Escape Galge Protagonist

[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist 21.2

Honestly… is it just me or this series can very easily turn shoujo-ai?

Completely new. A wild Mashiro appears!

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 21 [Part 2]

 It’s Thursday.
 The day to raise the favourability rating of Mashiro, an existence I became most concerned about among the capturable targets.
 Judging from the flow up till now, what happened since Monday should occur today too.

 The first thing he did in the morning was to make an appearance in the corridor where the 1st years’ classrooms are.
 As one would imagine, he had come to meet Mashiro and they ascend the stairs together.
 They should’ve had a conversation last Friday too but I suppose they have something new to talk about now.

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“Shall we go home together, Torida-san?”

 I expected Mashiro to talk to me but I didn’t think she’d invite me to go home together.


 I move my head up and down enthusiastically out of happiness.
 When I rush over with my bag, she turns her face away from me.
 She must be shy about the invitation.
 Sure enough, Mashiro’s cute.

“I thought I should tell you.”

 We’d been walking side-by-side talking about idle topics like our lessons today or idiosyncratic teachers, but Mashiro’s expression turns serious when we exit the school gate.

“I wasn’t with senpai to bury my loneliness. It wasn’t that anyone would do.”

 I kind of perceived that she’s talking about him.
 I don’t know what’s her intention for talking about this but Mashiro’s saying that she wants to tell me so it should be something extremely important.

“I truly, liked senpai.”
“… Yeah.”
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 Perhaps she wanted someone to know that she really liked him.

 Or perhaps Mashiro just wanted to correct me because I kind of doubted her love before.
 Whatever the case, I understand Mashiro’s feelings.
 Painfully so.
 Because my feelings of liking him back then were real.

“… Good that you understand.”

 When I slowly nod, the both of us walk in silence for a moment.
 In this quiet period, although our wordless silence may seem to our surroundings like we’re quarrelling, it’s an extremely comfortable space.
 A tranquil ambience flows between us.

“I spoke to my mother about going to the amusement park with you. She said she wants to meet you and asked me to bring you home.”
“Can I!?”

 Mashiro’s mouth opens when we near the diverging point.
 It was the same on the way back from the amusement park but is Mashiro unwilling to speak unless we’re on the verge of parting?
 I kind of sense that it’s because, when on the verge, she can escape even if she says something embarrassing.
 Even now, after she said something that made me so happy that I want to leap up, she escapes from me when I peek at her with a beaming face.
 See, she’s embarrassed.

“Feel free to come if you want to.”
“I’ll go! I’ll definitely go! I will!”

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 Finding her embarrassed appearance cute, I persistently peek at her but she grabs onto both my cheeks from the front.
 What’s this, it makes me look awful. Besides, it hurts.

“Iz wurts.”
“Fu… just like an octopus. What a stupid-looking face. Fufu.”

 You grabbed my cheeks rather strongly so of course it will become like an octopus.
 This is embarrassing y’know!
 Moving my head left and right, I shake off Mashiro’s hands.
 Looking at Mashiro, her funny bone seems to have been tickled; she’s holding in her laughter.

“Was your funny bone tickled? Just by an octopus?”
“Are you so bored that you want your head to be stepped on?”

 She was smiling cutely until a while ago but her gaze immediately turns sharp-edged.
 I’ve been regretting my words the moment I said them so forgive me.

 Nonetheless, we have an extremely good feeling going there, don’t we?
 Very much like friends!

“Hey, can I call you『Mashiro』?”
“Too overly-familiar.”

 I thought we reached a stage where we don’t have to address each other with honorifics but it seems it’s too early.
 The ship sunk instantly.
 We quickly reach the diverging point and Mashiro progresses in the direction of her house.
 Without even a goodbye?
 As I see off Mashiro’s back with my shoulders drooped in low spirits, just before her figure disappears around the corner, she stops and looks at me.

“Cya,『Kii』… Kii is such a weird name[1].”
“! Shuddap! Mashiro, whose even name is cute, see you tomorrow!”

 Mashiro definitely glared at me once before she disappears round the corner.

 She said『Cya』!
 I was a little hurt but I’m happy that she poked fun at my name!
 I wanted to chase and tackle her.

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 It’s Friday morning.
 The Friday I’d fervently awaited before but only makes my chest hurt upon recalling now.
 Will he come to me as per his declaration?
 It doesn’t matter whether he’s there or not. Or so I think but I’m strangely nervous.
 I even put strength into the hand opening the door.
 On the other side of the door I open apprehensively――.

“… Not here.”

 Just like yesterday, there’s only the oddly spacious scenery.
 He’s not here.

 What was that declaration?
 Was he ridiculing me?

“I’ve had enough… of him.”

 『Let’s not think about it』I thought of that numerous times.
 I’m tired already.
 At the end of the day, he’s still dominating my mind.
 I’m tired of this situation.
 I wonder what can be done to make myself feel better.
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[1] Kii’s name, when read literally, means yellow clothes.



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