Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 16.2

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Goodbye, hikikomori heroine… Corresponding alternate POV (Tomotaka, anecdote c4).

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 16 – The Happiness of Living Together 3 [Part 2]

Translated by nakimushitl
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“The effects of turning back time?”

 The director shoots his words while thinking a little.
My eyes widen in shock at those words.

“Yes… In the 1st round, Kousuke didn’t like his weak self and sought power from you, right?”
Translated at
 The cheerful Kousuke-kun gradually bottled up his feelings.
He then told me he wanted me to make him strong, and I granted him power.

“Had he sought power from you after that?”
“… No.”

 That’s right.
After the 1st round, Kousuke-kun did not rely on my power.
Although we were friends in the 2nd round, perhaps thanks to Chako, he’d always been the cheerful Kousuke-kun.
In the 3rd and 4th round, we weren’t friends to begin with so I thought that was the reason but…

“It’s unlikely that he remembers something had happened when he sought for power. However, maybe he had, instinctively, sensed something. That’s what I think.”
“… I wonder.

 An effect left on Kousuke-kun because time was turned back.
Is there such a thing?
I don’t know.
However, it’s not definite that there isn’t.

“I’m thinking that perhaps the same thing happened to Tomotaka.”
“To senpai?”
“Yes. Tomotaka is obsessed with that child. You opened Tomotaka’s heart a little in the 2nd round. What about in the 3rd round?”
“In the 3rd round… Kuo-sensei… snatched Chako away from Tomotaka-senpai.”
Translated at
 Ending the familiar contract and ceding his body…

 Locking her in.
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“The familiar contract he thought would last till they die got released… I believe Tomotaka received a considerable amount of shock. Then, in the 4th round, I believe that it went towards a bad direction.”

 Even if… even if, senpai doesn’t remember, what if he sensed it subconsciously?
Chako disappeared again and again.
Their contract eventually ended and senpai came to know of the Chako that he kept locked within him.
If it’s Tomotaka-senpai, it’s possible that he’d do inhumane acts so that Chako will remain by his side.

“In the 4th round, after that child disappeared, do you remember how Tomotaka was like?”
“After Chako disappeared…”

 How was senpai like, back then?
I tried to recall but I have absolutely no idea.
Because, at that time, being told by Chako that it’s fine already, my head was full of that.

 My heart squeezes in pain again, at what I unintentionally recalled.

“Sorry, I don’t quite recall Tomotaka-senpai’s situation.”
“No, there’s nothing to apologise for… I wonder what Tomotaka thought after that child disappeared. I hope he clearly understands the consequences of his obsession running amok.”
Translated at
 Senpai collapsed Chako’s ego and left her by his side.
I wonder how those days were like.

“Although that child suffered, I believe it was something necessary for Tomotaka. Only… it’s essential that he reflects upon himself plentifully.”

 The light blue eyes shine momentarily.

“Anyhow, I’ll pay attention such that Tomotaka doesn’t become that way, so don’t worry. I’ll give careful and detailed instructions so that he doesn’t interfere unnecessarily with that child.”

 The corners of his mouth raise in a smirk as though he’s found something fun.
It feels strange because when it comes to the director, it’s like Tomotaka-senpai is just a roguish kid.
When I stare at the director absent-mindedly, he looks at me with kind eyes again.

“The things you’ve done were not in vain. Surely, something was left in the others’ hearts too.”

 I wonder.
If Tomotaka-senpai collapsed Chako’s ego because of that, I think it’s too much.
However, if the director says that even that was necessary, that could be the case.

“Because you worked hard again and again, I was able to notice what you did… No, I should’ve spoken to you much earlier.”

 The director acknowledged me again and again.
Even though I’m so weak.
Even though I’m a pathetic and awful woman.
Translated at
“It may be true that Teppei doesn’t have long to live. However, thinking from the standpoint of an ordinary human, it’s only that he’ll pass away slightly earlier[1]. There are many humans who die before they fulfill their ambitions. This is no different.”

