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[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist 20

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Almost entirely new chapter except for a small part in the middle. Ei-kun gets more screen time!

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 20

 Monday arrives after I spent a content-rich weekend with Midori and Mashiro.
 I don’t feel rested.
 Although it was quite tiring, my gain was plentiful so the time was meaningful.

 I wanted to have a proper meal and increase my energy but due to the lack of appetite, I only have a bit of yoghurt before I head out.

“I will be off.”

 Surely, on the other side of this entranceway, is the guy who’ll add on to my mental burden.
 I open the door with such a thought but――.

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 No one’s around.
 I don’t see anyone to the left and right either, and when I turn my gaze to the path he takes to school, thinking he’s probably late, I didn’t manage to find such a figure.
 He not coming to pick me up.
 It’s the first time since the memories of my previous life came back.

“… Thank goodness.”

 It seems he finally gave up.
 The view from the entranceway seems oddly spacious and lonely.
 『Lonely』? That’s weird.
 It should be『Refreshing』.
 No one will clatter to me and I won’t have to be careful of my hand being held. There’s nothing but good things.
 Despite all these, my footsteps are strangely heavy.
 Even though I feel that『the atmosphere is quiet』, my heart is being noisy and won’t quiet down.
 It’s more restless than when he’s around.
 I wonder what happened to me.

“I see, I’m tired.”

 I suppose my body is simply tired.
 Leaving it at that and expelling him from my head, I begin to move forth.

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Please read at the translator’s site. Thanks!

 I had an unremarkable trip without talking to anyone and arrived at school.
 Perhaps because my pace is fast when I walk to school alone, I reached around 10 minutes earlier than usual.
 Even though it’s only a difference of 10 minutes, the building always bustling with students is quiet as though it’s asleep.


 When I walk while looking to my front, my eyes are drawn straight to a cream-coloured hair.
 It’s Kagurazaka Aoi.
 He’s walking with Akari through a crossover corridor that can be seen from outside.
 Their cordial figures disappear into the school building.

“… So that’s why.”
Translated at
 He didn’t come to my place because he’s with Akari.
 It’s『Monday』, the day where Akari’s favourability rating raises easily after all.
 Is the confession event coming up now?

 … Even though my impression of him improved a little.
 Sure enough, things like personalities can’t change immediately, huh.
 No, it’s possible he decided to love only Akari.
 That’d be good but…


 It’s good if he changed over a new leaf but it’s unpleasant for me who’d been so severely thrown into confusion.
 Whose mouth said that he wanted to know about me!
 There’s no problem if he doesn’t disturb me anymore though!

“Whatever. It’s got nothing to do with me anyway.”

 I feel incredibly mad.
 It’s irritating and my chest hurts so much that it feels like a spear was stabbed into it.
 I don’t want to be unsettled any further.
 I want to migrate to somewhere far away so I can live without seeing his face.

“Let’s quickly get to the classroom.”

 Before I know it, I’ve been standing still unnaturally.
 Thankfully, there aren’t many people around at this time.

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Please read at the translator’s site. Thanks!

“I will begin the class now.”

 … It’s a face I don’t really want to see.

 The student-teacher Akari stands at the teaching platform.
 Directing a strangely stern gaze at me.
 Rather than a glare, it’s more like she’s brooding about something.

 But as the lesson goes on, the shadow dims…
 She gradually grows lively as she waves the teacher’s pointer.
 That was fine but…

“Torida-san, read this part here.”
“Torida-san, come and write the answer on the blackboard.”
“… Yes.”
“Torida-san, this question is slightly difficult but do you understand?”
“… I do not understand.”

 For some reason, I receive a series of concentrated strikes.
 She points me out at every turn.
 What’s the matter?


 As I tidy up my desk after class, Akari calls out to me.

“I apologise for appointing you the whole time. It’s a… paltry harassment on my part. I’m convinced thanks to this.”
“Huh…? Aa.”

 My gaze is fixed on the red notebook that’s on the topmost of the things like textbooks that she carries for her return to the staff room.
 Within its transparent front cover is a single photograph.
 It’s the remembrance photograph of her and the teacher she respects.
Translated at
“He’s the teacher I respect, an existence I admire.”

 Akari appears to have noticed my gaze.

“I slot it in my notebook so that I’ll see it every day and recall my original resolution.”

 She casts a clear gaze upon the photograph.

“He seems to have moved forward too. It’s no good if I forget about what’s important and come to a standstill.”

 I’m not able to catch the words she lets out as she hangs her head, but she has a calm expression on.
 It’s a refreshing smile as though weights had been lifted off her.

“Be sure to properly revise the areas you weren’t able to answer today!”

 With the countenance of a『Teacher』, Akari leaves with a light gait.
 I send that back off with my eyes.

 … I wonder what was that about.
 What was she convinced of?
 Did something happen with the scum this morning?

“Ah, Ei-kun.”
“What’s wrong?”

 As I ponder about Akari’s change, Ei-kun talks to me in a worried manner.
 It seems he’s concerned because I paused while making a complicated face.

“Wun, it’s nothing. Ah, right. This… I made some cookies.”
“You’re giving them!? Thank you!”

 They’re cookies I baked at home after parting from Mashiro on Sunday.
 I didn’t thank Ei-kun properly before.
 Ei-kun became a human obstacle to help me escape from that guy. Also, he’s kind of comforting in a way.
 Besides, I made a promise to『hand out sweets』.
Translated at
“Share them with everyone, okay.”
“Eh? Ah, it wasn’t just for me, huh…”
“Ah, yeah, it’s nothing. Thanks! I’ll hand them out later, I’ll be the first to eat them!”

