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[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist 22

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 22


 The lesson ends and my classmates leave the classroom.
 With the voices of people talking about club activities or discussing where to chill at after this as the BGM, I continue to contemplate in my seat.
 Before I knew it, much time has passed and there’s no one left.
 After class, I’ve been left behind alone in the classroom.
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 The reason I heaved a mighty sigh just now was, as expected, because I’ve been thinking about him.
 Although I was thinking『Who cares about that guy!』when I’d reached school, a part of me was searching for him.
 I didn’t see him even once today.
 Did he catch a cold?
 Was that why he didn’t come to me?
 Perhaps it wasn’t that he『didn’t come』, but he『couldn’t come even if he wanted to』.
 … What is it exactly.
 I was an idiot to have had expectations.

“… Let’s leave.”

 It irks me to keep staying in school because it seems as though I’m waiting for him.
 Let’s go home and eat something sweet.
 With that decided, I stand up.

“Eh, Kii-chan?”
“Nn? Ah, Ei-kun. You didn’t leave?”

 Just as I notice the door opening, Ei-kun enters the classroom.

“Club activities. What about you, Kii-chan, you didn’t leave?”
“Yeah. I see, you’ve club activities, Ei-kun.”

 True enough, Ei-kun’s in his gym clothes.
 I didn’t know he was in a club.

“Were you waiting for someone? … For example, Kagurazaka-senpai?”
“Eh? N, no. I was just daydreaming.”

 I was surprised when his name came up.
 Ei-kun’s strangely sharp huh… hang on, I wasn’t waiting for that guy alright!
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“Come to think of it, Ei-kun. Senpai whispered something into your ear that time but what did he say?”
“! T-that was…”

 Speaking of Ei-kun and him, I’m curious about what happened that time.
 I’m worried that he was told a spell of destruction.
 Ei-kun’s complexion, as he recalls the event, worsens visibly.
 Are you okay!?
 I must find someone who knows dispelling magic!
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“I was serious too… I didn’t think I’d win but, stuff like this isn’t about winning or losing anyway!”
“E, Ei-kun?”

 Maybe it’s too late; his appearance as he hangs his head and mutters away is abnormal.
 What should I do, I can’t use magic!


 I was surprised when to be called in a loud voice.
 As he draws nearer, I unconsciously straighten my back.

“Between me and Kagurazaka-senpai, who do you prefer!”


 What’s he asking all of a sudden?
 I feel perplexed by the strong emotions in the awaiting Ei-kun’s eyes.
 One has no choice but be more conscientious when given so much pressure, huh…
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“E, Ei-kun maybe?”

 Well, even if I’m not conscientious, I like Ei-kun more.
 He’s always tickling my motherhood. Rather than friends, I feel more like his mother.
 I want to nurture you, Ei-kun.

“If that’s the case, between me and Kagurazaka-senpai, who do you enjoy being with more!”
“Eh? That’s obviously…”

 Just as I’m about to answer『Ei-kun』, I recall the time when I went to the internet café with him.
 And the time when I went to the cinema with Ei-kun.
 What I enjoyed was…


 Ei-kun looks at the face of I, who’d been hesitating over my words.
 Even though I want to quickly answer that『It’s Ei-kun』, the words won’t come out.
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“Sorry… It’s about time I head back.”
“Eh? Kii-chan!?”

 I couldn’t say it.
 I couldn’t lie.
 If I couldn’t, then I can only keep quiet.
 Although even I, myself, understand that I’m『escaping』, it’s all I can do.

 Leaving behind Ei-kun who seems bewildered, I exit the classroom.
 Let’s go back quickly.
 Go back and calm down.
 I’m befuddled.
 My head’s strange.

 It’s strange that I enjoyed going to the internet café with him more!
 For me to have enjoyed being with him more… for me to have been lonely in these 5 days when he wasn’t around…
 For me to so uncontrollably want to see his face now, to want to meet him… it seems my brain was poisoned and has began to rot.
 What should I do, I feel like crying… kinda.
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 Aa, this is bad.
 People will wonder what’s going on if I cry in a place like this.
 Yes, I must get home quickly!
 I don’t want anyone to see my anxious expression.
 I advance through the corridor with my head down.


 As I run intermittently, hurrying towards the stairway, a voice came from a side corridor I passed by.


 This voice is… why’s he calling out to me now?
 I want to see him, but I don’t want to see him.
 Without turning back or replying, I come to a stand still on the spot.
 Why did you stop, me?
 It’s bad to see this guy’s face now.
 Just as I think to continue my way, my arm was seized from the back.

“I’ve something to say, is now good?”

 It appears that he won’t let me escape.
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