 And, he unburdens my load.
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“Even if Teppei goes berserk, thankfully, we have Yuusei. If it’s Yuusei, he can probably erase Teppei. It won’t turn into a full-on war between phantoms and onmyouji. The other humans won’t get embroiled and die.”

 That’s right, isn’t it.
Yuusei-kun will have to erase Kuo-sensei.
There’s a person who will erase him some day and there’s a phantom he will have to erase.[2]
They have to be in the same school.
How would that feel?

“Yuusei knew of Teppei from young. Although the two of them will have to fight some day, they’re living while facing each other properly. It’s fine.”

 Aah, that’s right. There’s nothing for me to worry about.
Yuusei-kun’s a strong person.
He’ll be fine.

“Although Kousuke may be called a Good-for-Nothing Fox even now, he’s someone who will succeed Teppei. Teppei doesn’t have long. That’s why there’s plenty of expectations for Kousuke to take over as the head of phantoms. Moreover, Kousuke-kun isn’t bound by the boundaries of phantoms or onmyouji, and he’s good at grasping people’s hearts. I believe he’ll be able to do well.”
Translated at
 You see, Kousuke-kun.
You aren’t a good-for-nothing, at all.
Everyone has expectations of you. It’s just that you don’t know, Kousuke-kun.
You’re Kuo-sensei’s heir.

 Fu, my laughter leaks out.
Goodness. It will be fine even if I don’t do a thing.
Everyone will live.
I don’t know whether their problems will be resolved but the future may not be completely dark.

“You don’t have to worry about anything. I’ll do the protecting.”

 The director gazes at me kindly.

 Ah, isn’t it fine already?
It was different from what I thought but the director made me give up.
He showed me a future I don’t have to work hard.

 Everyone will live while facing their own problems.
Whether they are resolved, or not.
Regardless, they’ll live.
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 ――Only, without me.

Only that.

“Then… do you mind if I ask you something?”

 A final bit.
With this, I’ll truly give up so…
Translated at
“Do you believe that fate exists, director?”
“… Hmm. Perhaps, the thing called fate does exist.”
“I thought of something when I tried to turn back time… that Chako will disappear, if I choose something. That there may be a fate like that.”

 Surely, what I’ve chosen now is the director.
Not choosing anything, not getting involved with anyone.
Although my determination was unsuccessful, if a future like what the director said will happen, I think I’m glad that I chose him.
I want to believe that Chako won’t disappear in this future.
I want to think that fate has changed a little.

“I see… You, think that that child disappears if you choose something.”

 The director replies earnestly to even my confusing words.
Then, those light blue eyes stare at me.

“… You may indeed have been making some choice. However, it’s not you who’ve been choosing the fate wherein that child disappears. Isn’t it Tomonaga Chako, that child herself?”
“… Chako?”

 My eyes widen at the unexpected words.

 It’s not my choice.
It’s Chako’s.
Chako, herself, has been choosing the fate wherein she disappears?

“Yes. That child is trying to achieve something by disappearing. Isn’t that why she always disappears?”
Translated at
 … That could be true.
Chako doesn’t want to remain in this world.
She may want to disappear.

Perhaps Chako wanted to remain in this world by disappearing.
Through disappearing, she’s trying to achieve something in this world.

 At the sudden thought, the scenery reflected in my eyes become full of colours.

 Chako doesn’t want to disappear.
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 ――She’s trying to accomplish something.

 Disappearing is the process and not the result.
Chako’s fulfilling her wish by disappearing.

 I wonder what Chako’s wish is.
What had Chako been thinking as she lived?

 I want to talk.
To Chako.

 Ah… what should I do.
I want to give up. I will give up. Even though I was thinking that, but…

 I can’t possibly give up.

“Director…, I…”
Translated at
 I take a slow breath and stare directly at the director.
The light blue eyes look at me kindly.

