Escape Galge Protagonist

[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist 23

Only bits of new stuff. I think the author addressed some of the issues the pre-revised version had. For one, Kii never having quite given up is much clearer here. Escape wasn’t only about the physical movement.

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Kōryaku Taishō-sha na Watashi wa Gyarugē Shujinkō kara Nigetai wake de!

Chapter 23

“The weather turned a little cold, didn’t it? Are you okay?”

 He brought me to the rooftop, pulling my arm.
 It’s unpleasant coming here because I remember the me who tried to confess.

 The sky is still bright but it’s past the time where the sunlight is warm. The wind is cold too.
 Preferably, I’d like to talk indoors but he wanted to come here.
 Oh well.
 The chilly air is able to suppress my welling tears and emotions so it’s good.
 I’ve been looking down so he won’t see my face but when I raise my head slightly to look at the front of his face which I haven’t seen in a while… this is surprising.
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“Wh-what’s up with that!”

 Both sides of his well-chiselled, pretty face have turned unnaturally red.
 It doesn’t seem like they turned red because of the cold.
 … Did he get hit?
 Come to think of it, I think I did spot his face red and swelled up several times this entire week.
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“Huh, it’s still red? W-well, pay it no mind.”

 Even if you ask me to pay it no mind, it’ll enter my field of vision when we talk so I will pay it mind!
 … I can’t see it if I look down so I guess it doesn’t matter.

“The only girl I want to get along well with is Kii alone. That’s why… I came to do it properly.”
“Please listen to me, Kii.”

 Just as I thought that he’s looking at me with strangely solemn eyes, he catches hold of both my hands.
 Eh? What?
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“The real me is a plain, from the sticks, bad at getting the point and lame guy. That’s why… I got on my high horse. Not looking at my surroundings, not thinking of people’s feelings and only prioritising my own enjoyment… But after being rejected by Kii, I noticed. The foolish me and the real me.”
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 Is the『real me』he’s talking about his previous life?
 As far as I know, the current Kagurazaka Aoi isn’t from the sticks and doesn’t appear lame outwardly.
 Neither does he gives the impression of being bad at getting the point.

 His mien as he frantically attempts to speak while looking down repeatedly, may come across as one of repentance.

“After I started to face myself, I also came to think deeply about Kii. Sure enough, I was happy when Kii smiled. I grew to want more; it was totally not enough. Yet… you stopped smiling at me. Even though your showed your smile to other guys. I couldn’t bear that. I want to monopolise Kii’s smile.”

 He puts strength in the two hands that hold mine. They’re hot.
 He may be nervous; I can feel some slight trembling.

“… I like Kii. I want Kii to look at me. That’s why… ple-please go out with me!”
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 … This is the thing known as a『confession』, isn’t it?
 The request for companionship between men and women, that『confession』…
 It’s the『confession』that I once tried to give Kagurazaka Aoi, right?

 … Why?

 Even though I said such cold words.
 I should’ve been completely uncute.
 When I look at him in a daze, not understanding his reason, he’s looking at me with a face clearly redder than before.
 He doesn’t appear to be joking.
 He’s seriously, confessing to me?

 Could it be that he told the other capturable characters he was going to confess to me?
 Was that why they came over to me?
 For him to do that… was that how serious he was?
 Did it mean that he threw away his harem and chose me?

 The instant I think that, I feel my body temperature increasing at once.
 My face is hot and something hot is also filling my heart.
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 Don’t tell me… I’m, happy?
 Tears of a different type from before wells up.
 Even as I come to a standstill, his serious gaze remains directed at me.
 Honestly, I want to escape.
 I’m unable to comprehend how this development came about.
 But… I shouldn’t escape right now.
 Just now… no, I’ve always been escaping.
 While saying conceited things to the other capturable targets, I’ve been escaping all along.
 Even though I criticised him, I had been a coward myself.

 However, without escaping, Kagurazaka Aoi came to face me like this.
 I must face him properly too.
 Let’s convey properly, my feelings.

 … I’m nervous.
 More so than the time when my hair was in twin tails and I tried to confess.

 Taking a deep breath, I adjust my breathing and open my mouth.
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“I am sorry.”

 This time, it’s senpai’s turn to stiffen.

“……… Eh.”

 His eyes are wider than before.
 Were my words unexpected?
 I continue speaking while looking at those eyes.
 I must state it clearly.

“I have, yet to trust you.”

 I speak while untwining my hands that are gripped.
 As I try to take a step back in order to distance myself too, he firmly catches hold of my arms.
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“I know Kii noticed how I purposely behaved in a way that gave girls expectations. That’s why… because I like Kii, I’m saying that I’ll stop such behaviour so…!”

 A jittery and panicky facial expression projects before me.
 I know what he’s trying to get at, I know that.
 The response I gave was because I knew.

“What I cannot trust, is not that. Of course that is important too, but…”

 Perhaps he didn’t hear a single word I spoke; the strength he holds my arms with increases and I feel that the distance between us has reduced.

“In the first place, I do not really know the true senpai. I am unable to date someone like that. Therefore… please teach me about yourself. Please learn about me too. This discussion comes after that.”

 Honestly speaking, there isn’t much hatred left anymore.
 Smouldering anger still remains but I now hold a favourable impression that can suppress that.
 No, I’ve always liked Kagurazaka Aoi.
 Even though I know in my head that I should stop having feelings for such a guy, I liked him so much that I couldn’t cut off my feelings.
 However… even so, I’m unable to immediately do something like leaping into his chest..
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 This is definitely『obstinacy』.
 The obstinacy of the obstinate me.
 As if I’d let myself get captured immediately.
 It’s 『revenge』 in a way.

“When we are able to ‘see’ each other a little more, if you think that you still like me… then please let me hear the words from just now once again. Of course, I do not know how I will reply but… If you are able, try and capture me.”

 『Do it if you dare.』
 Instead of voicing it out, I pack it into my grin.

 Senpai stiffens as he looks at me.
 He’s seemingly speechless for time blankly flows on.

“… I got it. I’ll raise my levels until then.”

 I wonder if my intention was transmitted.
 A broad smile also blossoms on Kagurazaka Aoi’s pretty face.
 He seems slightly forlorn though.
 I think that’s fine.
 We’ve, from that day the feather fell… started over from the beginning.
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4 thoughts on “[2016] Escape Galge Protagonist 23

  1. Ei-kun seemed so cute tho.
    Wish someone transmigrated to the novel so that Ei-kun gets to be with a nice person he deserves. There should be an extra showing Ei-kun with his significant other 😊 XD 💖


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