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[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist Chapter 18.2

This is a completely new chapter a.k.a. only present in the revised version.


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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 18 [Part 2]

“I-It was scary…”

 My hair’s a mess and I’m mentally spent too.
 I feel older than I was before getting on the ride.

“I guess it wasn’t too bad.”

 Mashiro seems fine… actually, her eyes are seriously glittering.

“Let’s get on that next.”

 I’m happy she’s starting to enjoy herself to the point of bringing up what she wants next. However, I feel some despair when I look towards the attraction she points at.
 The high-rise iron tower before my eyes.
 It’s the vertical drop『fall type』thrill machine.

“Another thrill ride!?”
“You don’t want to? Let’s leave then.”
“N, No, I’m good! Let’s go!”
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 Now that she used leaving as a buffer, I no longer have the right to reject.
 Thinking positively, compared to the roller coaster which has a long ride duration, this ends in an instant so the terror is probably milder.
 Sure enough, there wasn’t much waiting time for me to prepare myself.
 I wish you’d at least give me time to write the『人』character on my hand[1].
 Calm down, calm down, me!

“So high! NOOOOOOOO!!”

 It isn’t mild at all!
 I realise it’s higher than expected when we reach the top. And as I’m flustered, it falls.
 It doesn’t take long. However, in exchange, it feels concentrated and is thus scary.
 I don’t really care about my original purpose already… maybe I should go home.

“I may want to leave already…”
“Let’s go.”

 No matter how you look at it, the face of Mashiro who’s walking briskly appears to be fully enjoying her time now.
 Moreover, directly ahead of the direction she’s walking towards is, as expected…

Translated at
 It’s a different roller coaster from what we rode at the beginning.
 Looking at how it moves, it seems like a hanging type where the legs of the passengers dangle.
 It looks scary from every angle!
 I shouldn’t leave halfway when I’m the one who invited her but, honestly, I think it’s better that I default from this.

“That, may be impossible for me!!”
“『May』be impossible? You are uncertain, aren’t you? You will be certain once you ride it. Let’s go.”
“Ehhh!? Ahh… okay.”

 My reserved side was at work so I didn’t speak with certainty and my default wasn’t acknowledged. It’s painful that I get reserved at odd times.
 Mashiro’s already queuing up as I hang my head.
 She’s sending me a gaze that says “Hurry up and get over here”.
 Yes, I will be there shortly… even though I don’t want to go.

 The ride this time may be a popular one because we’ve to wait a little.
 Now that I’m granted a stay of execution[2], my only thought is: Hurry up and do it!

“I wonder how long it’s going to take; I want to get on soon. Look, it’s quite speedy right from the start. Seems fun.”
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 Unable to say even an『I agree』out of social etiquette, I could only force a smile.
 Her words have started to come out in streams and her tone of voice conveyed her excitement.
 Although I’ll probably age 10 years by getting on this, I’ll just quietly open Urashima’s casket[3] since Mashiro’s having so much fun.

“The next guest, this way please!”

 Aah, it’s finally time for the execution.
 I trail after Mashiro who replied with what I made out to be an energetic voice.

 ――Thus, I was reduced to ashes.

“Okay, next is—”
“I beg you… please skip the thrill rides once…!”

 Standing unsteadily on my feet, I begged.
 I don’t mind collapsing and grovelling right now, so please have mercy!
 The ground appears to be shifting, the voices of people and the lively music sound distant.
 Ah, I may really be on my last legs.

“Fine. You can choose the next one.”
“! Thank you!”
Translated at
 My emotions might have destabilised due to fear; I almost cry out loud at the unexpected mercy.
 Thank you, really!
 I feel like jumping at Mashiro with the same intensity as someone who『reunites with their long-lost mother』.
 I held back because if I really did so, she may leave even though she finally opened her heart.
 Ah… thank goodness…
 My energy recovers once I think that we don’t have to get on a thrill ride.
 Alright, I’m revived!
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“Hmm, what should we do?”

 I open up the brochure with high spirits.
 There’s something I’ve been interested in.
 It didn’t take long to find it.
 Conveniently enough, it’s just some distance ahead.
 Pointing to Mashiro that『it’s over there』, I begin to walk.
 The legs that had been as heavy as lead are now as light as feathers.

“There it is!! Kyah it looks so fun!”

 Mashiro’s face twitched at me, who’s jumping up and down enthusiastically.
Translated at
“Could it be, you’re bad with things like this?”