 He listened to the words of such a pathetic me.
He showed me a path I can continue living as the pathetic me.
He taught me of a future I can live normally without caring about anything.

“Thank you so much for listening to me.”

 Although the future which is protected by the director is appealing.
Even then, I, still have something I want to do.
There’s something I have yet to do.

“What’s your wish?”

 A kind arc is drawn at the director’s mouth.
My right hand rubs at both eyes roughly.

 ――My wish is

“To be with everyone.”

 I don’t want to be alone.

“To laugh with everyone.”

 I don’t want everyone to not remember me.
Translated at
“I, too, want to be among everyone.”

 If they are problems that can be resolved by someone else…
I want to resolve them.
I want to be of help to everyone.

 That’s right. I’m greedy.
I’ve no intention of handing it over to someone other than me.
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 Precisely because I know that I’m greedy, there’s a wish I can see.
I’ve always been pretending not to see it.
Because I didn’t like such an avaricious me.
However, I knew.
It’s impossible for me to sneakily watch over from the shadows.
Praying for her happiness and retreating valiantly… I can’t do that.

“The one beside Chako… should be me.”

 What ”I don’t want Chako to disappear”.
What “I want to free Chako”.

 Those were deception.
I’ve been deceiving it’s for Chako’s sake but, it’s all, all for my sake.
Translated at
 It’s just that, I.

 I, simply want to be beside Chako.

 What a selfish wish.
I’m not considering Chako’s feelings at all.
Even so, that’s my wish.

 When I throw those words frankly, the director laughs as though he finds something strange.
He kindly mutters.

“You were the one who watched and listened to that child most, and the one who knew her best after all.”

There can’t possibly be anyone who watched Chako more than me.

“Surely, you’re the only one who can change that child.”

 … Will I be able to change her? Me?
Still, I want to change her, I think.
If that’s the condition for standing next to Chako.

“Come here whenever you’re having a hard time. Rest is essential too.”
“… Thank you very much.”

 The director’s so kind that my face smiles on its own.
I was happy when you told me I’ve been working hard.
That’s why, I thought that I’ll work hard again, like this.
Translated at
 Even though I’m so weak.
I’m a pathetic and awful woman.
Even though I’m greedy and bad at giving up.

“Well then, be on your way.”

 I, for my sake.

 I’ll show you that I can attain everything.

“I’ll be heading off.”

 To that morning.
For the last time.

Translated at
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『The Happiness of Living Together』Kamo Tomoyuki route branches.
『Attaining Everything』route has been unlocked.Translated at
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[1] His lifespan may be short for a phantom but it’s just a little below average for a human.
[2] First part is Kuo-sensei while the second part is Yuusei-kun.

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11 thoughts on “Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 16.2

  1. Hmm, why is “Attaining Everything” a separate route from “The Happiness of Living Together”? Curious…. is it the difference between harem and friendship ending? But she only wants Chako lol. Thanks for the chapter!


    1. My understanding is that The Happiness of Living Together is Tomoyuki’s route/ending, whereby they all ‘live together’ in the sense that they’re all alive, but not that they’re interacting etc. with each other, which will probably be Attaining Everything.

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  2. “What ”I don’t want Chako to disappear”.
    What “I want to free Chako”.

     Those were deception.
    I’ve been deceiving it’s for Chako’s sake but, it’s all, all for my sake.”

    YEYYYYYY She finally gets it! Everything has only been about one thing—acceptance. Accept herself, Accept her own strength and weakness. Literally! Every person is a unique entity of their own. As we grow older and mature, we learn to cope with our weakness and highlight our strength ❤ ❤

    No, it’s not about narcissism. It’s about loving yourself, loving the community with love and respect. #terrorismhasnoreligion


  3. For me is everything nice, but the director is not Tomoya-sama father? Is he is so good, why he have treated his son like that? After all, it’s a big reason for why is Tomoya so distorce… If he is not his father, so just take my comment as a crazy and unnecessary kakakakka


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