Role of (Villain/Heroine)

Role of (Villain/Heroine) Chapter 19.1

Yui’s battle continues, wingman Chako helps out and their positions reverse?

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Wafū Otome Gē de (Akuyaku/Hiroin) Yattemasu

I Play the Role of a Heroine
Chapter 19 – Attaining Everything 3 [Part 1]

Translated by nakimushitl
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 A week has passed since we talked at Tomoyuki-san’s house.
Having completed perfunctory matters like orientation, today is the clubs’ briefing session.

“Chako, let’s join the Photography Club together.”
“Photography Club? … Nn, sounds fun. Sure. I’ll join!”

 After school, people with clubs they want to join, head to the venues of their respective briefing sessions.
When I call out to Chako sitting in front of me, she nods happily.
Translated by nakimushitl
 I’m happy that we can do club activities again, like this, together.
Thinking of the many fun things ahead, my heart throbs with excitement.

 However, this isn’t all.
There are more that I want to do.

 After calling out to Chako “Let’s head to the clubroom together then”, I place my bag on top of the desk. Then, “Oof” I stand up and begin walking to the place I’m aiming for.
Chako seems to be still packing up, and isn’t following me.

“That’s how it is, would you like to do club activities together?”

 The backmost seat of the 2nd column from the corridor.
The person sitting there, whom I’m aiming for――Kousuke-kun. His eyes widen at the sudden invitation.

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 His voice, barely, leaks out.
That appearance is so strange that I chuckle while continuing to speak.

 Kousuke-kun. Somehow it’s been such a long while, huh?

“I’ve been thinking to join the Photography Club but do you want to join too?”
“… No, why would I?”

 The mischievous-looking face frowns as he mutters with a low voice.
Although bewilderment rose distinctly in those amber eyes, I ignore it and continue my words.
Translated by nakimushitl
“Hey, I’m not the only one joining the Photography Club. This girl will too, you know?”

 ”Come here, come here” I beckon the Chako looking at us curiously from her own seat.

“… So what if that person joins?”
“Well, well.”

 I return a bold smile to the Kousuke-kun giving me a doubtful look.
With her eyes still widened from curiosity, Chako walks towards us.

“What’s the matter? Yui-chan.”
“I was thinking of inviting him to the Photography Club.”
“Aah, so that’s it… I see, I see.”

 Coming to my side and hearing my words, Chako nods with a worldly face.
… Why, is she smirking while looking at me?

“Hey hey, is there a club you want to join?”
“… No.”
“I see, hm, how about, just taking a look at the briefing session today?”
Translated by nakimushitl
 Chako squats to the side of Kousuke-kun’s desk.
Becoming a posture of looking up at Kousuke-kun from below, “Please!” she places her hands together.
Kousuke-kun’s brows knitted at first but the wrinkles between those brows quickly loosen.
He then looks into Chako’s deep blue eyes motionlessly.

Kousuke-kun’s also affected by the looping of time.

 I think he may have continuously searched for those eyes of Chako.
… Because Kousuke-kun’s head over heels in love with her.

 Looking at the two who ended up with eyes locked on each other, I take a step back.
There stands Yuusei-kun who approached while looking at our situation…

“Naba, you’re, trying to do something again?”
“… Yeah. My ‘Let’s do lots of fun things together, okay?’ plan.”
“Naming sense.”
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 We whisper so that Chako and Kousuke-kun won’t hear.
Kousuke-kun stared at Chako for a while but, at Chako’s attack of requesting with upturned eyes, his eyes begin to swim.
You should just give up and join the Photography Club already.
It seems that, even then, he doesn’t want to join the Photography Club. He mutters softly in a low voice.
Translated by nakimushitl
“… The Photography Club won’t do.”
“… Big bro’s there.”
“Eh… do you not get along well?”

 Kousuke-kun averts his gaze uncomfortably.
As though to say “I won’t let you escape”, Chako stares at him.
Yuusei-kun, looking at such a pair, whispers so that only I will hear.

“Oi, Naba, you may be able to see something gud y’know.”
“Something good?”
“Yeah. Though it will be perfect if Tomonaga smiles.”

 Fuu, Yuusei-kun snorts, looking at Kousuke-kun, who’s somehow starting to get nervous.
Kousuke-kun slurs, mumbling in a subdued voice.

“Rather than not getting along well… um.”

 Just as enough time had passed that I’m about to laugh looking at Kousuke-kun’s suspicious behaviour, Chako suddenly lets out a small breath.

“… Nn. Yeah, that’s right huh. You have a lot going on.”

 Chako separates the hands that were placed together, and plops them on the desk.
She looks slightly despondent, stirring up one’s sympathy.

“Sorry, I asked something intrusive.”
“No, not really…”
“I’ll call out to you, again, when I think you can join.”
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 ”It can’t be helped”, Chako brings the conversation to a close.
It appears that she had given up for today.
Kousuke-kun should have been glad about that, however, he’s looking at Chako imploringly.
“Nn?” After Chako tilts her head at the Kousuke-kun looking at her silently, her face brightens instantly.
Her black hair flows sleekly and her blue eyes narrow gently.
Translated by nakimushitl
“Ah, I wanted to do club activities together~”

 Chako laughs “Ehehe” while gazing at Kousuke-kun.
Chako’s smile at close range.

 Seeing that smile, Kousuke-kun’s chair clanks as he bends backwards.
The appearance of placing the back of his right hand against his mouth as he frowns, is as though…

“Oh, it came, Naba. That’s SmiPhen.”
“That’s right. It’s the phenomenon of falling in love even though she’s not doing anything special except just smiling.”
“… I see.”

 I can tell Kousuke-kun’s ears are red even from some distance away.
He’s, definitely, in love with Chako.

 Chako looks at such a Kousuke-kun like he’s strange, but, “Oof” she stands up and faces our direction.
Her eyebrows become the 八 character and she opens her mouth, “Sorryy”.

“I wanted to help but I failed.”
“… Chako, That may not be the case, you know?”
Translated by nakimushitl
 I chuckle in reply to Chako who says she failed to invite him to the Photography Club as she walks towards us.
This time, I walk to Kousuke-kun’s side instead of Chako.

“… Hey, you may not understand when I suddenly say this but.”

 I stand to Kousuke-kun’s side and bend my body slightly.
Then, placing my face near his still-red ears, I softly raise my words.

“That feeling, is something from long, long before.”

 Saying just that, my face quickly parts from Kousuke-kun’s ear and I giggle.
With the back of his right hand still against his mouth, he looks at me.
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“Maybe you don’t like the Photography Club because of matters with your older brother, but there are many fun things. Let’s do club activities together.”

 Kousuke-kun had been close to Chako until the 2nd round.
However, in the span of my numerous turning back of time, he slowly grew distant.
Translated by nakimushitl
 Sorry, Kousuke-kun.
I won’t neglect you anymore.
Let’s do fun things together.

“… Together, let’s stay by Chako’s side.”

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