 Please have as much as you like.
 Each of them ended up being quite small but there’s a considerable amount so there’s no worry that they’ll finish immediately.

“U, um! Kii-chan, about this…”

 The Ei-kun who suddenly got all fidgety takes out a piece of paper from his pocket.
 When I take what he presents, it’s a movie ticket.

“W-Would you go with me! It’s something I received but… if you’re bad with things like this…”

 It’s the latest addition to the zombie action I watched with that guy.
 Bad with? I love this!
 It’s a movie I’ve been wanting to watch. Besides, I owe Ei-kun too much.
 It’s too difficult to reject him.

“Yes, sure. I wanted to watch this anyway.”
“Really!? Great!”

 When I reply with a smile, he returns a smile many times brighter than mine.
 Cute. Sure enough, Ei-kun tickles my motherhood.

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Please read at the translator’s site. Thanks!

 The two of us immediately head to the cinema after school.
 There’s also a cinema in the arcade where the internet cafe the scum brought me to is in.
 We reach after walking for about 20 minutes.

 Come to think of it, the boys’ cold stares were concentrated on Ei-kun when we left the classroom together. Why was that?
 Did he not distribute the cookies properly?
 Mother’s worried you will quarrel.

“Kii-chan! What drink do you want? I’ll, go and buy some!”

 Ei-kun himself is completely unconcerned and is extremely energetic.
 Like a doggy waving its tail left and right.
 Kinda like a Shiba Inu.

“Thank you. Um, hot milk tea would be nice.”
“Got it! … Eh? Did they have milk tea?”
“Ah… uhm, let’s go together.”

 The menu only wrote『tea』but as one can freely take milk and sugar, I wanted those added but it may be faster if I do it myself.
 If it were the scum, it’d have been done after he confirms:『A hot milk tea, right?』… wait, this is no good.
 How terrible of me to compare Ei-kun and him.
 I’m the worst for not thanking the person who said he’d buy it for me.

“What are you having, Ei-kun?”
“I guess it’s coke for me. I want some popcorn too. Ah, do you mind me eating beside you? I don’t think I’ll make any sound but…”
“Go ahead. Maybe I should get that too.”
“I’ll get a large one so let’s eat it together! What flavour?”
“Hmm let’s see…”

 There’s a bit of a queue at the shop so the two of us stand side by side, talking as we look at the menu.
 I like caramel flavour but the norm right now is salt, isn’t it.

“Haah, dating in uniforms huh, how envious.”
“I didn’t get to do this even once when I was a high school student. Moreover, his girlfriend’s friggin’ cute. Explode, dammit.”
Translated at
 The conversation of the male university students-like duo standing behind us can be heard.
 It appears that they’re talking about Ei-kun and I but… date!?
 Naturally, I caught the『his girlfriend’s friggin’ cute』part and was secretly happy about it[1] but, more importantly, I was shocked by the word『date』.
 I see, so it looks like a date from a 3rd person’s point of view.
 Ei-kun as a『boyfriend』, huh.
 … That may work.
 I did think he was the type I’d want for my husband and I can probably lead a quiet and happy life with Ei-kun.

“I-It’s nothing. I’d like either salt or caramel.”
“I’ll get salt then?”

 I got flustered when I looked at Ei-kun’s face and our eyes met.
 It’s tiring to be overly-conscious.
 It’s also rude to imagine him as a boyfriend at my own convenience.

“Shall we go then?”

 Ei-kun made the order in a jiffy.
 I hand Ei-kun the fee for the tea and popcorn but since he won’t accept it, I stuff it in his pants pocket.
 Suddenly being touched, Ei-kun gets surprised enough that he almost jumps up.
 I’m sorry I sexual harassed you by accident.

“Kii-chan, are you really fine with movies like this where zombies appear?”
“Yup. Absolutely fine! I love them!”

 Sitting in the seats written on the tickets, we chat while waiting for the showtime.
 Perhaps because it’s a weekday, there aren’t many customers and the seats around us are vacant.

“I see… so you won’t jump at me out of fear huh.”
“I-It’s nothing!”
Translated at
 He was mumbling something. I wonder what’s up?
 Don’t tell me Ei-kun’s scared?
 I did hear that guys are more timid. The scum was frightened when we were watching the prequel too.
 … No, let’s not think about the scum now.
 The one beside me now is Ei-kun and not the scum… ah.
 … That’s right, it’s not him.
 Realising that anew, I receive an inexplicable shock.
 Because the one beside me is Ei-kun and the one beside that guy is someone who’s not me.


 What should I do, I can’t calm down for some reason.
 I can hear Ei-kun talking about the movies he like and I’m replying him but my consciousness has flown elsewhere.

“Ah, it’s starting.”

 The screen comes down and adverts for other movies begin to show.
 To me, whose head has turned completely blank, this scenario where one has to keep their mouth shut and be quiet is like heaven’s help.

 The adverts end and the actual movie begins but I can’t quite concentrate.
 Even though it’s my favourite series, I don’t feel excited at all.
 What should I do, it’s saddening that I don’t enjoy my beloved zombies.
 My head must have turned strange.
 The more I think that I must enjoy myself, the less I enjoy.
 I want to go home.
 I must concentrate on watching or it’s rude to Ei-kun who invited me.

 However… until the end, I wasn’t able to enjoy the movie.
 I don’t understand… what happened to me?
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[1] She’s happy about the cute part, not the girlfriend part.

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  1. Hm? I’m not sure how much I like her being so lovestruck by this guy. It was nice learning about him in the arcade date and seeing the chemisty between them. But it feels like there should be more of those before she genuinely feels attraction to him, atm it feels like she’s reverting rather than progressing.

    Ahh I want to see more of mashiro~
    Thanks for translating!

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