 Spread out before us is a pitch black『box-like』building.
 At its apex is a sign that writes『The Medical Ward of Decay』in an eerie font with dripping blood.
 It’s a maze-like haunted house with a hospital as its theme.


 Screams can be heard from within the building.
 I grow even more excited while Mashiro’s face turns dark.

“We don’t have to if you’re scared though?”
“I’m fine!”

 She seems surprisingly unwilling to admit defeat as she heroically advances to the queue.
 I’ve seen this attraction in magazines and it’s popular so we’ve to wait.
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“Are you okay, Hitsujino-san?”

 It took about 20 minutes before we reached our turn but Mashiro didn’t say a word during that time.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting. Do take care~”

 I’m excited enough to feel like high-fiving the personnel older sister who’s seeing us off. However, the person reluctantly walking beside me is lifeless.
 She’s exuding an aura such that I won’t be surprised if she tells me that she’s actually one of the haunted house staff.

“Eh? H, haaaaaah!?”
“Yay, there’s so many zombies!!”

 The『Decay』in The Medical Ward of Decay refers to zombies.
 A mysterious virus was spread, turning the people in the hospital into zombies.
 It’s a story of them breaking out from the ward.
 It’s commonplace in recent zombie works, isn’t it? A『mysterious virus』. I’m so excited!
Translated at
 We’ve been chased by zombie patients and nurses ever since our entrance.
 They’re slowly coming towards us as their bodies sway.
 It’s dark so I can’t see it clearly but their make-up and clothes are all spot-on and high quality.
 I want to snap a photo!
 Can we take a commemorative photograph together!
 I want to shoot them biting a head.

“What are you doing! Hurry up!”
“Eh, let’s enjoy it for a while longer.”
“I’ll be going first!”
“Are you okay on your on own? Will you be fine?”
“… Hurry up.”
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 Mashiro’s extremely cute.
 I’m not the scum but my heart squeezed.
 I understand the feeling of wanting to hold another person’s hand.

 Rushed by Mashiro and chased by zombies, we busily move through the dark passenge.

“No more, I want out, I want out, I want out…”

 Mashiro seems overwrought enough to repeatedly chant that she wants out.
 We did encounter other guests so I don’t think she needs to be so scared though.


 A loud sound came from the door we passed by, as though something had collided.
 I see Mashiro’s shoulders jump.
 I was surprised by the sound too.
 As the door opens on its own, whissh, a large amount of smoke spews out.
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 After hearing Mashiro’s voice that seems to be saying『Enough already!』, something big comes out from the door.

“S-something’s coming!”
“It sure is! What is it, I can’t really see. Shall we go and welcome it?”
“Are you an idiot! We must escape… let us escape! Let’s escape!?”

 When I stare while standing still, I vaguely begin to see that figure.
 A looming, black body.
 Of about 2 metres tall.
 Ah, it’s that!
 The type you definitely can’t beat in games!

“It’s here! An evolved zombie! SO COOL!”
Translated at
 It may have been a patient or some test subject for it’s wearing a black hospital gown.
 There’s something like internal organs stuck to its face and its appearance is grotesque.
 The latest special make-up is too amazing!
 It chases us as it bumps towards its left and right.
 This is bad, it’s scary! It’s so scary that it’s fun!

“I can’t take it anymore, let’s get out quicklyyy!”

 The usually calm Mashiro’s running with a contorted face that’s about to cry.
 This is surely a rare appearance of hers. Perhaps even the scum has yet to seen it?
 When I run while looking at Mashiro, we reached the exit before we knew it.
 Ah, I haven’t seen enough of the evolved zombie, darn!

“Congratulations for returning alive safely! Well done.”

 At the exit, we receive a sweet that states『vaccine』.
 It’s nice that they pay attention to such details.
 Nonetheless, I regret not having seen enough of the evolved zombie.

“Shall we take a rest, Hitsujino-san?”
“… Good idea.”

 The opinions of I, with slumped shoulders, and the tired Mashiro, coincide.
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Please read at the translator’s site. Thanks!

[1] You might have seen this in anime/manga. There’s a belief that writing the character for human/man (人) on your palm thrice and swallowing it helps to calm nerves.
[2] Stay of execution.
[3] Tamatebako, from a Japanese fairy tale. Basically a box/casket you shouldn’t open no matter what.

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