Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 17.2

Time to put those pokeballs to use.

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 17 – Attaining Everything [Part 2]

Translated by nakimushitl
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“Somehow, holding hands is different from what I expected…”

 He murmurs from behind.
I see. The Yuusei-kun unpopular with girls never had this kind of heart-skipping experience.
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“Good for you, huh. It’s the so-called side benefit.”
“Nah, it’s not a side benefit, right? … Rather, did you change somewhat, Naba?”
“Did I?”
“Yeah. My heart’s saying,『Something’s wrong. This isn’t it』.”
“What’s that even mean.”

 Yuusei-kun frowns sullenly when I laugh at the incomprehensible words.
That expression is so strange that I laugh even more.

“But, you might be right. Somehow, when I open up thinking that even such a me is okay, my heart clears up.”
“I see.”
“Yes. After all, I can do anything if it’s for Chako!”
“… So it’s what they call NewGame+, huh.”
“What’s that even mean.”

 Yuusei-kun uses a word I don’t quite understand.
However, Yuusei-kun laughs “Ha,” after seeing me laugh happily, so I’m sure it’s not a bad word.
When we finally return to the classroom, Chako is there filling forms, with her printouts spread out.
Translated at
“I’ve kept you waiting.”

 Calling out to Chako as I approach, she looks in our direction with opened eyes and a shocked expression.
Facing such a Chako smilingly, I tug and bring Yuusei-kun nearer to Chako’s desk.

“This is Abe Yuusei-kun. A friend.”

 Letting go of our connected hands, I introduce him to Chako.

“This beauty is Chako. Both of you, get along, okay?”

 I look at their faces and nod.
At my overly-direct introduction, the two lower their heads awkwardly.
After which, Yuusei-kun looks at me exasperatedly while Chako seems to have regained her calm. She looks at Yuusei-kun and laughs, “Ehehe.”

“Ah, nice to meet you. I am Tomonaga Chako. Although I just got to know Yui-chan, we were thinking of going home together… um, has Abe-kun known Yui-chan for a long time?”
“Ahh, I wonder. Well, I suppose it counts as me just getting to know her too.”

 I giggle at Yuusei-kun’s vague reply.

“That’s right, the three of us just got to know each other today.”

 That’s fine.
It’s fine to start anew from today.

“Yui-chan’s kind of an interesting person, huh.”

 Chako laughs.
As though she’s truly happy about that.

“Sorry for being pushy.”
“Nope, it’s perfectly fine, I’m happy to have more friends. Do take care of me too, Abe-kun.”

 When I apologise with upturned eyes, Chako laughs, “Hihihi,” playfully.
She then looks at Yuusei-kun with the same expression.
Yuusei-kun replies with just a, “Yeah.”
Translated at
“Ah, Chako, it seems that Yuusei-kun doesn’t like being called ‘Abe’.”
“Is that so?”
“Yeah, kinda.” (Yuusei)
“Nn, it’s Yuusei-chan, then.”

 Alright, it’s decided! Chako decides how to call him.
It appears she’s going to add a ‘-chan’ like in Kousuke-kun’s case.
Somehow, that cuteness doesn’t suit Yuusei-kun. I burst out laughing.
I thought Yuusei-kun would be opposed but his expression didn’t change much.

“… Adding a ‘-chan’ despite being a high school student, is this an eroge[1]? Is she a childhood friend character?”

 Yuusei-kun’s eyes shine brightly as he speaks in a soft voice that only I, who’s next to him, can hear.
Although I don’t quite understand, it’s clearly an improper word.

 I give him a side glare and hit his back hard.
I look at Chako uneasily to see if she heard, but she’s only looking at us with a curious expression.
… Thank goodness.

“That hurts.”
“If you, say that again, I’ll punch you.”
Translated at
 The two of us whisper.
Chako seems to have made her preparations for heading home meanwhile. Her bag is placed on the desk as she looks up at us.

“Ah, is Yuusei-chan going home with us?”

 Seeing Yuusei-kun’s eyes shine again at the sound of the word『Yuusei-chan』, I glare at him.
Then, being careful not to let her see my glare, I look at Chako and shake my head.

“We’ll go home separately. However, there’s a place we want to visit for a bit after this, so we’ll go there together. I want you to come along too, is that okay, Chako?”
“Un, sure.”
“Thank you.”
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 This is the first Yuusei-kun has heard of it so he sends me a gaze asking, “I’m going too?” and I nod.
Together, the three of us walk within the school.
Leaving the new school building and while gazing at the sports ground where club activities are going on, we head to the destination.
On the way, Yuusei-kun seems to have understood where we’re heading to and gets a little flustered but I pretend not to notice and continue walking.
Finally standing on the 2nd sports ground, we reach a detached house.
Curious about the unfamiliar place, Chako looks at me.

