Escape Galge Protagonist

[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist Chapter 19

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 19

“I was surprised that you like thrill rides, Hitsujino-san.”

 The two of us sit on a bench after getting tea and churros from the mobile food cart.
 Mashiro turns her face away in embarrassment when I look at her.

“That’s my line, I was surprised that you like haunted houses… zombies. Though, you do look like you’d pretend to be scared even though you’re fine as you cling onto a man’s arm.”
“I won’t do that.”

 Is that my image in Mashiro’s head?
 That kind of hurts.
 But let’s see… That does seem like the me before I remembered my past life.
 It’s sad that I can’t deny that.

“Aoi-senpai being deceived by your burikko[1] act… I’ve always been annoyed about that.”

 The shock I received was though a rock had fallen onto my head.
 I-Is that so… I only thought of myself as『cunning』but I guess it can’t be helped if I’m judged as burikko.
 Aah, this razor-sharp deadly weapon spelled as『burikko』is going to remain stabbed in my heart for some time.

“Even though you were so clingy, you’re now pushing him away and even changing the way you speak. If it’s interpreted as you no longer needing to put on the burikko act because he’s not your goal anymore… you’re horrifying. Truly a disgusting woman.”
“Th-that’s not it!”
Translated at
 What a terrible misunderstanding.
 Although I’m well aware that the cause for this interpretation lies with me, it’s too much.
 I want to resolve this misunderstanding but I can’t say that『it’s because I recalled my past life』.
 It’s vexing how I can only say『That’s not it』.

“Who knows. It seriously doesn’t matter to me though.”
“No can do! It’s sad being misunderstood by a friend.”
Please read at the translator’s site. Thanks!
 『We aren’t friends』, her eyes say.
 I thought I managed to open her heart considerably in the amusement park but is it still not enough?

“… ‘Friend’, you say. I don’t need that.”
“It’s nothing but a nuisance. That sentiment intensifies the more I spend time with you.

 It hurts, Mashiro’s words stab at me.
 They may have already penetrated through me.

“Having tea breaks, buying clothes and going out to play. These all costs money. If you don’t conform with that, you’ll be left behind.”
“Truly a nuisance.”
Translated at
 I didn’t see that in the game but did this occurrence become her bitter memory?
 Mashiro’s family are financially troubled and with her personality, she probably wouldn’t ask for pocket money.
 From young, she could only endure even if she wanted the same sweets or toys as her friends.
 Seeing as she’d endured and given up on a good deal of things, I hope that her romance with Kagurazaka Aoi would bring her happiness. However…

 There’s no problem if he’s truly sincere, if he truly cares for Mashiro.
 I was under the impression that he’s a scum, but if he has a change of heart and things go well between Mashiro and him…

“Torida-san? What’s the matter, spacing out?”
“Ah, my bad.”

 『Are you really okay with things going well between Mashiro and him?』
 It felt like the voice in my heart said that.
 It’s as though, behind the me who smilingly answers『All’s well if that brings Mashiro happiness!』, is a me who hides herself silently, unable to say the truth.

 … Good, keep hiding.
 Mashiro’s more important than him right now.
Translated at
“Aren’t you friends because you can stay together even without forcibly conforming? Can’t we be friends like that?”
“No hesitation, huh…”

 I’m really hated, aren’t I.
 I was turned away at the door.
 What’s to be done!?

“My family, is a fatherless one. I really wanted to be brought to the amusement park when I was young.”

 Mashiro mutters when I was strategizing how to be friends with her.
 When I peek at her face, her eyes are chasing a group consisting of a student and his family passing by in front of us.

“I’ve never eaten something like this either.”

 Saying that, her gaze falls on the half-eaten churros in her hand.
 Perhaps looking at the coming and going people in the park or our talk about friends gave rise to some thoughts; Mashiro quietly begins to speak.

“Mother’s always not around. Honestly, I was lonely. Still, I know it’s for my sake so there’s nothing I can do, right? I can only endure. … Wait, what am I saying. Just forget that.”

 I don’t know what to say to her.
 Words like『It was tough on you』or『You’ve worked hard, haven’t you』are too thoughtless and I couldn’t bring myself to say them.
Translated at
 Looking at Mashiro’s eyes, I nod silently.
 Perhaps it got awkward when I smile slightly as our eyes meet; “Humph!” she snorts, turning her face away.

“… This amusement park, senpai brought me here too.”

 I don’t know whether she wanted to change the topic or it suddenly came to her mind, but Mashiro opened her mouth.

“I see.”

 Truth be told, me too.
 I confirmed it when I tailed him previously but he also brought other girls.
 What a hopeless scum.
 Is he out with other dateable girls right now?

“Don’t tell me, you came here too?”

 I guess my tangled vibes were conveyed.
 Mashiro perceived it.

“… Yeah.”
“How vexing.”
“I know right!?”
“I mean you.”
Translated at
 I’m one of the victims too.
 Isn’t it strange that the tip of your anger isn’t speared at the scum? This is unreasonable!


 I turn my eyes towards Mashiro, wanting to protest but… she’s laughing.
 A soft smile, different from when we were on the roller coaster.
 It’s a pretty smile that makes the viewer happy.

 It sure would be nice if she can always laugh like this.
 I hope there’s a day she can converse with her mother with such a smile.

“Hey, why don’t we buy a souvenir for your mother, Hitsujino-san?”
“That’s unnecessary. Besides, unfortunately, I don’t have money.”
“! Same here.”

