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(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 1

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Timeline-wise, this should be between the main story chapters 6.2 and 7. Probably gonna do anecdotes chapter 2 before going back to the main story ‘cos it may help to understand the other characters better before we start on the new arc.

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Interconnected with the Main Story
Chapter 1 – The Pool Anecdote after “The Outstanding Onmyouji

Let’s head to the pool since we’re high schoolers! A story like that.
Kousuke’s point of view.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 This day finally arrived.
I thought there was no hope when Naba betrayed me but, perhaps there was a change in her stance all of a sudden, I received fire support and was able to invite Chako to the pool.
Although I didn’t say that it had to be just us two, somehow it became that the two of us will be going.
I can call this a date, right?
Translated at
 … Well, the only one being conscious of it is me, probably.

“Kousuke-chan! Soz to keep you waiting!”

 While I was waiting near the exit of the nearest station to the pool, a pretty voice rings out.
Quickly turning back, I see the figure of Chako leaving the station.

 Completely different from the school uniform.

 A white lace maxi dress.
She has on a denim shirt over that, leaving its front open.
Her black hair is braided and gathered into a bun at the back.

 What should I do.
So cute.
If found outside of nakimushitl, it’s been stolen.
 My face flushes red although Chako’s just leisurely walking in my direction.
Finding such a me pathetic, I look up in order not to see the approaching Chako.
The sky is dull and cloudy, not quite the perfect weather for going to the pool.
Though, I think a weather like this will probably not be too hot and is just right.
Translated at
“Ooh, Kousuke-chan, lookin’ fashionable, aren’t you.”

 Chako finally reached my side, laughing “Hihihi” after looking at my clothes.

 My outfit today is simply gray plaid three-quarter pants and a white t-shirt with print.
It’s not to the point of being fashionable.

 … Because I thought it’d be embarrassing if it can be sensed that I had put effort in dressing.

 However, I should’ve dressed more carefully since Chako’s this cute.
I started regretting soon after we met but, unconcerned, Chako walks towards the bus stop.
There’s an exclusive shuttle bus from this station to the pool so we’re going to ride that.

 The shuttle bus has already arrived at the bus stop.
We board and sit beside each other like it’s natural.
Translated at
“Hey hey, Kousuke-chan, I’m really looking forward to it, aren’t you?”

 Chako looks at me and laughs “Ehehe”.

Won’t I be so happy today that I’ll melt?

 Completely unconcerned about such a me, Chako spreads the map of the pool, and cheerfully goes: “Let’s ride that first!”, “Followed by this ride!”
While she’s doing so, the bus departs and quickly reaches the pool.
When I show the aforementioned free tickets at the entrance, we are given a silicon bracelet that serves as a one-day pass for the water slides, and are allowed in.
It seems that with this around our wrists, we can ride the water slides all we want.
After Chako receives that with delight, she quickly enters the female changing room.
Translated at
 Truth be told, these tickets weren’t free.
A friend won them in a lottery and I bought them at half the usual price.
I returned the one for Naba so I don’t really mind if I think of it as paying for my own share[1].
If found outside of nakimushitl, it’s been stolen.
 I enter the changing room too, and quickly change my clothes.
Black surf pants without any peculiarities.
In my hand is a grey rash guard, as advised by Naba.
I thought I changed fast but when I leave the changing room, Chako’s already there, beyond the shower doors.

“Aren’t you too fast, Chako?”
“Un, I actually came after putting it on at home[2]. I only had to strip!”
Translated at
 Chako laughs happily when I approach her in surprise.

 White halter neck bikini with a pattern of small blue flowers.
While she does have something like a shorts for a bottom, her chest is…

 It can’t be helped that I unconsciously looked.
Chako’s tall so I thought she’d have a slender figure but, the parts that are supposed to stick out unexpectedly stick out…

 Unaware of the gaze of such a me, Chako goes: “Let’s go! Immediately!” and heads straight towards the water slides.
Calm down for now, I tell myself and hand her the rash guard I’m holding.

“There are still ultraviolet rays even though it’s cloudy today y’know. Put this on.”
“Eh, wouldn’t it be fine?”
“If you don’t, it will sting and hurt after you get home.”
“Hm. Will it? Okay. I’ll borrow it then.”
Translated at
 It’s not clear whether she’s convinced or not. Chako puts on the rash guard she receives from me.
And fastens the zip.
If found outside of nakimushitl, it’s been stolen.
 It’s naturally big because it’s my rash guard.
Even her shorts with small flower patterns is mostly covered and the sleeves are also too long.

 … It’s this, isn’t it.
Is the feeling welling up in me what they call『moe』?

 Kuu, as I groan, Chako’s brows knit suspiciously.

 This won’t do.
Translated at
 Quickly regaining a grip on myself, I head to the water slides with Chako.
After which, Chako glides on the water slides numerous times.
Although simply climbing the stairs is already rather laborious, as a phantom, she’s not tired.
Once she’s conquered 7 slides, she’s finally down to the last one.
This is the type where one sits on a large tube and slides down.
As there’s a front and a back seat, it’s the type that allows 2 riders.

“Hey hey, Kousuke-chan. It looks like this allows 2 riders. Do you wanna?”

 Chako laughs, turning towards me happily.

 I want to.
I want to ride alone with Chako.

 However, Naba’s words surface.
Translated at
『I’ll hit you if try to ride the water slide alone with her or something, okay.』

 … What happens when one is hit by the Priestess of Ominous Clouds?

 Who cares! Ride alone with her! The devil whispers but I suppress that.

“Nah, let’s ride separately. It’s a competition to see who’s the better rider between us.”
“Nn! Okay!”

 I’ll go first then!, Chako goes sliding merrily.
I’m reminded of Naba as I look at her back figure.
If found outside of nakimushitl, it’s been stolen.
 It’s thanks to Naba that we were able to come to the pool like this.
Chako probably wouldn’t have come if Naba didn’t speak up back then.
Translated at
 The smile of Chako here and now, is partly thanks to Naba too.
Therefore, I’ll abide by Naba’s words.

 Naba’s and my wish is definitely the same.

 We want Chako to continue smiling.


[1] Since 1 ticket is at half the market price, the cost of 2 tickets from his friend = cost of 1 market price ticket.
[2] a.k.a. Already had the swimsuit under the dress when Chako met Kousuke at the station.

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