“This is where you wanted to visit?”
“Yes, that’s right.”

 Nodding to Chako, I press the intercom.
Yuusei-kun seems to have given up already, he’s standing at the back exasperatedly.
I hear a voice after pressing the intercom, so I say my name and wait shortly.
Standing for a while, the door opens with a clank and the director comes out from inside.

“Welcome. Already working hard from the 1st day, aren’t you.”
“Yes. I will dash forth.”
Translated at
 His light blue eyes smile gently when I giggle.
Pushing the bewildered Chako, and the Yuusei-kun who’ve given up, into the house, I take off my shoes.
Although the reception room we conversed in previously, which can be entered with shoes on, would have been fine, the director guides us not to the reception room but to a private space where we have to take off our shoes.

“Wow, amazing.”
“Yes, it sure is…”

 Taking off our shoes and entering a door ahead of the entranceway, there’s a LDK[2] area there.
There’s a large glass sliding door at the front, which is connected to a wooden deck.
The director invites us to the L-shaped brown leather sofa placed before that.
When I timidly sit down, the moderate and springy cushion rebounds my butt. It’s extremely comfortable.

“Yui-chan, doesn’t it feel like this sofa can be sat on forever?”
“It does, huh.”

 The director and Yuusei-kun seem to be having some sort of conversation as the two of us whisper to each other.
I hear things like “It has been a while”(Yuusei), “Have you been well?”(director), so they should be acquainted.
When Yuusei-kun and the director finish conversing, Yuusei-kun sits on the sofa and the director looks at Chako.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Kamo Tomoyuki, the director here. Do take care of me.”
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 Come to think of it, they haven’t been introduced.
How will she react? Worried, I examine Chako. Chako goes, “Ah!” hitting her palm with her fist.

“The money-giving person!”

 The Chako nodding repeatedly in a manner as if to show her comprehension, is cute.
But should that really be your first statement…
Chako doesn’t seem concerned at all. Just like that, she laughs, “Ehehe,” and introduces herself.
Translated at
“I’ve been in your care, my name is Tomonaga Chako. Thanks to you, I’ve also been able to attend this school and I’m full of anticipation because I think I’ll enjoy it going forward.”
“My, is it? That’s good to hear.”

 When the director smiles softly, Chako goes, “Thank you very much,” and bows.
Seeing that, the director says, “I’ll brew some tea,” and heads to the kitchen.
I stand up from the sofa to help him.

“I’m going to help out.”
“Should I go too?”
“Nope, stay with Yuusei-kun here.”

 While it’s not the best to leave Chako and Yuusei-kun who are newly-acquainted, it should go well since it’s Chako.
I stealthily glance back on the way to the kitchen. Chako’s happily talking to Yuusei-kun.
It should be fine then, I once again turn towards the kitchen and head to the director’s side.
When I offer to help, he hands me tea pastries, “In that case, can I have you take these?”

“It really is a beautiful house.”

 I speak to the director while receiving the tea pastries.
I didn’t really notice when we conversed in the reception room but this area is beautiful.
Translated at
 To the side of the living room is the dining room, which is furnished with a kitchen island.
Be it the refined flooring or the dull silver metallic luster of the kitchen, they’re all beautiful.
When I reflexively sigh in admiration, the director chuckles with a, “Thanks.”

“Still, while I expected you to come, I didn’t expect you to come with Yuusei and that child.”
“Because I thought, jeez, since I’m at it, I might as well call everyone, right?

 That’s right.
I want to do loads of fun things, and resolve everyone’s problems.
However, as expected, there’s a limit to what I can do alone.
That’s why, everyone should know about everyone else, and have fun together.
Although it’s a selfish way of thinking whereby I leave things to others, I think that’s fine.

“Ah, but, don’t think this is the end, alright?”
“Yup. I’ll bring Kousuke-kun, Tomotaka-senpai and Kuo-sensei too. We’ll do loads of fun things here.”
Translated at
Matters like onmyouji and phantoms, quarrel between brothers or internal dispute among the onmyoujis.
I don’t care about any of them. It’s fine if we think about them together.
I want to do loads of fun things with everyone.

“I won’t let you remain an onlooker, okay? Because I’ll get you more and more involved.”

 I proudly declare and the director smiles as though he heard something strange.
As I didn’t find that smile disagreeable, I, too, giggle.

“Because the director too… Tomoyuki-san too, is a part of『everyone』. I want to live together and laugh a lot together.”
“… Thank you.”

 Milk tea-coloured hair sways smoothly and light blue eyes smile gently.
Getting somewhat embarrassed, I return to Chako and Yuusei-kun, carrying the tea pastries.
Translated at
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[1] Shortened form of ‘erotic game’. Japanese adult game.
[2] Living, Dining, Kitchen.

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