 If I insist, I’ve enough to buy a small stuffed toy or boxed sweets. However, if I do so, my life till the next allowance day will be tough.
 Even then, I want my mother to be happy too.
 Just as the ultimate decision of whether to splurge or not approaches, my eyes suddenly stops at the mobile cart before me.
 In the case placed at the side are large animal stuffed toys piled up like a mountain.
 And what my eyes were nailed to was a『200 yen per try』sign.

“Shall we challenge that? Let’s score some as souvenirs!”

 It’s an outdoor mobile game corner separate from the arcade.
 As we approach, we see the simple game set up there.
Translated at
 A bowling ball is placed between two tracks.
 The tracks have slight ups and downs but partway, there’s a straight passage of about 20cm that’s affixed with red tape.

“You get a gift if you push this bowling ball and it stops on the red tape!”
“Looks simple! I’ll, give it a try!”

 Giving the managing uncle 200 yen, I stand in front of the ball.
 Although it’s simple, the ball won’t be able to pass the mountain[2] if your push is too weak and it will exceed if it’s too strong.
 Measuring my strength, thump, I push the ball.

 The ball that left my hands first falls into the nearby valley, crosses over the mountain and climbs the next valley but… it briskly exceeds the taped area.

“Wasn’t that a complete failure?”
“It was a complete failure.”

 It seems I pushed too hard.
 Probably because when I pushed the ball,『If this is a cliff and the ball is the scum’s back…』I had idle thoughts like that so I put in more strength.

“I shall give it a try.”

 Mashiro places her hands on the ball with a confident expression as though to say, “The expert arrives!”
 She already made the payment before I knew it.
 Isn’t she simply filled with enthusiasm?
Translated at
 With her hands still placed on the ball, Mashiro glares at the tracks.
 Is she mental image training?
 Amazing… that’s some seriousness for a game like this.
 Somehow, I like Mashiro more now.
 I guess this is how much she wants to get a souvenir for her mother.
 Though it also feels like she just doesn’t want to lose.

 Her image training has taken long enough that the managing uncle’s starting to feel slightly disturbed.
 Isn’t it about time you push it?
 Or else I’ll do it! Just as I was thinking so, the ball finally leaves Mashiro’s hands.
 The ball crosses the valley, descends the mountain, crosses another valley and approaches the tape.
 The nice momentum begins to disappear.
 Ah, but maybe it’s no good, it’s about to exceed and fall into the next valley!?… Just as I think so, it stops.
 It barely stops at the tape area.

“Amazing, Hitsujino-san! You got it!”
“Fu… I got it!”

 When I try to high-five her in high spirits, the smug-looking Mashiro stretches out a hand.
 Yay! High five!
 Smack!, the two hands make a nice sound when they meet.
Translated at
Please read at the translator’s site. Thanks!

Translated at
Please read at the translator’s site. Thanks!

“Man, that sure was fun.”

 When we leave the amusement park, it’s already time for the chime reminding children to go home to ring.
 We’ve been here for about 4 hours and my feet are slightly tired.

 In the arms of the Mashiro walking beside me, is a large white sheep stuffed toy.
 The uncle handed her a pink rabbit but she went『I want a sheep!』and had it changed.
 Mashiro received it silently but no matter how you look at it, her eyes were nailed to the sheep.
 Both『sheep』and『white』are in Mashiro’s name and it fits Mashiro.
 Her mother will probably prefer this over a rabbit too.
 Unlike when she came here, Mashiro’s walking while emitting a kind of happy aura.
 I believe that when she gets back, she’ll be hoping to give her mother the stuffed toy and have a parent-and-child talk about today.

“Have we become friends?”
“I don’t know. You sure are persistent.”

 I unconsciously questioned her because I was feeling happy but I was told the same thing I think about the scum!
 I wanted to end this while still feeling happy but she dealt me a blow even at the end.

“Aoi-senpai told me on Friday.”

 The abrupt beginning of the surprising subject made me flustered.
 It’s something I’ve been curious about so I eat right into it.

“… Forget it.”
“What!? You got me all curious!”

 I’m not angry but I made an unamused face and turn to the side, pouting.

“I, hate you. I was able to confirm again that our affinity is bad.”
Translated at
 When we can see the branching point as our houses are in different directions, Mashiro mutters.
 The final strike!?
 You didn’t have to deal the finishing blow, did you!

“Today was fu—… wasn’t too bad. Though we probably won’t go out and play again in the future.”
Please read at the translator’s site. Thanks!
 Eh… did she go dere for a moment?
 She was about to say it was fun, right!?
 I see, it was fun!
 My enthusiasm rise so much that all the things stabbing into me so far are removed, flying out.
 Nope, I didn’t hear the second part at all!

“This will turn out to be the『Or so I said but I’m coming anyways』development, right! I understand! Let’s come again!”

 We arrive at the branching point so we’re parting for today but it seems we can get along well even in school from now on.

“That’s not it!”
“See you againn!”
“That’s not it, alright! Ah sheesh… cya.”

 Stepping on the separate path, I turn back and wave my hand. Although moderately, Mashiro still raised hers.
 I’m happy, I managed to progress from being ignored to this point!
 I stop my feet that’s about to advance and watch Mashiro leave until I can’t see her anymore.
Translated at
Please read at the translator’s site. Thanks!

[1] Burikko
[2] a.k.a. upward curve.

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