Escape Galge Protagonist

[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist 21.1

Might want to try and finish EGP first so can concentrate on RKO and V/H.

New portions in green as usual. I think one key difference in the revised version is that Kii’s ‘hidden’ feelings are a lot more obvious.

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 21 [Part 1]

“… Not here today too, huh.”

 On Tuesday morning as well, he isn’t at the other side of the door.
 Because I expected this, I was less surprised than yesterday.
 Although the scenery on the other side of the door appears spacious and dreary today too, this was the original scenery.
 It seems I’ve been rather poisoned unknowingly.

 I must quickly regain my original life without him.
 Enthusing myself, I take a step forth.

 Walking alone, I arrived early today too.
 I may have reached earlier than yesterday because I enthused myself.
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 As I go towards the stairway from the school gate, my eyes caught the cream-coloured hair again.
 It’s him.
 He’s walking alone but the direction he’s heading in is the flower bed where Shiori is.
 So it’s Shiori-sama today?


 Our eyes meet when I look at him.
 He’s surprised to see me but he quickly leaves for the flower bed as though to escape.
 … What was that about?
 Was he anxious because it was exposed that he’s going to Shiori-sama?
 How splendid that he can irritate me so even though we didn’t go to school together.
 I believe it’s an one-of-a-kind talent.

“Go bald.”

 My eyes probably won’t be drawn to that cream colour if he loses his hair.

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 Driving away thoughts of the scum from my head as much as possible, I spent an extremely calm day.
 If I were to say, the only curious thing that happened was Ei-kun being besieged by the guys.
 When I was leaving the classroom I was astounded by the silent classmates who surrounded Ei-kun as he hangs his head while sitting on his seat.
 They eventually dispersed without a word but was that some sort of ritual?

“Hey, the one over there.”

 I was stopped by a dignified voice.
 This beautiful voice is… Shiori-sama!
 When I turn around, there’s the figure of a goddess that’s as beautiful as, no, more beautiful than I imagined.
 She’s more impactful than usual. Or should I say, that sensation of an『absolute beauty』is amazing.

 Where she stopped me at is the same place she called out to me before.

“You’ve really done it. So that was deliberate? … Just kidding.”

 At the start of her sentence, she directs a sharp gaze at me but it quickly make an about turn and changes into a calm one.
 Seeing her figure as she says『Just kidding』while tilting her head, it feels like my chest is about to explode.
 It’s sly of Shiori-sama, who’s more of a Queen than a Princess, to show such a cute gesture.
 It’s impossible for my heart not to be punctured.
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 Ah, it’s useless, even though we’re supposed to be conversing, pressured by her beauty, my head refuses to work.
 What was she talking about?

“I was somehow able to feel that what you said before were your true feelings. That’s why I was convinced. Rather, if that was deliberate, even as an enemy I’ve to admit it’s praiseworthy. But you aren’t the astute type, correct?”

 Her appearance as she chuckles while hiding her mouth is elegant and beautiful no matter which angle one looks at her but… am I, being laughed at now?

“… It probably meant that that was our fate. I shall do what I must do. Together with my important people.”
“… Yes!”

  It was a continuous stream of things I didn’t quite get, but I was happy to hear the latter half of her words.
 One can assume from her words that Shiori-sama has『opened her eyes』.
 It’s undoubtedly a good sign.
 Her pendant, too, appears brighter than it had been when we met previously.

“Well then, it’s been ill-mannered of me to have kept my driver waiting. Unlike you, I’m a busy person. Because there are many things I must do from now on.”
“I wish you the best, Shiori-senpai!”
“I don’t need your cheering on, fufu.”

 Although her words were sarcastic, her expression was calm throughout.
 My chest warms.
 The goddess regained her original beauty!
 The devotee is trembling in delight!
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“Nn? … Ah.”

 Feeling that someone called out to me, I turn back and that guy’s figure appears just like the previous time.
 Just like cold theatrics.
 Identical to that time, his cold and well-arranged face… wait, what?
 It seems like one of his cheeks are red.
 Did he knock into something or was beaten…?

 He’s staring so I thought he has some business with me but he leaves, just like this morning.
 Don’t call my name if you don’t have any business!

“Kii-chan! Wait!”

