground and the golden fox, the brown wolf moves its forefeet as its face distorts in pain.
It desperately struggles, yet doesn’t manage to escape.


 The golden fox bites the brown wolf’s neck brutally.
The brown wolf’s death cry resounds.

 My breath was taken away at the sight.

 No way.
This can’t be true.

 My body freezes, stupefied at the unbelievable development.
Meanwhile, a large amount of blood flows from the brown wolf’s neck as it dissipates into the ground.
The golden fox’s howl echoes.

“Chako’s… Chako’s…”

 Unable to believe the scene before my eyes, I spill only that name from my mouth as though I’m delirious.

 Sensei said he’d save Chako.
We’d continuously practiced how to suppress his power. Even then.
Having eaten Chako, sensei will probably be unable to control his power and will go berserk.

“… Why did you eat Chako?”

 It appears that Tomotaka-senpai didn’t expect this development either. One can make out frustration from his words.
The golden fox ate the brown wolf.
That will probably be the trigger for The Strongest Phantom In This World to turn berserk.
Only a terrifying scene remains ahead of that.

“Your power alone had you at wits’ end so what are you thinking, eating another phantom?”

 I hear a voice with a derisive tone from behind me, who was stunned.
Swiftly turning around at the voice incompatible with this setting, there’s a boy, smirking as his black hair flutters in the wind.
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“Abe, -kun…”

 Abe Yuusei.
Why is The Peerless Onmyouji here?

 Abe-kun casually raises a hand at my voice.

“Hey. What’s that, that’s incredibly dicey, eh. Kamo probably can’t suppress it alone. I guess I’ll help out.”

 Tomotaka-senpai seems to be using some technique; a black rope-like object binds the golden fox tightly.
Leisurely watching that, Abe-kun walks to my front.
He then cracks his neck.

“Strong phantoms really gets one fired up. Besides, him being berserk means I can knock him down. … Aaah, I want to dissect him.”

 The black eyes behind the glasses sparkle.
After muttering something, he directs a hand in the direction of the golden fox that’s restricted by Tomotaka-senpai’s technique.
At the moment, white light converges and scatters in the surroundings of the golden fox like a haze.
The face of the golden fox distorts in pain when he inhales that.

“I guess I’ll start by going at it inchmeal from the inside. … Ah, but Kamo’s technique will end, huh?”
Translated at
 As Abe-kun mutters, the rope binding the golden fox is torn off and dispersed.
At the same time, the golden fox breaks out from the white haze and looks at Abe hatefully.
There’s no light in those amber eyes.

 Seeing that, I suddenly recall sensei’s words.

『The rest is up to you, Naba.』
『It’s in your hands.』

 That’s right.
It’s me.
I have to do it.

 I practiced how to suppress sensei’s power.
I may be able to suppress the currently berserk sensei.

“Abe-kun! I want you to bring me to sensei’s face!”
“Ahh? You’ll die, y’know?”
“I’ll leave it to you!”

 Not waiting for a reply or a rejection, I dash to the golden fox.
I’ve a feeling Abe-kun clicked his tongue behind me but I turn a deaf ear.

“Oi, Kamo! Bind him again!”
“… I was planning to, even if you didn’t ask.”

 It seems that senpai was already preparing to use his technique consecutively. A black rope-like object binds the golden fox again.

“Get on!”

 Hearing Abe-kun’s voice, I turn back. A large amulet-like thing flies towards me.
Hurriedly getting on it, it shoots towards the golden fox’s head. It’s like a flying carpet.

 Suppress the power.
As though I’m blanketing sensei’s power with a veil…

 Recalling the event some time ago, I lean my body towards the mouth which ferocious fangs peek out from.
I feel amber eyes glancing at me but without shaking the gaze off, I place my hand on the fang.
Next, I slowly kiss the upper right fang.
Translated at
 I can sense sensei’s power and some black power in his body.
Concentrating on sensei’s power, I focus on suppressing it.

 I suppose it went well.
The large body of the fox dissipates and a young man with golden hair lies on the ground.


 Still carrying me, the large amulet slowly descends and completes its duty.
I rush over to sensei and hug his body.
Sensei’s eyebrows press together for a moment before he raises his body.
Moving away from me, he looks all over his body as his eyebrows turns into the 八 shape, unsettled.

“… What should I do. Yui-chan.”

 It’s sensei’s face, and sensei’s voice.
However, he calls me『Yui-chan』with an expression like Chako’s.

“… Are you Chako?”

