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(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 3

Someone once asked me in what order will the main story and anecdotes be translated and I said I’d do the anecdotes after the main story because I was afraid of breaking the main story’s atmosphere.

Although the sentiment is still unchanged, I realised, especially for some of the latter arcs, the importance of understanding the other characters and their POVs. So I’m just gonna translate them together and leave the choice of whether to read the anecdotes [concurrently with the main story] OR [after the main story has been completely translated] to the readers.

I translated this anecdote first because timeline wise it’s around the latest translated main story chapter (as of this post). Check out the ToC if you wanna know the order (scroll down to the anecdotes section).

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Interconnected with the Main Story
Chapter 3 – Chako’s POV of “The Happiness of Living Together” Anecdote

A/N: A bit of Chako’s POV regarding the hikikomori heroine.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 There was an extremely shocking incident.
This is an otome game and I’m the villain and it’s the entrance ceremony today.
Put those aside. I know those.
Can I become friends with the heroine as instructed by Tomotaka-sama? Whose route will she embark on? Or so I was thinking as though it’s someone else’s business. However.

 The heroine, didn’t come to school.
Translated at
 A decent amount of time have passed since the entrance ceremony.
Yet, the seat behind mine is still vacant.
From what I hear from the homeroom teacher, it appears she didn’t come to school because she was unwell.

 That’s strange.
This didn’t happen in the route I played.
She should’ve routinely appeared during the entrance ceremony and became friends with Tomonaga Chako.

 The Monday in between long weekends.
My feathers ruffled by the heroine who wouldn’t come to school, I tried to visit her home.
I quickly found her house as Tomotaka-sama told me its location beforehand.
However, I was anxious as I pressed the intercom, wondering if she’d be troubled because I was too abrupt, but…
Translated at
 The heroine’s personality was off.
She was extremely cold…

 Nah, I thought of this too.
That she can’t attend school from the entrance ceremony onwards because she was unwell.
So for some time after that, it’ll probably take a considerable amount of courage to go to school.
With the people around having formed cliques already, it’ll sad being isolated all alone.
That’s why, let’s go to school together once you get well… or so I was thinking, but.
If found outside of nakimushitl, it’s been stolen.
 I understood from the heroine’s reply.
It wasn’t that she was unwell, it was truancy…

 An unexpected truant heroine.
An unexpected hikikomori heroine.

 What a shock, huh.
The development is so different from what I expected that I really have no idea what to do.
Was there such a route?
I regret having cleared only 1 route in my previous life.

 I don’t know my role.
What should I do?
Translated at
 As I worry endlessly by myself, the heroine mailed me.
I’m slightly relieved because if I was ignored even here, we won’t have any relationship at all.
Though, her words are cold as expected.

 At any rate, regardless of this being an otome game or not, it must be tough always staying at home alone.
Should I mail her frequently so that she won’t be unaccustomed by the time she feels like going to school?
… She might not reply though.
If found outside of nakimushitl, it’s been stolen.
Even if the Kuo Kousuke route disappears, it’s the long-awaited high school life after all, I want to have lots of fun with the heroine.
Even now, I wonder if she’ll come to school.

 Let’s have fun together.

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10 thoughts on “(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 3

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    But anyways, now that I thought of it, this particular route… isn’t it possible for it to become a yandere route?

    After the heroine locks herself alone in her room for weeks loneliness, she began to finally think in the line of
    “If I can’t have her, then no one will!”
    …something like that. (I don’t know what to quote for this scene!)
    And then she proceeds to kidnap her and tied in her room.

    Chako; “h-huh? Why am I here? Why am I tied up?”

    Tomotaka (forgothername); “Ah! My lovely Chako! You’re finally awake!”

    Chako; “T-Tomotaka-sama!? What are you doing here!? …and, why am I tied up?”

    Tomotaka; “Isn’t it obvious? I brought you here to my room and tied you up, my lovely Chako.”

    Chako; “…w-Why are you doing thi-”

    Tomotaka; “Oh how cruel can you be, Chako? Selfishly accepting your death and leaving me all alone in this world… Do you really hate me that much? After all the things we have done together, and to abruptly leave? Why are you so cruel Chako!?”

    Chako; “I-I don’t get what your talking abo-”

    Tomotaka; “Of course you wouldn’t remember Chako! After all, I am the only one who can remember it all! Repeating this cycle over and over again after failing to save you, over, and over, and over again! Ahahahahahahaha”

    Chako; ” w-Wha- ”

    Tomotaka ” But you know what Chako? I’m done with this. I won’t let you die again, I WONT LET YOU GO ANYMORE.

    …So accept the fact that you belong to me, okay, Chako?”

    Chako; “w-no, what are you doing!? S-stop! STOP!!!”


    Ps, I actually woke up in the middle of the night just to write this.
    Btw, did I already commented this? I kept on posting it but I couldn’t see my comment :/

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    1. Oh my –peeps between the fingers covering my eyes– confinement end huh~ Or is it the “Die by my hands and you’ll forever be mine” death end. Would that count as a good or bad end XD (Btw I think you mean Yui?)

      Yes you’ve commented! First comments need to be approved. Future comments will appear automatically. Have a good sleep.


      1. Well, as for my knowledge in otome games, or gal games, usually it would turn into a bad end since, well, the heroine dies.

        Except this time, it’s the heroine that kills the love interest (or villainess) instead of the love interest killing the heroine.

        So um… objectively speaking, it would be a bad and but for person itself (the heroine), it’s a good end I guess? Really confusing lmao


      2. And the heroine = player so maybe it’s a good end…?
        Haha came across the term ‘merry bad end’ in a jnovel before. Maybe that works for this XD


    2. I think you confused tomotaka(omnyouji master) with yui(herione) but anyway I still ship tomotaka and Chako, even though I know how they will end up eventually


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