Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 12.1

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 12 – The Peerless Onmyouji [Part 1]

 I wake up.

 Unlike before, there’s no tears streaming down my cheeks.
Because Chako wiped them for me.

 Picking up the familiar smartphone in the familiar room, I confirm the date.
I’ve successfully returned to the day of the entrance ceremony.

 … It was another failure.
Translated at
 Chako didn’t agree to live in sensei’s body and chose to sleep deep within him.
Although she didn’t disappear, it differed from my wish.

 Even then――it wasn’t entirely a failure.

 Relying on sensei, I had discovered a new way to use my power as the Priestess of Ominous Clouds.
I can do more than granting power. I can also suppress it.
I can definitely do more.

 Yes, I saw a little bit of hope.

 Chako was still Chako even in sensei’s body.
Although she was Chako, her contract with Tomotaka-senpai had ended.
The contract that was said to remain until one of them disappears, had ended.

 I may be able to do it.
I need to be stronger for that.

 Abe-kun, who helped me at the end.
If it’s him, the『The Peerless Onmyouji』, he should be able to teach me how to use this power.

Translated at
Please do not repost or steal.

 My 4th entrance ceremony and HR period ended.
Barely anyone are left in the classroom by now.
Before, I had called out to Chako who sits directly in front of me and went home with her.
But it’s different this time.
Standing up, I head for the first seat by the corridor.

Translated at
 Abe-kun raises his head and looks at me when I stand beside his desk and call out.
The black eyes behind his glasses reflect my image.

“I’ve something to say. Can I speak with you alone?”

 Lowering the volume of my voice, I stare into those eyes.
To Abe-kun, it’s like a stranger calling out to him.
So I thought it’d be natural for him to give me a dubious look but Abe-kun’s eyes narrow in amusement.

“Sure thing. Follow me.”

 Saying so, Abe-kun stands up and walks towards the corridor.
Why? What for? I thought he’d question me like that. However, it appears that Abe-kun intends to speak with me without even asking for the reason.
I started over several times before but had never spoken to Abe-kun much.
Therefore, I don’t really know what kind of a person he is.
At any rate, I must get Abe-kun to make me strong.
Even if I must be somewhat forceful… was what I thought. Still, it’s convenient that he’s willing to listen to me without question.

 I follow Abe-kun and step out of the classroom door.
I can feel a gaze stabbing into my back.
It must be Chako looking at me. Did my actions surprise her?

I’ll get strong, okay?

 I chase after Abe-kun without turning back.
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Please do not repost or steal.

 Moving ahead on the corridor, we pass through the crossover.
From there, we enter the old school building and climb up to the 4th floor.
Where’s Abe-kun going?
Abe-kun enters a room as I curiously follow him.

“Welcome to the Occult Research Club.”

 He turns around and looks at me, spreading his hands.
I laugh a little at his gesture that’s like one you may find in a manga.

“Occult Research Club?”
“Yep. Well, I’m the only member tho.”
“An onmyouji… researching the occult?”
“Yeah. It’s fun y’know, this.”
“We just ended the entrance ceremony so how are you already in a club?”
“‘Cos I had stuff to do and came to school in spring break.”
Translated at
 As Abe-kun encourages me to sit on a chair, he takes a seat on the chair opposite me.
Kuku, he laughs as those eyes shine dubiously.

“So, what was it you wanted to tell me?”

 He looks at me with a piercing gaze.
Receiving that gaze, I take a slow, deep breath.
After which I stare at the eyes behind those glasses.

“It’s about… what I’m doing.”

 Abe-kun will definitely believe me.
Let’s tell him everything.
I will get strong.

 Thus, I told him all that has happened so far.

 About Chako, a phantom different from others.
And the relationship between Tomotaka-senpai and her.
Translated at
 About how my granting power to Kousuke-kun caused him to berserk.
About how Tomotaka-senpai and sensei fought after I granted senpai power.
About how sensei’s and Chako’s egos stayed in sensei’s body after his power was suppressed.

 About me turning back time.
About Chako always disappearing without fail.

