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(Villain/Heroine) Anecdotes Chapter 2

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu Kobanashi

Interconnected with the Main Story
Chapter 2 – Chako’s POV of “The Strongest Phantom In This World 2” Anecdote

A bit of the latter half of “The Strongest Phantom In This World 2”.
Chako’s POV.

Translator: nakimushitl
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 I’m within a white haze by the time I realize.
I absentmindedly sit down in the nostalgic body of a small wolf.

『Chako, is it you?』

 A voice is coming from somewhere.
The voice resounding kindly is that of sensei’s.

『… So you were Kamo’s familiar.』

 My body quiver at the voice that’s seemingly filled with blame towards me.
Because I recalled how he brutally bit my neck a while ago.

“I had my circumstances…, sorry.”

『That’s fine, I already ‘punished’ you.』

 His voice resounds teasingly.
If found outside of nakimushitl, it’s been stolen.
『I’ll give you this body. Live as you like. I’ll be deep inside, suppressing this power.』
『I don’t have a future anyway, because my power is too strong. You can live in my place.』
『There’s no time. Live happily, got it?』

 I’ve absolutely no clue what sensei is talking about.
Although I don’t understand, the white haze disappears. Guu, my consciousness surfaces.
Then, when I open my eyes, the teary-eyed Yui-chan is there.

 No way. How could it.
After all, I should’ve been eaten by sensei back then.

 Raising my body and looking at myself, a body that isn’t mine is reflected.
The gray suit is dirtied with soil, the hand is large and sinewy.

“… What should I do. Yui-chan.”

 Yui-chan’s pretty, deep green eyes tremble in surprise.

“… Are you Chako?”
If found outside of nakimushitl, it’s been stolen.
 Yui-chan immediately knows it’s me, even though it’s sensei’s body.
Both happy and sad because of that, I end up giving an incomprehensible and weird smile.

“Sensei said he’d give me this body… that he’ll be deep inside, suppressing the power…”

 I wonder why sensei gave me his body.
It’d have been great if he lives together with Yui-chan, always.

 Although Abe Yuusei and Tomotaka-sama are next to Yui-chan, I’ve always been looking at her.
Translated at
 Hey, Yui-chan.
You weren’t surprised at all even when you saw me next to Tomotaka-sama, were you, Yui-chan.

 When did you find out?
That I’d been lying.

“Is it Chako?”

 Tomotaka-sama looks at me with bewilderment in his eyes.
I give a deep nod.

“I see… But it seems you’re no longer my familiar.”

 It seems that Tomotaka-sama was checking the flow of power, but the connection between us had broken.

 I’ve been freed from being a familiar.

 What I’ve been waiting anxiously for.
However, my heart wouldn’t let up.
If found outside of nakimushitl, it’s been stolen.
“Sorry, Chako. It’s my fault. It’s because I told sensei…”

 Those eyes of Yui-chan sway painfully.
Sorry, Yui-chan.
I stole sensei from Yui-chan.

 … I’m tired.

 Somehow, the body’s really heavy.
Because it’s sensei’s body.
Translated at

 I look at those eyes unmovingly.
They’re so pretty that it feels like I’m going to get sucked in.

 Closing my eyes, I turn my consciousness towards the power circulating the body.
Yui-chan’s warm light is there.
Surely, that’s where sensei is.

 Opening my eyes, I laugh, “Ehehe”.

“Don’t worry. Sensei is here.”

 I slowly hold Yui-chan’s hand.

“Sensei’s deep inside now but, I’ll switch places with him. Sensei, it seems that his power is so strong that he can’t exactly live a long life but… I’ll always be suppressing sensei’s power.”
If found outside of nakimushitl, it’s been stolen.
 So don’t cry.
I’ll watch over you so that you can be with the one you like, Yui-chan.

“With this, sensei and Yui-chan can live together, always. … It’s the True End.”

 Yep. This is fine.
I’ll disappear, and sensei will remain.
Yui-chan will be happy. It’s perfect.

“What will happen to you if you switch places, Chako?”
“I wonder…, the one in control will be sensei so I guess I’ll always be within sensei, in a sleep-like state?”
“That’s… it’s the same as disappearing.”
Translated at
 Yui-chan holds my hand back, tightly.

 You sure are kind, Yui-chan.
Even though you know I’m a liar.
Even though I stole sensei.
Even then, you’re willing to look at me.

 If I’m looked at with those eyes, it feels like I’ll sway.
I’ll think that it may be okay for me to remain here.

 Unable to look at Yui-chan anymore, I close my eyes.
Let’s change places with sensei before I lose to my desire.
If found outside of nakimushitl, it’s been stolen.
 Seriously, I’m weak against my desires[1].
I’m starting to dislike myself.

 That’s why――

 I should just disappear.
It’s good if I can leave something behind for Yui-chan.

 This is what I, a liar, can do.

 ――Be happy.

 After all, sensei is kind.
Translated at

[1] The Japanese word used for ‘desire’ is the same as ‘appetite’ (eg. in main story chapter 9.2).

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  1. SEE!? This is why Yui has to communicate with Chako! Yui just successfully make Chako feel dislike toward herself, that made her want to disappear!

    Okay, Yui, you’re kind and whatnot, but you need to use some of that brain of yours. Kindness alone is not enough for a solution!

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