 Staring unmovingly at sensei, I ask. Sensei laughs with a face on the brink of tears.
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“Sensei said he’d give me this body… that he’ll be deep inside, suppressing the power…”
“Ohh, it sure turned out interesting.”

 As we exchange glances, an amused voice comes from behind.

“Two consciousnesses in a single body, huh… Aah, I want to dissect it.”

 Turning back, Abe-kun’s eyes are shining behind his glasses.
I can feel sensei’s body trembling at the somewhat dangerous ambience.

“Is it Chako?”

 With bewilderment in his deep blue eyes, Tomotaka-senpai looks at sensei.
Sensei gives a deep nod.

“I see… But it seems you’re no longer my familiar.”

 Tomotaka-senpai closes his eyes as though confirming something before he slowly opens them and speaks.

 Chako was freed from being a familiar.

 What I’ve been waiting anxiously for.
However, my heart doesn’t feel enlivened.

“Sorry, Chako. It’s my fault. It’s because I told sensei…”

 That I want him to save Chako.

 Sensei said he’d snatch Chako from Tomotaka-senpai.
True enough, she’s no longer Tomotaka-senpai’s.
Still, it’s no good.

 Even if Chako continues to live like this, she’ll never be able to leave sensei.
She’s freed from being a familiar… however, she’s subsequently caught by sensei.

Chako’s face is still on the brink of tears.


 Sensei[1] closes his eyes once and slowly takes a deep breath.
When he opens his eyes again, it’s a look of bright laughter.

“Don’t worry. Sensei is here.”

 Chako slowly holds my hand.

“Sensei’s deep inside now but, I’ll switch places with him. Sensei, it seems that his power is so strong that he can’t exactly live a long life but… I’ll always be suppressing sensei’s power.”

 Following that, she places her hand gently on my cheek, wiping my tears.

“With this, sensei and Yui-chan can live together, always. … It’s the True End.”

 Sensei laughs, looking satisfied.
Translated at
 Ahh. Again.
It ended up like this again.

“What will happen to you if you switch places, Chako?”
“I wonder…, the one in control will be sensei so I guess I’ll always be within sensei, in a sleep-like state?”
“That’s… it’s the same as disappearing.”

 Not wanting Chako to leave, I tightly grab her hand back.
Even then, after laughing in a troubled manner, Chako closes her eyes.
Surely, it’s to switch places with sensei.

 I turn behind and look up at Abe-kun.

“… Can my power, become even stronger?”
“Let’s see, it can probably get stronger if you train under me. To think you could, not only grant power to phantoms, but can even suppress them. Interesting.”
Translated at
The black eyes behind the glasses shine as they look at me.

 I will get strong.

 The Peerless Onmyouji said so. There’s no mistake.

 That’s right. I’m the Priestess of Ominous Clouds.
Achieving anything.
I have the power to do that.

 Let’s get stronger next time.

 Chako was caught by sensei because I relied on him.
In that case, I should save Chako with my own power.

“I’ll come and meet you.”

 To that morning.
No matter how many times it takes.

Translated at
Please do not repost or steal.

『The Strongest Phantom In This World』Kuo Teppei True End achieved.
『The Peerless Onmyouji』route has been unlocked.
Translated at

[1] As though she’s adapting to Chako being in sensei’s body, Yui starts with referring to Chako-in-sensei’s-body as ‘sensei’, then uses ‘sensei’ and ‘Chako’ interchangeably, and by the end she completely switches to ‘Chako’.

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11 thoughts on “Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 11.2

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Huh… For some reason I feel like this ending was a bit abrupt. Maybe it’s because it’s been a while and it feels like the pace is broken up? Even then, I was expecting this to have as much impact and feel as emotional as the last two endings. Not that I don’t feel for Yui, after all just when she thought for sure, Chako decided to disappear instead.

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    1. I guess also because Yui recovered faster this time compared to the previous two. She quickly decided on the next course of action instead of grieving.


      1. That and also she now has had more examples of what to do. She used to flounder, but now she knows she can change things, so knows that this isn’t going to be permanent anyway. Bough she really needs to unlock the harem route xD getting each character one by one doesn’t seem to do the trick

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    2. I kind of felt the same way. I think what happened is that time loop stories have the potential to stagnate, due both to the predictability of the plot and the loss of real consequences. Great time loop stories find some way to deal with this. My favorites, like Steins;Gate or Madoka Magica, tend to focus on the feelings of disconnect. Others add in a sort of restriction on the looping. We haven’t really gotten anything of those sort from this story yet, but I’m looking forward to where this goes.

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    1. It’s an otome game thing. In many otoges, every capture target has at least a True End (best ending), a Normal End and a Bad End.


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