 Appearing like he’s having fun and is full of interest, Abe-kun listened to all I had to say.
Seeming rather contemplative, a dubious light dwells in those eyes of his.

“――In other words, you redid this year several times in order to save that weird phantom. Am I right?”
“Which round is it today?”
“The 4th.”

 Haha, Abe-kun laughs loudly.

“Nice, very nice! You sure are great!”
“… Nah, I don’t think I’m great.”

 Because it means that I failed thrice.
Translated at
“You’re collecting information and searching for an answer as you turn back time, aren’t you? Isn’t that nice? It sure gets one fired up!”
“But, I haven’t found the answer…”

 I suppose Abe-kun believed me.
Judging from how he entered the Occult Research Club, he probably likes this kind of strange phenomenons.
Unable to share Abe-kun’s enthusiasm, I give a small sigh.
Perhaps seeing that I’m not quite getting fired up calmed him down a little. Abe-kun takes on a slightly pensive look.

“Fumu. So she disappeared all 3 times, you say… it may be the thing called ‘fate’.”


 Abe-kun’s nonchalant words stab my heart coldly.

“… How can it be? Are you saying that Chako’s fated to disappear no matter what?”

 My voice roughens at the words I didn’t want to hear.

I don’t know such a fate.
I won’t acknowledge such a fate.
Translated at
“Ah, my bad. That’s not what I meant.”

 Abe-kun scratches his head apologetically at me, who had stood up and am leaning forward.

“You want to change it even if it’s ‘fate’, right?”

 The black eyes behind his glasses look at me.
Breathing roughly and with a stormy heart, “Un,” I nod.

“I want to get strong. I want to save Chako with this power.”

 That’s right. Even if it’s fate.
I just have to get strong.
I’ll save Chako.
I’m the Priestess of Ominous Clouds after all.

“Abe-kun, I want you to make me strong.”

 I look up at Abe-kun. The corners of his mouth rise.
Translated at
“Sure thing. I’ll make you strong. To the degree that you can be considered a rival of I,『The Peerless Onmyouji』. 

 Such provocative words.
I slowly nod.

 『The Peerless Onmyouji』’s rival.
Sure. I’ll show you I can become that.

“Maybe you should stop calling me『Abe-kun』in that case.”
“I can’t quite bring myself to like being called by surname. I’m the young master of the Abe family after all. It’s annoying because it seems like that’s how I’m being addressed.”

 I manage to nod at Abe-kun who was agitated enough to snort.
Come to think of it, after I entered the Student Council, Tomotaka-senpai didn’t like being called『Kamo-senpai』either.
He may have felt the same way as Abe-kun.

“Can I call you Yuusei-kun then?”
“Yeah, that.”
“Alright. Once again, Yuusei-kun, please make me your rival.”
“Sure thing. Knock yourself out.”

 Yuusei-kun laughs, satisfied.
Under the soft sunlight, his eyes look at me with amusement.
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Please do not repost or steal.

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13 thoughts on “Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 12.1

    1. Maybe she wouldn’t die, but I got the impression in this chapter that Yui wants to save Chako from the contract as well, which will require some trick.


  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    For some reason I feel like I’m getting chills just from imagining Yuusei Abe’s character. Chako must be wondering what she’s going to do now that Yui’s gone a totally different route than what she was expecting. I’m sure she didn’t think that Yui would go to speak with the heir of the Abe household right off the bat on day 1. Yui must be feeling pretty cornered now if she’s coming out and explaining everything that she’s been through to a total stranger she’s optimistically betting on. Feels like the story’s far from over though.

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    1. For what it’s worth, if I remember correctly, Chako (internal monologued) said that he only actually knew/played through one route, which I think was Tomotaka’s. Aside from that, I think he said he just knew who the other capture targets were (but not their route particulars) and that a secret target he didn’t know the name of existed.

      So he’d probably just assume this was how Abe’s route starts and go with the flow.


      1. The only route and ending Chako played was Kousuke’s. From the way Chako speaks when Yui gets the other True Ends, you kinda get the impression Chako doesn’t know how the other routes go.


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