 I see Ei-kun coming from the opposite direction that that guy left in.
 From his flustered appearance, it seems that he ran here but was he released from the ritual?
 As I wait for Ei-kun’s arrival so that I can ask if he’s okay, a wall suddenly appears right before me.

“You, don’t come near Kii.”

 Just as I think『The wall spoke!?』, the identity of the wall turns out to be him.
 Huh, didn’t he leave?
 He looks down at Ei-kun, who arrived, as though to intimidate him.
 It’s not like there’s much of a difference but he’s taller.
 I can’t see Ei-kun from behind him but he seems like a frog that was glared at by a snake.
 Coming across a ritual and getting glared at by a snake, calamities continue to bombard Ei-kun.

“Kii, I’ll come and see you on Friday. Wait for me.”

 He turns around abruptly with a serious expression, leaving behind mysterious words.
 Upon leaving, he whispers something into Ei-kun’s ear. I wonder what he said?
 The Ei-kun whom I can now see, seems to have something like a shadow of death about him.
 Was it a spell of destruction?

“Are you okay, Ei-kun?”
“Y-yeah. I’m fine-not.”

 Does that mean he’s not okay?
 What should I do, Ei-kun’s broken.

“Did you have any business with me?”
“Ah, yeah. Today… never mind.”
“? Oh. See you tomorrow then.”

 I watch the back of Ei-kun as he trudges off.

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“Sure enough, he’s not here.”

 It’s Wednesday.
 He didn’t appear this morning either, and I travelled to school alone.
 Upon arrival, this time I see the figures of Midori and him entering the school from the stairway.
 Did his words yesterday mean『Patiently wait for your turn on Friday』?
 Who do you think you are, a king?
 Is this school a palace?
 Are you treating this like staying overnight at the Inner Chambers[1]?
 I feel like grabbing him by his collar and questioning him but it’s best for my mental health to expel him from my head.


 Giving a short snort, I head to the classroom.
 I didn’t see a thing!

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 The same events repeated on Monday and Tuesday.
 I saw him with a capturable target character in the morning, and talked to the capturable target character he was with after that.
 I was wondering how it would turn out today but, as expected…

“Come here for a moment!”

 When I leave the classroom, Midori who was lying in wait grabs my arm and seizes me.
 Without knowing the reason, I was dragged and the place I was brought to was the empty toilet at the practice building.
 Being called to the toilet by an upperclassman!?
 Wh-what should I do… I’m going to get strangled!
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“You are seriously an unpleasant woman! Shrewdly stealing the march!”
“Come again?”

 What is she talking about?
 She drives me towards the wall and slams her hand with a don.
 What’s this, it’s kabedon!
 My heart didn’t throb at all though!

“Are you listening!?”
“Sheesh, what’s so good about this girl…”

 I may not know what’s going on, but I frown because I can tell she’s speaking ill about me.

“『I want to face her properly』, is it?”

 Midori’s eyebrows are raised but after quietly mumbling something, she exhales and looks at me.
 Just as Midori removes the hand she slammed the wall with, the stagnant aura she has suddenly dissipates and she smiles with her hand on her hips like a model.

“It can’t be helped, can it… it’s my loss! He fell for you to the extent of saying something like that after all. There’s no gap for me to enter at all.

 Midori’s faraway eyes, as she spoke, was somehow like Akari’s back then, as though, she has accepted something.

“I shouldn’t be running away either, huh. I already knew it all. What I must do… and also the matter about Aoi. I honestly wanted to slap you though!”

 Did she just say ‘slap’?
 Eh, I… as expected, am I in a pinch!
 Midori grabs the hand of I, who’d taken a step back cautiously.
 This is bad, I’m gonna get hit! Or so I thought but…
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“Let’s have tea together next time! Teach me the move you used to ‘fall’ Aoi, alright?”

 She only energetically shook the hand she held.
 It was just a handshake.

“What are you talking about? Uh, she’s not even here anymore!

 Midori took her leave with the conversation still misaligned.
 It was just like a storm.
 I don’t quite get it but since we promised to have tea, have we become friends…?

 Seriously, what’s going on!?
 What on earth is happening?

 An indescribable anxiety is smouldering in me but I can see that Midori had broken through some fetters.
 Did she open her eyes too?
 What did he say to these girls in the morning?
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[1] The Shōgun’s harem.

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